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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Divine Dressing Tables

I have always loved the idea of dressing tables. I am sure this stems from my love of old movies from the 1930's in which Hollywood embraced the Deco period to its fullest and always seemed to feature at least one starlet preparing for a night on the town.

This dressing table lives in the home of Annie Brahler. I wish it lived in mine. Don't you just love the Victorian bustle effect of the skirt?

Photo: Country Living

This is a simple, yet stunning look of a combination dressing table and desk. While the desk and chair are different finishes, it works because of their cool palette.

Photo: Country Living

This vanity is fit for the eclectic world traveler. I see an Asian influence that marries well with a stool reminiscent of a Greek Klismos chair.

Photo: Domino

I love mirrored furniture and this table is no exception. Yet as mom of a sticky 6 year old I am destined to admire it from afar. The owner has made the vanity all their own by additions of tassels, jewelry and flowers.

Photo: Domino

For many people, lack of space is an ongoing issue. I like the idea of a dressing table set up in a closet. I only wish my closet was half this size. Does anyone else wonder what is in the stacks of orange Hermes boxes?

Photo: Domino

This is pure electric happiness. I imagine this individual as a young lady new to the city. She's perhaps on a budget given that a subway map is her choice of art, but it shows creativity. Isn't the yellow lucite chair fun?

Photo: Domino

This area has my daughter written all over it. It is a small space, but full of character. The fun accents such as the kitchy cat, a border of photographs and a fantastic stool, by the brilliant Eero Saarinen, enliven the space.

Photo: Domino
Another yummy mirrored table. The mirror above the vanity is just beautiful and the striped wall further creates a special focal point.

Photo: Domino

This dressing table is currently featured at the 2008 DC Design House. The entire room, created by Kelley Proxmire, is classic cool excellence. Perhaps when I par down my lipstick collection I too can create this look.

Saving my personal favorite for last, is Catherine Golden's vanity. She was selected as Domino's 2008 amateur design winner. The Hollywood Regency vanity is one we often see at estate sales. By painting it white with silver accents, Ms. Golden modernized its appearance. Well done!

If you are interested in creating your own vanity, here is a source that will allow you to customize it to your own decor.

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Rue said...

Hi Laura :)

Those vanities are gorgeous! My favorite is the first one :)

Off to read....

Lu Lu's Fluffy Ruffles said...

Love dressing tables as well!
So elegant makes one feel really special!

Alkemie said...

Wonderful post on vanities!! my favorite is that huge vanity within the closet. Would LOVE to have a closet/vanity like that.


Kay said...

I love dressing tables. Your favorite is exactly like the one I had in my bedroom growing up! Wish I still had it!

Ready to Cover said...

Neat post! I like the first one as well...I'm curious as to if we made that or not?

Doreen said...

What beautiful dressing goodness such wonderful inspiration.