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Monday, January 2, 2017

Winter Bliss ~ Organizing and Decorating

Happy first Monday of the new year!

Decor To Adore New Year 124

In the days after the holiday my formal dining area became the dumping ground of Christmas past.


Stacks of dishes and half dead flowers were some of the things you could see.

Decor To Adore New Year 082

What you couldn’t see was even worse.

Decor To Adore New Year 085

My previous half hearted attempts at organizing, using an aluminum roasting pan no less, had failed.

Decor To Adore New Year 095

It was time to get serious.

Decor To Adore New Year 098

Somehow I always find myself “getting serious” at 8’oclock at night. So of course this results in “before” pictures of truly pinnable perfection.

Decor To Adore New Year 087

There is only way to organize properly in my opinion. You shut the cabinet and wait for another moment.

The moment came the next morning.

I moved the table and chairs out and gave the sea grass rug a good vacuuming.

Decor To Adore New Year 104

I then proceeded to empty the contents of both the buffet and china hutch onto the rug.

I grouped like items together such as candlesticks and votive holders on one shelf, candles on another.

Yes, I know I may have a wee problem.

Decor To Adore New Year 107

I found that baskets helped me to organize. I had received a Michael’s gift card for Christmas. (Thanks cousins Sweet T and E!)  As luck would have it all of their baskets are currently 50% off.

Decor To Adore New Year 106-001

I’m hoping this will cut down the inordinate amount of time I often spend looking for things.

Decor To Adore New Year 108

Afterwards I rolled that rug right up and took down the drapes to be washed. I cleaned and shined the hard wood floors and oiled all of the furniture.

Decor To Adore New Year 103

It was then time to decorate. I wanted something that would last more than a day so decided against a specific New Year’s theme and settled upon a winter motif.

Decor To Adore New Year 134

On the sideboard I gathered together snowy houses, pinecones, bottle brush trees and snowflakes.

Decor To Adore New Year 156

It was so cozy for our New Year’s Eve feast.

Decor To Adore New Year 164

A touch of golden sparkle was added to the table though for a festive flair.

Decor To Adore New Year 152

Paper plates? After weeks of holiday meals served via numerous dishes that required hand washing, yes please!

Decor To Adore New Year 142

My grandfather, Roy Ingalls, loved to have only finger foods on New Year’s Eve which he referred to as “pickins”. I have continued this tradition with my own family. The kids get to pick out ANYTHING they want to eat. Other than their birthdays, it is the one day of the year the food police takes a night off.


We had sliders, boneless buffalo wings, cheese sticks, and bagel bites. My attempt at a few healthy choices (carrot and celery sticks) was tolerated. 

NY dinner

Even the dogs were given special treats. Here is Harpo Franz not releasing his chew stick for anything.


As promised, in yesterday’s post, I will leave you with a shot of less than perfection in the adjoining room. I plan to put away the Christmas decor sometime this week…

Decor To Adore New Year 169

Are you in organizing mode?



Simply LKJ said...

Love the idea of finger foods for New Years eve. I might have to adopt that tradition next year. We used to have hot oil fondue, but moved that tradition to Christmas Eve once the girls were old enough to have plans of their own for New Years Eve. If just the hubby and I, a simple antipasti platter will do.
Christmas is down, but this week will be spent deep cleaning before adding winter decor back in. Ready for a routine.

Jennie said...

I love your idea of using the silver tray to make a small vignette, and then creating levels with the different footed items. Beautiful -- and nice post about organizing. I'm pinning this on my Decor: Christmas page.

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Right now I'm just organizing in my head, with mental lists and ideas, still enjoying the general mess from Christmas. I have always waited until everyone went back to school/work to do the January cleanup, and I'll start tomorrow. Love your wintery vignette on the sideboard! Our real snow has melted but more is expected later this week, and in the meantime I have glittery things in my house to add sparkle to these dark winter days. Linda

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

I started a Pinterest board of "Winter decor ideas" because I have in the past found it a hard transition after Christmas is all put away. I LOVE what you did on the sideboard! It is beautiful! Happy new year, Laura! I will put Christmas away next week. I keep hoping the Christmas fairy will come do it for me but she has not shown up:):)

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

PS, can you tell me the make/brand of your GORGEOUS stemware????

Sarah said...

You are the energizer bunny! Organizing, polishing and waxing, then decorating for winter ~ where do you get your energy, Laura? I'm putting Christmas away in stages. Started yesterday and need to complete the task today, including taking the tree down.
Have a great week!

Decor To Adore said...

Hi Pinky, It is on my "to do" list to send one of the pieces of stemware to for identification. The set originally belonged to my grandparents and has wine, water, cordial and old fashioned champagne style glasses. There is also a matching sugar/creamer on a tray. Over the years I've lost a few pieces but truly I can find nothing that I like better.

Christine said...

For some reason, I liked the last picture. It makes me feel at home!
Your organizing skills and decorating items are set up beautifully. It left you with a warm and welcoming dining room.

Hena Tayeb said...

the snowy scene looks lovely.
I like the idea of pickins.
Great organizing.. I find bins always help.

Botanic Bleu said...

Oh, to have your energy. The tree is down, most decorations from it put away, and the dining table decluttered with a simple star and boxwood garland. Some cleaning, but so much more yet to do. Tomorrow? I'm hosting a one-table bridge game with close friends. Cleaning will resume the next day.

Your sideboard looks lovely with its winter decor.


GSGreatEscaper said...

I just finished putting away the food from the last holiday party, the linens are in the washer, and piles of dishes and glasses await hand washing tomorrow.
I think we can leave Christmas up for a week or two...we wait for Epiphany, and sometimes beyond depending on how busy we are!

Mrs. Kelley Dibble said...

Am I in organizing mode?

Oh, yes I am. Here on Guam it has been positively balmy. The breezes all day long are almost 'cool.' Perfect for opening up the garage and get some organizing accomplished.

Yes, we only moved here in July, but the cobwebs, sawdust, yada yada were just too much. We pulled it all away from walls, turned it over, wiped it off, swept, washed, scrubbed, pitched and tidied. Wow. An empty shelf or two is the prize. I have to go out there every so often just to smile at it.

Guess I got bitten by the same bug going around Texas, Laura.

Happy New Year hugs,

therelishedroost said...

I am doing the organizing too, must be in the air!! Its a chore but it feels great when its done!! Happy New year!

Susan Freeman said...

Thanks for giving me a nudge Laura! I want to organize, but I am being so lazy right now. Your neat and organized dining room is exactly what I needed to see. Happy New Year!

Susan and Bentley

Jeanie said...

Thank you for showing less than perfection! I have to do the china cabinet thing. Right now it is just one day at a time, a tree here, a bag of Santas there, greenery here, candles there. Fortunately, the only time frame is my own frustration with till having things up so it will move along, day by day. No power un-doing!

But your NYEve looks just fabulous. I love the winter scene. I keep winter up for a bit (quite a bit). And it looks like a grand evening with people you love. (And good food and jolly good paper! Yes, I've been handwashing more than I like, too!)

The baskets are a great idea. Thanks!

Kiki Nakita said...

Happy New Year, Laura.

It's refreshing to see others in the midst of organizing. I noticed you have a lot of napkins (like me). I put mine into freezer bags with scented sachets which prevents them from gathering dust, and makes them smell nice after being stored away.

Blessings for 2017, Kiki.

Eilis said...

Your organization and cleaning are very inspiring! My moment has arrived yet, but soon...