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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Queen Elizabeth and Stanley Park ~ Vancouver

On our second day in Vancouver we headed to Queen Elizabeth Park despite the fact it was pouring rain.

Queen Elizabeth Park 095-001

In collecting research prior to our trip I had heard that this lovely park was like a smaller version of Butchart Gardens which was already on my travel bucket list.

Queen Elizabeth Park 084

We decided to take a 15 minute city bus ride to get to the park. We found the initial stop, close to our hotel, via the Google maps app on our smart phone. Of course we like to make friends wherever we go and the beautiful Jade captured our hearts during the short trip. Once we got off the bus it was then about a 10 minute walk to the park.

Queen Elizabeth Park 109

There is no fee to wander the walk paths and trails in this beautiful 52-hectare (128 acre) park.

Mr. Decor stood on the lovely Asian inspired bridge.

Queen Elizabeth Park 014

The park was once an old mining quarry that was transformed into a sunken garden. It received its name when King George VI and his consort, Queen Elizabeth (the “Queen Mum” to Queen Elizabeth II) dedicated it during their visit to Vancouver in 1939.

Queen Elizabeth Park 018

Standing on the bridge you look down onto glorious wonder.

Queen Elizabeth Park 022

The fall colors actually (if you can believe it) appear somewhat muted in these photographs due to the continual drizzle of rain.

Queen Elizabeth Park 025

There are two gently sloping walk paths that you can take down into the former quarry.

Queen Elizabeth Park 064

So many glorious textures and colors!

Queen Elizabeth Park 082

One benefit of the rain was that the walls of the quarry held the most splendid mini waterfalls.

Queen Elizabeth Park 067

Every twist and turn of the path revealed nature at her finest.

Queen Elizabeth Park 094

There are a few additional paths and staircases that veer off into various directions once you reach the bottom.

Queen Elizabeth Park 045

Droplets of water on the tree branches magically created a forest of sparkling diamonds. It was simply enchanting.

Queen Elizabeth Park 042-001

Adding to the enchantment was that we had the park almost all to ourselves.

Queen Elizabeth Park 068

Looking back up to the bridge you can see the dome of the Bloedel Conservatory which sits atop the city’s highest point. The conservatory houses a tropical rainforest habitat that contains approximately 200 free-flying birds as well as 500 exotic plants and flowers within a temperature-controlled environment. There is a small fee if you wish to tour the habitat.

Queen Elizabeth Park 061

You can also see the restaurant Seasons in the Park which offers fine dining and glorious views.

Queen Elizabeth Park 029

Close to the restaurant we spied a group of tourists having their picture taken at the overlook. Mr. Decor couldn’t resist photobombing them.

Queen Elizabeth Park 102

The photographer motioned for him to get out of the picture. :)

Queen Elizabeth Park 103

In the park there is also a second sunken garden that is quite a bit smaller. 

Queen Elizabeth Park 032-001

Much of this garden was being dug up and replanted. I did fancy this grouping of succulents in progress.

Queen Elizabeth Park 030

After viewing the rose garden, putting green and lawn bowling areas in the park we were fairly drenched and decided to make our way back to the hotel. This time we decided to take the Aquabus.

Queen Elizabeth Park 111

We jumped on at Spyglass Place, crossed False Creek taking in the lovely city waterscape and got off at the Yaletown dock. We had this charming little ferry all to ourselves and paid just $3.50 for this delight.

 Queen Elizabeth Park 112

Late in the afternoon we picked up a rental car in preparation for our trip to Victoria the next day. Not wanting to waste an opportunity we headed over to Stanley Park which was a 20 minute drive from our hotel in Yaletown.

Whistler Lynn Canyon Stanley Park 234

Our first stop in Stanley Park was to visit the amazing First Nation totem poles.

Whistler Lynn Canyon Stanley Park 237

These gorgeous red cedar posts came from Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands) and the Squamish Nation.

Whistler Lynn Canyon Stanley Park 239

Next, we saw the life size bronze sculpture “Girl in a Wetsuit” by artist Elek Imredy. Many people say it reminds them of Copenhagen’s “The Little Mermaid”. I can see it.

Whistler Lynn Canyon Stanley Park 248-001

Mr. Decor had to pose in front of Stanley Parks famous Hallow Tree. It is a 700 to 800 year old Western Red Cedar tree stump.

Whistler Lynn Canyon Stanley Park 183-001

While there is also an aquarium, a small train, beaches, and horse drawn carriage rides in Stanley Park we opted to just appreciate nature.

Whistler Lynn Canyon Stanley Park 189

As you can see I was really excited about these red and white polka dotted toad stools. I had never seen one in real life!

Whistler Lynn Canyon Stanley Park 192

Across from the teahouse in the park there is a stunning view of Ferguson Point and English Bay.

Whistler Lynn Canyon Stanley Park 210

It was here that we decided to take in the amazing sunset.

Whistler Lynn Canyon Stanley Park 209

So peaceful and lovely.

Whistler Lynn Canyon Stanley Park 199

Glorious pinks and lavenders…

Whistler Lynn Canyon Stanley Park 215-001

… gold and blues.

Whistler Lynn Canyon Stanley Park 227

The perfect end to a perfect day.

Whistler Lynn Canyon Stanley Park 229

Tomorrow we head to Vancouver Island,



Hena Tayeb said...

oh wow that is so beautiful. love the great big tree!

Kiki Nakita said...


What a wonderful trip you're having, and what a pleasure to come along too!

We have family friends who live near Vancouver in Fort Langley. Such a quaint little town with antique stores, book stores, and coffee shops. It's also where they filmed Cedar Cove and other Hallmark movies.

Excited to see the rest of your trip.

Nancy said...

this place is beyond beautiful! i could stay there forever. thanks for sharing...adding it to my travel list.

Linda said...


Bonnie said...

How beautiful everything was! I love seeing the amazing colors and to have this mostly to yourselves. Your photos are stunning.

I can tell it was a very nice day and thank you for sharing. The ferry ride and the skyline is striking and such a glorious sunset.

The red mushroom was pretty too. I have never seen one like it in real life. I can understand why you made its picture.

Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer said...

Whoa so incredibly beautiful. The colors are gorgeous and wish they could stay that way wouldn't need flowers in a garden we could just look at the leaves.

Eilis said...

Well, I am adding to my list of places to see before I die. Those fall colors are just amazing. I didn't realize that toad stools like that were real. Thank you for a spectacular tour.