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Friday, June 16, 2017

Great Ideas For Dear Old Dad

The Sunday is Father’s Day. Here is a bit of inspiration so you can celebrate the man in style.

My husband, “The Best Dad Ever”, loves a good tablescape. How about creating one with your favorite dads interest or hobby in mind?


You can cut your fish out of solid color card stock, or let your kids decorate the fish!

napkin tie slide

Of course dads generally love a good meal featuring their favorite foods. Like maple and bacon cupcakes.

Wilton Maple Syrup Buttercream & Bacon Cupcakes

Summer Fruit Breakfast Bake

BBQ in a jar

Carve a watermelon into a Weber grill, and you'll be the hero of summer

Jameson Whiskey Blue Cheese Burger with Guinness Cheese Sauce + Crispy Onions.:

Need some cute and clever gift ideas?

Cute and clever Father's Day Gift Idea:

So many of you loved the Mother’s Day slipper gift idea I’ve included similar inspiration for dads.

Okay I love this gift idea! Slippers make a great gift and they are even better when filled with little treats and gift cards! Perfect for Father's Day or really any occasion.

Love these cute drink bottles with free printables. I’m thinking you could fill them with old fashioned “pop” corn too.

Free Father's Day Printables - CUTE!

Got a candy loving fisherman? This is a truly sweet idea.

Father's Day "Favorite Catch" Tackle Box Gift:

If you’re getting dad a new shirt or customary tie make sure you wrap things up in style.

Just click on the images to be taken to the direct source.

Enjoy the weekend!



Auntie Em said...

Well, those are a lot of fun ideas, not only for Father's Day but birthdays as well. I liked the flower arrangements in the shoes. I have planted geraniums and other flowers in my husbands discarded workboots and set them out by the back door and close to the garage as well. Guests have always had a chuckle when they spy a pair overflowing with the pretty blossoms.
Thanks for sharing all these lovely ideas! :)

handmade by amalia said...

Fun and fantastic ideas. I was going for the fishy table setting as my favorite but then I saw the watermelon grill. What to choose?

Bonnie said...

So many cute ideas. I am constantly amazed at people's creativity.