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Saturday, October 29, 2016

What To Wear in Wet Vancouver

Last week the Mr. and I took our first vacation alone together in over 10 years.

It rained EVERY SINGLE DAY of our vacation in Vancouver.

But we had checked the forecast and prepared for this vacation travesty thereby still managing to have a great time in this wet autumnal wonderland.

Vancouver 165-001

As with my previous packing posts (Paris and Panama) I always start my travel collection of clothing around one key element.


Last Christmas I was walking through Macy’s and spied a collection of tartan Dooney and Bourke handbags.

I’ve never wanted a purse so badly. But the price tag made me walk away.

Dooney & Bourke Tartan Collection Gift Set

Fast forward to a hot sunny day in August.  I had stepped into TJ Maxx with birthday money burning a hole in my pocket. My eyes met a lone D & B “Richmond Shopper” in green plaid hanging on an end cap several aisles over. Even though there were no other customers in the area I may have run to that purse.

It checked off what I needed:

A zipper closure ~ to deter pickpockets.

Large enough to hold my Canon camera.

Super cute.

Priced amazingly right.

Sometimes good things do indeed come to those who wait.

So this purse set my color palette. Black, red, green, and blue.

I selected two pairs of blue jeans and one pair of dressier black jeans.

Three long sleeved t shirts: red, charcoal grey and black. My favorites HERE.

Two dress shirts: a red tartan plaid from the Gap and a black watch from J. Crew. Both were bought last season on clearance. But similar shirts can be found HERE and HERE.

Image result for black watch plaid shirt j crew

For warmth I included one dark sweater that would go with all of the above choices if layers were needed.

One green puffy coat in a fairly waterproof material.

One puffy vest in black watch  for warmer days.

One scarf in the “Gunn” plaid.

Image result for gunn plaid scarf

I know what you’re thinking, “Laura, that is a lot of plaid.”

Crazy-Cozy Ralph Lauren Bedding Makes Us Want To Take To Our Beds All Winter #TPGDreamHomeContest:

Yes, it is.

But if Ralph Lauren and the Scots are wrong, I don’t want to be right.

I usually don't like dogs dressed up... But this is cute +                                                                                                                                                      More:

Did you know that if you type in “Men wearing plaid” on Pinterest an entire page of men in kilts pops up?

You’re welcome.

I have my very own handsome Scot, who lovingly reads this blog, so I am now returning to the subject on hand:

Layers of plaid, YES please!

 I don't know who he is, but he and his tartan can come and live at MY HOUSE...:

I also included two shoe options.

A basic short black bootie and a pair of black leather Superga’s I got on clearance at Target $14.00. (Don’t hate me. :)  I love Superga sneakers. They are comfortable and (in my opinion) look a touch spiffier than ordinary athletic shoes. You can also find them HERE.

I feel I must explain the socks.

I like wearing fun socks. A bit of bright color flashing at your ankles. My cousin recently sent me this pair.

As a joke.

Those who know me well know I am very far away from being the description on the sock. It’s all very tongue and cheek.  If you like a good joke you can get your own pair HERE. I like this and this option too.

Vancouver 018

For the Saturday airplane ride I wore my black sneakers, jeans, long black t shirt and puffy vest. Layers are always best when you are traveling and can’t control the temperature. We left very early in the morning and I didn’t have time for a photo. Once we arrived at the hotel, late in the afternoon, I had Mr. Decor take a quick snapshot.

Queen Elizabeth Park 002

The next day, Sunday, it was going to rain hard in the morning so we decided to go on a tour bus to get a good general layout of the city. The afternoon was forecasted to clear up and we planned to do a bit of walking.

Layers were again a good option.

Vancouver 025

Monday. All rain all the time.

I did pack an umbrella but when one is taking in the gorgeous surroundings at Queen Elizabeth Park and blogger friends are expecting photos it is impossible to work a camera and hold an umbrella. I have to wonder “Does anyone look good in a puffy coat?”  Because at the end of the day I looked like the drowned rat version of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

I apologize for the use of a flash outdoors. ???

Queen Elizabeth Park 048

Tuesday was a long day consisting of a ferry ride through the gorgeous Gulf Islands, high tea at the Empress Hotel and a tour of the British Colombian Parliament building in Victoria. I remembered at the end of the day that I needed an outfit shot. My travel companion is not a fashion photographer nor a blogger. My request to “Please take a photo of my outfit.” resulted in the following image which  I know many of you can relate to.

I’ve since tried to explain why flash is not your friend and how one must choose the right focal point. ;)

Victoria, Canada 232-003

Wednesday we went to Butchart Gardens.

My thought is “Who really cares what I’m wearing with scenery such as this?”

Butchart Gardens Sooke 316

Thursday we went to Whistler and it was so cold and rainy I had no desire to take pictures. But you can see my portable black travel umbrella and a sweet new purchase…

Whistler Lynn Canyon Stanley Park 032

I’m not one to select a souvenir such as a t shirt to commemorate my travels. I generally seek out something special that I will enjoy for years to come. While at the British Columbia Parliament gift shop I spied a lovely wool scarf in a gorgeous plaid (What else?). The shopkeeper informed me it was the official tartan of Parliament. The tartan’s colors incorporate elements such as white for the Pacific dogwood, green for the forests, blue for the Pacific Ocean, red for the maple leaf and gold to symbolize the sun and the crown in the provincial flag. It is only available for purchase at one of two places. I was standing in one. The other was the Cary Mews tea room on the grounds of Government House and it was currently closed for the season. Sold!

Image result for British Columbia Parliament tartan

Friday it was a trip to Lynn Canyon which included a walk over the suspension bridge which stretches out over a canyon of raging waters 164 feet (50 meters) below.

I thought “Who cares what you’re wearing when you’re this nervous?”

Whistler Lynn Canyon Stanley Park 181

We returned home last Saturday. I managed to stay fairly warm and dry, as well as completely happy, the entire trip.

Vancouver 165

Was it too much plaid? Perhaps. But everywhere I went people said “I LOVE all your plaid!”

So I shall remain…Mad for Plaid!


Upcoming Posts:

Sunday: Granville Island, Chinatown, Gastown and the Holy Rosary Cathedral.

Vancouver 202

Tuesday: Queen Elizabeth Park and Stanley Park.

Queen Elizabeth Park 093-001

Wednesday: High Tea in Victoria and Look Kids ~ Parliament!

Victoria, Canada 119

Friday: Butchart Gardens and Salmon, Salmon everywhere!

Butchart Gardens Sooke 417

Saturday, November 5th: Whistler and Lynn Canyon

Whistler Lynn Canyon Stanley Park 139


designchic said...

I am such a fan of plaid- I adore your attire for Vancouver and how cute are your! Happy weekend!

Christine said...

My favorite color is PLAID!

Linda said...

LOVE PLAID!!! My favorite in so many ways!! Also love all your cute photos - you look adorable and you're so very tiny!! And another thing - I have those SAME socks in yellow. We love that sock company, they have so many funny socks - we buy ours at a local art store that stocks them. Jim's brother lives in Gibsons up near Vancouver. We've never yet been there but Jim tells me British Columbia is gorgeous. Someday, maybe.

Happy Weekend!
Love, Linda

Lori @ Dining Delight said...

I'm so sorry that your visit to my province involved such dreary weather but am happy you were able to have a good time despite it - and you rocked the perfect fashion for the trip! Love that plaid purse! I live in the BC mountains closer to the Alberta border and it has been awhile since we've traveled to the coast. Your pics remind me of the fun we've had there and I want to go back soon!

Pondside said...

We always feel that we have to apologise for the rain here!.....but at least it isn't snow! If I'd known you were coming to Victoria I'd have arranged a little something for you - but I'm glad you had a good time in 'my town'!

Stacey said...

You look amazing in every picture! I love the plaid and believe that you should definitely be doing fashion posts. said...

Love your plaid post and the fact that you made it to my corner of the world. You picked some good spots to enjoy.

Laura said...

Laura, you look wonderful in every photo.
I also enjoyed reading your packing tip.
I always take too much!

Blondie's Journal said...

You looked perfectly dressed for the weather and climate, Laura! I'm pretty good about packing that way but I don't think I look as stylish as you do.

We loved Vancouver last March when Hubby had a business event there. Warm, cold and rhyme or reason. We also visited Whistler. Gorgeous!

Thanks for stirring those memories pretty lady!



You were very lucky to get that Cooney at an amazing price. I hear you about their retail prices. looks like a fun vacation even with the rainy weather. Enjoy

Lorrie said...

Your west coast wardrobe was just right! Love the plaid. Yes, the rain is pretty consistent here lately - my coats have hoods that I can quickly pull up when I'm dashing from car to building or shopping. I find a hood leaves my hands free for other things.
Looking forward to more posts about your visit here.

Katie Mansfield said...

I love your plaid purse. How perfect that you found it at TJ Maxx. Your trip looks like fun. I'm sorry it was a bit soggy.

September Violets said...

This post made me laugh and laugh (ok, just in my head, but still). I've been checking (no pun intended) out plaid for a rustic Christmas on Pinterest lately, so all this talk of plaid?...I get it. I've been to Vancouver (my brother lives in Victoria, the only dry area out there), but it was hot & sunny. You realize you went in the rainy season, right? I loved all those comments "who cares what I'm wearing when...". I said the same thing in my head when we were touring Italy (in summer's 40C heat). Who cares if you're sweating with all this beauty around you.
You looked great in all the photos because you were enjoying yourself. Love those shoes and that bag, both perfect for sightseeing. I'm glad you bought that scarf. Sometimes you just have to splurge or regret it forever.