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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Granville Island, Chinatown, Gastown and the Holy Rosary Cathedral ~ Vancouver

Are you ready for a jam packed day of fun in Vancouver, Canada?

Vancouver 113

Mr. Decor and I arose with plans to ride the entire route of a tour bus to get a good feel for the layout of this lovely city. The Westcoast Sightseeing Company offered the earliest departure close to where we were staying. Our driver was very friendly and the automated sound system provided some good detailed information.

We timed our ride so that we would get off at the Granville Island stop around 11:30 so that we could tour the island and find a bit of lunch in the fabulous public market.

The market offers some of the most delicious fruits and vegetables….

Vancouver 044

…an abundance of fresh fish…

Vancouver 052

…as well as ready to eat food options from all over the world.

I told the Mr. that I would be as big as a house if I lived in Vancouver because I would want to go to this fabulous market every day.

Vancouver 057

There are also a number of specialty and artesian shops on the island.

Vancouver 070-001

We enjoyed watching this young lady make an intricate broom at the Granville Island Broom Company.

Vancouver 067

After spending about two hours on the island we hopped on the bus again and made our way to Chinatown.

Vancouver 115

I fell in love with the dragon light posts.

Vancouver 119

There were a number of interesting Asian shops and monuments to take in.

Vancouver 117

We stopped at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden.

Vancouver 158

The garden has both paid and free options that you can view.

Vancouver 164

Because of our time schedule and a budget we opted to only take the free tour.

Vancouver 163

It was absolutely amazing!

Vancouver 137

The garden style is modeled after those created during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

Vancouver 144-001

If you are a lover of natural beauty and seek a peaceful activity I cannot recommended this garden enough.

Vancouver 125

It is interesting to see the traditional architecture surrounded by modern skyscrapers.

Vancouver 147

Save for one darling new friend (and her parents) we had the garden to ourselves.

Vancouver 131

From there we walked a short distance to Gastown. The oldest section of Vancouver.

Vancouver 179

Gastown was established around the area’s first tavern founded by John ‘Gassy Jack’ Deighton back in 1867. The charming cobblestone streets and buildings were designated a National Historic Site in 2009.

Vancouver 185

One of Gastown's most famous landmarks is the steam powered clock that sits on the corner of Cambie and Water Street.

Vancouver 189

I had never seen a steam powered clock before.

Vancouver 194

It was fascinating to watch the beautiful inner workings.

Vancouver 190

After visiting several nice shops and galleries the sun was setting in Gastown and we decided to start the 20 minute walk back to our hotel located in Yaletown. On our way we passed by the Holy Rosary Cathedral on the corner of Richards and Dunsmuir streets.

The construction of the cathedral began in 1899. It was built in the French Gothic revival style.

Vancouver 206

It serves as the the cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver.

Vancouver 204

It is said that the style resembles the medieval Chartres Cathedral in France. You can view a post I wrote about my visit to that cathedral HERE and see if you agree.

Vancouver 214

The stained glass is glorious. The realism created in the faces is true high art.

Vancouver 202-001

There are a total of 21 windows. The five most famous are those created by Guido Nincheri.

I was drawn to Mary as most windows depict her wearing blue but here she was in all white.

Vancouver 218

I lit two candles and said a prayer for each of my children.  As I raised by eyes she appeared to be glowing. Perhaps it was just the sun peeking through on a day which had been completely covered in clouds…or maybe, it was something even more special.

Vancouver 217

Tomorrow we will take a break from touring Vancouver for some All Hallows Eve fun but will return on Tuesday with a visit to Queen Elizabeth Park and Stanley Park.

Queen Elizabeth Park 093-001

Have a beautiful day!



Simply LKJ said...

What breathtaking pictures! Traveling to Canada is on my bucket list. I have a dear friend, who used to blog, that lives there. Have always wanted to meet up with she and her precious family.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

We have been there several times and you are showing some of the best. It really is a lovely place. said...

Looks like we need to drive the 2 hours north to see some more of Vancouver inspired by your views. Great shots!

Lorrie said...

I just returned from a weekend in Vancouver! You chose some of the best sights of the city to visit. Gastown and Chinatown are iconic and so very interesting. Enjoy the rest of your stay on the west coast!

Valerie Roberts said...

Beautiful post! Makes me feel like I am almost there.

Katie Mansfield said...

We loved shopping in Gastown. The steam clock was amazing. You took some amazing pictures.

baili said...

big WOW to your wonderful post dear.
your capturing is just breathtaking .
thank you for sharing such stunning views of island and china town .
all are so captivate and marvelous
really enjoyed my time here

Linda said...

This is one part of Canada I've never been to and I know it's gorgeous. You have featured many lovely photos. :) You probably remember, my Jim was born in Nova Scotia and he remains a Canadian citizen even after 14 years of marriage. We've traveled to Ontario too many times to count but my favorite trip thus far was Quebec City, Montreal, and the New Brunswick and Nova Scotia provinces. Someday perhaps I will make it out to British Columbia. In the meantime, I follow along on your travels.

Love, Linda

Jeanie said...

I love Canada, don't you, Laura? I've never been to Vancouver, though and it looks as though it should go on the bucket list. What a wonderful time you have been having -- and such fabulous photos and spots to visit. Keep having a fabulous time!

Bonnie said...

Now, I feel as if I've been to Vancouver! Quite a beautiful city. The gardens were spectacular!
I've never heard of a steam clock. So interesting and pretty.
The cathedral was beautiful and I got chill bumps reading about you praying for your children and the sun came in and Mary seemed to be glowing.
You are a great tour guide.

Rosemary said...

What a wonderful time you had, the photos are amazing. I especially am in awe of the clarity and richness of the church, it's gorgeous.