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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Alternative Christmas Tabletop Ideas

Last week I wrote a post that showcased traditional Christmas tablescapes. This week is all about happy color that is not generally associated with Christmas. While red and green will always play a part in Christmas, I do love the unexpected freshness of red and turquoise paired together.


How about a punch of purple?


I would coin this table Rustic Elegance. The addition of a mustardy gold pairs well with the purple. The wooden table and stone walls captured my heart. 


Perhaps you like purple’s pretty cousin, pink? I love the addition of the gold ribbon to really tie in the collection of vintage Shiny Brites.


When thinking of natural elements to decorate a holiday table, Gerbera daisies and tulips are not foremost in my mind, but I do love the groupings in the mercury glass.


Elvis may have had it all right. Let’s bring on the blue Christmas. This image reminded me that I wanted to learn how to make the jingle bell snowflake. Know of any tutorials? This would make a festively fun noisemaker for New Years Eve.

Sigh. So much to love. First, the simple beaded garland draped around the candle nesting on a plate of greenery~ easy and affective. Next, a cloche of ornaments, yes please. Finally, I always love to sit down to a plate filled with fun. Look at the sweet bird ornament, a small dish of candies and a Christmas cracker. Favors at their best.


I would like to hit the “like” button on this centerpiece. Begin with a milk glass container and fill it with oasis and top with moss. Push in a wooden dowel covered in ribbon. Place a styrofoam ball covered in various sized ornaments on top of the dowel and finish with a simple ribbon bow.


At first glance this image may not catch your eye. But on further inspection I love how the various chair are now unified through paint. The simple branch hung as a chandelier is quite fetching. I would possibly add some small jars filled with votives.


Fresh spring green. The sheerest of tablecloths and simple grasses in clear vases. I would almost file this image away under all things Easter, but it may get you thinking outside the box in terms of centerpieces.


Speaking of green and centerpieces... this one really caught my eye. Breaking it down~ one clear bowl, a layer of “snow”, large aqua ornaments, a layer of gold pinecones, a layer of smaller aqua ornaments topped with greenery, and more pinecones (au naturale). I haven’t decided how I feel about it, but it does provide a nice springboard in my mind.


This time turquoise is pared with aged brass and brown. I love how the favor is wrapped up in the dinner napkin and topped with the occupants initials. An idea I will surely borrow. 


I really love this next image. It is perfect for those who live by the beach or perhaps Australia where it is currently summer.  Again, milk glass shows up.


Rounding out this post are a few fun images that I really loved but never quite  found a place for. They are alternative takes on Christmas overall. Brown and gold. Non traditional colors, but pretty traditional style.


I spy with my little eye a deer used as a tree topper.


Are you smiling? What’s not to love? The white tree topped by red, hot pink and aqua ornaments. Flea market finds~couch, lamp, chest, and various framed images equal second hand happiness. Over the top perfection~ sugarplum pillows. (Fashionista this makes me think of you.)


The previous rooms more dignified sister. Look at the mantel! I especially love the beaded garland strung with presents.


Lastly, one of my favorite images of the season. I feel peaceful every time I look at it. I have a similar tablecloth, silver tray and a feather tree. I am just missing an urn, large double faced satin bow and a wee Mary to nestle in the ornies. Next year my friends, next year.


Today has me stirring a big pot of homemade chicken noodle soup and preparing “girl cheese” sandwiches with lovely sourdough bread and provolone cheese to feed our visiting wee friends, Shannon and Erin. Afterwards we will decorate gingerbread houses.

Is your table set?


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Karen said...

Lovely inspiration as I plan to set my tables tonight! Your timing is impeccable! Love the daily posts, excellent my dear. Thanks for all you do here on the blog, I really enjoy it. Merry Christmas and hugs!

Lily said...

LOL! We call them "girl cheese sandwiches" too. Beautiful pics with LOTS of inspiration!

French said...

Too much to love! I love all the table favors and place settings. Though I have to be careful what I put on the plates or some wisecracker will ask me if we are having ornaments for dinner. I have to set my table again today as the previous one was rained on!

Mimi said...

LIKE some but LOVE some!!!
I am a traditional Gold, Burgundy and white!!!!!
Merry Christmas,

Jill Elaine said...

Love all these pics! I love to christmas decor:)
I just posted several posts of my own Christmas decor. If you have time to check it out I would love to have you tell me what kind of decor my house contains! I use things I love, vintage, new, whatever strikes me. And I've wondered for some time now what you would call my 'style'!! So if you have a chance and want to let me know I'd love to hear your thoughts!
Jill Flory

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Thank you for sharing all the fun varieties, but I must admit I like the traditional red/green/white/gold best!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

April said...

OH! Milk glass, hanging branches, pink shiny-brites, OH!!!!
And that white tree with the pink and blue and yellow and whatEVER- else-colored FUN. . . .
maybe I'm not as traditional as I think I am.
These are great.
I hope your Christmas is beautiful, blessed, joyful AND jolly, sweet friend!

Donnie said...

What beautiful photos. I loved all of them and saw quite a few ideas. Have a Merry Christmas.

frippery said...

What wonderful inspiration! I love the wood table and the branch chandy the best! Merry Christmas!

Janet said...

I like the purple one best. Very cool!

Nezzy said...

Mmmmmm, homemade chicken soup??? Sounds delicious on this cold Ozark night...I'll be right over and I'll bring the crackers!!!

Thanks so much for the beautiful tour of the great Christmas variations. All stunning in different ways.

I just wanted to pop in and wish you and yours a very blessed and Merry Christmas filled with friends, family and fudge baby, piles of rich delicious fudge!!! :o)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

These are all STUNNING!!! Merry Christmas! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

lulumusing said...

These are all such fun, creative and unexpected. That's what I like. Happy Holidays.

Creative Breathing said...

Dear Laura, All of these examples are so inspirational and each have some simple idea to add to my own home. Thank you so much for sharing! I wanted to let you know that My Crafty Little Page has Valentine's to swap. She may not have anything on her sidebar, but please leave her a comment to let her know you are interested. She is a wonderful paper crafter, and I just know she would love the opportunity. I wish you a wonderful holiday season and best wishes in the New Year! Elizabeth

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Laura your day sounds perfect. Who would not love one of your 'girl cheese' sandwiches and some chicken noodle soup?

You have given us great inspiration for creating new color schemes for setting our tables.

Our table is set but we are going to friends this year since we would of been alone / : Sending you much holiday cheer and wishing you and your dear family a joyous Christmas.

God bless, x Deb

Lorrie said...

Beautiful tables, Laura. Maybe next year, when I'm finished my studies.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

My Crafty Little Page said...

Hi Laura - I just read your comment on Elizabeth's blog and I was wondering.... won't you be my Valentine?!! I know - I wasn't sure how to link up exactly and I signed up for five exchanges and I have three left. Just let me know and I'll hold one just for you!
You have the prettiest blog and I love all the tablescapes and rooms all decked out for Christmas. xoxo Nancy

Polly @ Make Mine Beautiful said...

Hi Laura. Thank you for posting so many wonderful ideas. I'm currently setting my table for dinner tomorrow, so this will help me for sure.

I hope you have a fabulous Christmas holiday season.