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Monday, December 19, 2016

Little House Christmas Tree and Decor

Welcome to the family room of Storybook Cottage. It is adjacent to the kitchen and the theme of Christmas at Little House on the Prairie/Little House in the Big Woods (written by Laura Ingalls Wilder) has been continued in this space.

Gingerbread Log Cabin 040-001

The tree is tucked behind the couch. A wonderful surprise awaits those who seek a closer look.

Left to right we have, on the top of the sled, Laura and Grace, then Almanzo, Nellie, Ma, Pa, Carrie and Mary.

The dolls were made by Ashton-Drake and released in the early 1990’s. Most were retired by 1995. They were collected and given as a gift by my mother, Nadine.

Little House on the Prairie Christmas 025

Ma is my favorite.


But Pa runs a close second with his violin and sweetly patched knee.


Mary and Carrie are well behaved.


But of course Laura’s sunbonnet hangs down her back.

Little House on the Prairie Christmas 032

Tucked into the branches and at the base of the tree is some of my collection of “Little House” books.


The collection includes a rare first edition copy, vintage selections from my childhood, gifts from friends and family as well as foreign language editions I have picked up on my travels.


The tree is dressed very simply, much as it would have been during the time of Laura’s childhood.

Pinecones, faux apples and cranberry garlands hang from the branches as do Laura’s red mittens.

Little House Red Mittens 045-001

The only sparkle comes from a collection of brass “Little House” ornaments and hand blown crystal icicles.

Little House Red Mittens 052

The first brass ornament was issued in 1992 and subsequent ornaments were released each year after. They were created as a fundraiser for the Laura Ingalls Wilder museum in Mansfield, Missouri. I have slowly added to the collection and am just missing 1992.

Little House in the Big Woods ~ 1993


On the Banks of Plum Creek ~ 1995


Little Town on the Prairie ~ 1999.


Other “Little House” ornaments also grace the tree.


On the coffee table is a simple arrangement.

Gingerbread Log Cabin 033

Natural and rustic elements are tucked in here and there.

Gingerbread Log Cabin 103

On top of the entertainment console sits the second of my transformed estate sale log cabin birdhouses surrounded by vintage bottle brush trees filling in for the big woods.

Gingerbread Log Cabin 058

More trees and a framed favorite quote also help to set the scene.

Gingerbread Log Cabin 068-001

The wing chairs received a bit of big woods inspired finery as well.


Tomorrow I will share the “How To” on how to create your own big woods/log cabin pillows.


Do you collect any type of memorabilia?


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GSGreatEscaper said...

Love the pillows.

I have quite a few "Little House" books too, including the cook book and song book. Other collections are blue and white dishes, esp. blue willow, Spode Christmas tree, Louisa May Alcott books, buttons, and etched crystal glasses.

craftyles said...

You have really caught my fancy with your LIW decor, Laura. I love the books and read them many times to my kids. So inspiring. And yes I collect A Childs Garden of Verses and Wizard of OZ books given to me by my mother. Have a very merry Christmas and enjoy your family time!

Carole West said...

It was that first image with the enamelware that got my attention to click and view this entire post. This is super neat Laura, what a treasured display of simplicity. Love it and hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

Carole @ Garden Up Green

ellen b said...

Such a wonderful collection and it's so appropriate that you have all these keepsakes Laura! It was fun to scroll through. Oh how I devoured these books in elementary school. We didn't own any books growing up except for a Bible. I would borrow books from the library and the book mobile that would come to school. Fun memories. Hope your week leading up to Christmas is going well.

handmade by amalia said...

So lovely! What a wonderful space for your family to enjoy during the holidays.

Christine said...

I like (love) anything and everything about the Little House On The Prairie.
When I saw the dolls, well, I fell in love. They need to bring them back!
Thank you for sharing with us, your wonderful Christmas theme. And just like the costumes this year, I look forward to every post!

Jeanie said...

I am totally overwhelmed that you can put out a post a day -- with glorious photos and great details -- while still getting ready for Christmas. I'm thinking, school, family, real-life, decorating the house and making the projects in the first place! Do you start in April? I am so impressed.

As for this wonderful tree and the sweet surprise vignette, I think it may be my favorite so far. It is simply enchanting and so personal. And it just makes me wish "our" baby was going to be a girl so we could go all Laura on her! Total bliss with these posts, Laura!

Sarah said...

Laura, this may be my favorite of your posts. Love your collection of dolls and the ornaments. I've never seen either. How special that you have these from your mother.
Thank you for sharing your Christmas spirit. Don't know how you have time to do all that you do.
Merry Christmas!

Katie Mansfield said...

This is precious. I have my collection of Little House books. The ornaments are darling. I'll let you know if I spot that ornament on Ebay. I love a good search.

Mildred said...

The dolls and ornaments are real treasures! How pretty everything looks!