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Monday, March 24, 2008

Flora, fauna and other fine things

I almost passed right by this orchid trained to grow out of the tree. After that, I began to pay more attention and found this same treatment in numerous yards located in Key West.

The tropical color was just breathtaking.

I wonder if this homeowner ever gets asked for directions?

Does anyone know why so many chicken roam freely in Key West?

It is almost a requirement that all tourists visit the home of Pulitzer and Noble prize winning author Ernest Hemingway. This is the second story view from his home.
There were several lovely Venetian chandeliers in the home, this one was my favorite.

Sculptures in the marbled master bath.

Art Deco era tiles in the downstairs bath.

Archibald Macleish, one of the many six toed descendants of Hemingway's cat that freely roam the property.

Hemingway's office. Do you feel inspired?
Only 90 miles to Cuba and 90 minutes to brush out the wind blown hair.

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Miss Sandy said...

Oh my goodness, I so would have gotten kicked out for running over and sitting behind his desk! Yes, I feel inspired!