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Friday, May 12, 2017

Fast & Easy Mother’s Day Gifts

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. If you are still looking for inspiration this post for you.

Spell out her name in flowers.

diy mom floral backdrop

A flower cupcake bouquet is a delicious idea.

Cute Mother’s Day cards you can download for free.

A beautiful and simple Mother’s Day brunch.

A pretty free printable. Slip it into a frame for a perfect gift.

mothers day art printable

Treat filled slippers…yes please!

Okay I love this idea! Get slippers and fill them with little treats or gift cards, so fun.

A Mother’s Day basket filled with a bottle of wine, body scrub and fresh flowers from the garden.

How to create a beautiful Mother's Day gift basket

Turn a candle holder into a inexpensive terrarium.

Easy DIY Flower Terrarium - Make a Miniature Greenhouse Made from a Candle Holder

Create a simple floral swag garland on a basket.

bike lovely

I will actually be spending Mother’s Day weekend working with my son and several members of his troop to complete an outdoor environmental improvement project as part of his Eagle Project. So one of these GIANT award ribbons would be totally appropriate. (smile)

Oversize Mother's Day Awards DIY | Oh Happy Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms.

See you Monday!



Linda said...

These are all sweet ideas, Laura. However, my mom will receive a simple card that she will throw away afterwards, or otherwise misplace. Mother's Day is entirely different for me now since she is in the late stages of dementia. Gifts just aren't worth it anymore for her because she doesn't even know what the day is or who she is. So, I'll bring her a simple card and wish her well next door and then honestly, I will be out with Jim and Sarah celebrating Mother's Day for me because I too need a break. ♥ I hope you enjoy a beautiful weekend with your family.

Love, Linda

Kelly said...

All of those are great ideas! I love the flower cupcakes and the slippers filled with goodies.

Manu said...

This Sundays is Mother's Day in Italy too.
I've just bought a wonderful cooking book for my mum.
Thanks for these lovely suggestions.

Mary Sorensen said...

I love the treat filled slippers best!!! Thanks so much for your posts and Happy Mother's Day to you!
Mary S.

Jeanie said...

Sounds like you might have the best Mum'sDay after all -- spending it with your son! Hope it's sublimely happy. (And lovely photo shares!)

GSGreatEscaper said...

Good luck with the Eagle Project. I look forward to seeing a photo or two! Happy Mother's Day!

Sarah said...

Love the idea of the treat filled slippers. It is ageless! Moms of any age could use slippers packed with personal goodies. Great idea!
Happy Mother's Day!

Botanic Bleu said...

Great ideas for Mother's Day gifts. I hope your son gives you one of the giant award ribbons.


Elizabeth at Eiffel Tells said...

Lovely creative ideas for those who need inspiration.
I trust you had a wonderful Mother's Day with you family Laura. Elizabeth xxx

Anna Maledon said...

I love the printable, so simple but so sweet, and it would match my own kitchen perfectly. I do expect some card from my sons ( 2 and 4 ) and some wet kisses and hugs. I like the basket with wine, scrub and flowers. Time for wine and scrub is a luxury for any mum of very young children, that's for sure.