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Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Long In Between

Are we there yet?

>ARE WE THERE YET?  >I think

How many of you have heard this favorite summertime mantra yet?

In between the beginning of something and the glorious end there is the in between.

It can be a short in between, an easy in between, a hard in between and sometimes a long in between.

I think as a rule we generally all prefer the good in betweens.

Like the classic car trip…

Although my personal memories of such adventures more closely mirror this:

There’s also finally the lovely marriage after a long in between engagement.

Lady K and her husband getting married at beginning of story.

Perhaps followed by what some women consider the longest most joyful nine months of their life.

Image result for hugely pregnant

In which the in between ends with the arrival of…

Cute                                                       …

Image result for colicky baby

Yes, even the best in betweens can be the worst.

I’ve been desperately waiting on new flooring for a few years now.

But in order for that to happen… this had to happen. (I decided not to share the toilet on the porch. #stayclassy )

Quilt 006

Dreamland: No cooking for a week ~woohoo! 

Reality: I had no access to a kitchen while simultaneously raising a teenage boy with a hallow leg who needs to be fed constantly and find myself making sandwiches near the toilet and washing dishes in a bathtub.

Quilt 022

Dreamland: No more broken tiles ~ yippee!

Reality: EVERY SINGLE SURFACE inside Storybook Cottage is now covered by a thick layer of white dust. I’ve used up an entire economy sized box of swiffer dusters and lost count of the numerous loads of laundry.

Quilt 024

Dreamland: It’s finally the end of that gross carpet ~yahoo!

Reality: the removal of the carpet and padding also exposed a good three inches of unpainted bead board/majorly chipped baseboard and they no longer make the paint, which has also faded/yellowed over the course of 3 years since it was originally done and so now everything must also be painted. 

Quilt 028

Sometimes the best you can do is just get through the day.

It also helps when you’re reading about your friend Karianne who thought her home renovation would take mere weeks and instead finds herself trying to do the dishes in HER bathroom months later and thru a series of mishaps becomes covered in spaghetti sauce while surrounded by shards of broken dishes.

Image may contain: text

So slowly, dustpan in one hand and paintbrush in the other I am trying to find the beauty in this current in between.

I just know that I am so close to something amazing.

Quilt 030

May you find beauty in the in between,


Colossians 1:11  May you be strengthened with all power, according to His glorious might, for all endurance and patience;


Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh my word, I so relate. I have just been through months of that with our new house. It is so hard, but it will get better. Hang in there, I know the end result will be totally amazing.

Auntie Em said...

Renovation regrets! lol It happens to everyone who has to live in a house while renos are on going. And there is nothing worse than the kitchen remodel, unless its a bathroom in a one bath house! lol
Be thankful for the fact that you do have running water and there are restaurants and take outs, in fairly close proximity I am guessing. Paper plates and (horror of all horrors) plastic cutlery. Not environmentally sound but emotionally so much easier on that last nerve. Its amazing what a person can BBQ and men usually enjoy that task so that can make it a little easier on you.
I have to admit, there is something about the smell of the fresh cut wood and the new stuff that is addictive to me. The crack-filling part is the worst but by that time you are thinking of the finished product and have realized you can't keep pulling your hair out or you will be bald before the last tradesperson (or your hubby) has left.
Look ahead when it gets too much. Think about how lovely it will all be. Look over your samples and sketches and think about what will go where and how you will arrange the accessories. It all else fails, go get your hair done or get a manicure or go to a good friend's house who will let you grump and growl without looking at you like you are a crazy person. Usually one who has just finished renos and will totally understand.
I have find usually when I get to the breaking point and want to just stand in the middle of it all and scream, the whole process is almost done and in a short while you will be back in your beautiful new room and all the mess is gone.
Hang in there dear. (And set a plant in the toilet on the front step) ;D
Can't wait to see the beautiful pictures of the completed rooms! (Hopefully it won't make me want to tackle another room! lol) {{{hugs}}}

deborah said...

Wonderful post! And you will soon be at the amazing end!!!

And YOU are amazing!

Your kitchen is going to be wonderful.

ellen b. said...

Thanks for the encouragement. We are in an in-between of another kind. It's a challenge to choose joy there but that is the best thing to do and to remember that living now is important and being present in the now is good. Blessings on the new floors and the new look you will be able to enjoy in the near future.

Julie Reinwald said...

As challenging and frustrating as remodeling can be, we are wise enough to keep it in perspective. If only these broken tiles and unpainted surfaces were our biggest problems, right? ;) The chaos will be worth it when you are done, and these are the simple joys that we are blessed to create. Thanks for putting a cute spin on a less-than-pleasant process!

thistlewoodfarm said...

You got this friend! You're in the home stretch. And don't forget---spaghetti-os are a gourmet dish. :)

Happy day rock star!

Marilyn said...

Renovations are just like childbirth! In the midst of both, you think I will Never, Ever do this again. It hurts so much.

Then it's over, beauty is revealed, time passes by. Pretty soon you're saying, that wasn't bad......Let's do it again. :-)

Keep your eyes on the prize, always!!!

Marilyn (in Dallas)

Jeanie said...

You ARE Close to amazing! It will be fabulous and I'm just the tiniest bit envious! (Although I really wanted to see the toilet... just saying!) It's so much more fun to spend money on this rather than something like the foundation -- essential but invisible!