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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Fine Art In The Kitchen

There is something so wonderful in this image that it truly resonates with me. It may be the darling children, the subway tile or perhaps the happy use of artwork.

gravityhome sunday inspiration3

We are finally getting underway with ripping out the old carpet and broken tile in the family room, kitchen and pantry to install new flooring. To prepare for all the dust I am removing everything from the walls and open shelves. That includes this gallery wall.

I have enjoyed this gallery wall for the past two years but now find myself wanting something simpler.


I’ve noticed that there seems to be a trend to go beyond basic art in the kitchen.

Of course it perhaps isn’t a trend per se, but a return to surrounding oneself with good art everywhere.

Artist David Emile Joseph de Noter painted beautiful kitchen scenes numerous times. One of my favorites is “La Lecture” circa 1858.


I adore this Art Deco ceiling which is the perfect way to include art in a small space.

LOVE the ceiling... good idea when we land somewhere. Also, the stove/oven reminds me of our wee little set-up in Belgium. From Dishfunctional Designs: The Bohemian Kitchen:

But primarily I am focused on one good piece of inspiring art being used in kitchens.

Before and After: A Small, Pittsburgh Kitchen Gets A Complete Makeover in 6 Days

While some of the artwork is kitchen theme related…

Tammy Conner design work | fine art in the kitchen

…a good portion of it is not.

.Fine art in the kitchen:

Simple portraiture is quite striking on this open shelving.

Painted brick wall and pale kitchen with open shelving:

While this still life is the perfect pairing to a vibrant stove.

"Kitchen Love..." -- I wouldn't want to live here, but I'd adore regular visiting's simply stunning! Click through for more "beautiful photos from artist Bobbie Burger’s kitchen.":

Perhaps it is the whimsy of seeing such a formally attired gentleman in a farmhouse kitchen setting.

Or the moody elegance of the dark green cabinetry as a backdrop for a eclectic collection.

However,  my favorite art in the kitchen tends to be pastoral.


Sweet scenes of animals or charming cottages set within lovely green meadows.

"In a narrow kitchen, have as few upper cabinets as possible. Get rid of stuff. Choose one set of dishes for all occasions, one sauté pan, and one set of glasses — those stemless wineglasses work for juice, cocktails, wine, milk. Live only with what you love and use daily. Think of it as a different kind of abundance." —Clare Donohue
Design by Chris Barrett

Do you have art in your kitchen?


You may click on each image to be taken to the original source.


Daniela said...

Art brightens our days in every room of the house, I have art not only in my kitchen, even in my bathroom, dearest Laura, actually I cannot live without surrounding myself with art, I know you do understand me :)

Thanking you for sharing such an interesting and inspiring post,
sweetest friend of mine,
I'm wishing you a great remainder of your week


Stacey said...

I love the direction you are going! I've had a frame in the kitchen for the last few years that I switch out from time to time. Sometimes it's something simple like printable art in the frame. Sometimes it's a reproduction or art print of something I love. Looking forward to seeing what you do in your kitchen.

Christine said...

The art in my kitchen is a small quilt. And, as I read in the comments above, I also have a painting in the bathroom. When I find something I like, I just look for a spot to put it, never mind what room it will be in.
Christine from Ontario

Jeanie said...

I do have art in the kitchen. (I have art all over the house and now I'm out of walls!) Apart from one painting I did (and that may go, I'm getting tired of it there) I have three photos. One is of a cafe in Ireland called "The Bad Ass Cafe" taken by a wonderful European photographer friend; another a sepia photo of a basket of eggs (again by a photog friend) and finally a mash-up a friend made me when I retired of my face on Julia Child's body with her seven chickens lined up in front of her! It's a perfect mash and every time I see it, I think of Mike, who died several years ago. Oh, and then several small watercolors. I guess I have more than I thought!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Great art is wonderful anywhere. I think a kitchen is the perfect spot.

Joanie McLaughlin said...

Yes. I have quite a few pieces of art hanging in my kitchen and nook. Nothing "fine", just inexpensive french-inspired prints and oils. I think art gives a kitchen great personality, and they make me happy! BTW, I love the painting you have of the Aspen trees. It looks wonderful hanging by your fireplace during the colder months.

Debbie - Mountain Mama said...

Hmmmm do I have art in my kitchen....I have décor, I don't know if I'd call it art! I tend to go with farm animals in my kitchen, so I have rooster things and cow and pig things. I love that kitchen with the pastoral scene, the wicker baskets, and the topiaries - gorgeous. I still have many empty walls in my house that are begging for some artwork, but it has to develop over time, when I find something I love. I'm only there two years....well I guess I could have found something in two years, huh? ha ha!

Eilis said...

I've never even considered hanging art in our kitchen because there is only one small wall (without cabinets) and I have a clock on it. You have me wondering if I could use a piece in front of the back splash. Worth a try.

GSGreatEscaper said...

In my former kitchen, I had a couple of mosaics (that I made) on the wall. Nothing in this kitchen so far, unless you count a large clock and a wine rack from Ikea, both silver. So many cabinets, so little wall...but what are those pink objects in the painting in the first photo? Are they kidneys? I'm not really digging that...I'd go with the fruit motif.

Christine said...

I love when Art spills out into every room. Kitchen and Bathrooms are especially fun!

Cecilia Bramhall said...

I love the artwork in each of your examples. I do have one piece in mine that I did but it's nothing fancy. I'd like to do something a bit more elaborate sometime. :)

Elizabeth at Eiffel Tells said...

The pieces of art you choose for your kitchen will be perfect because they'll be your personal choice, thus reflecting your personality and style. I've always had art on my kitchen walls because this is the one room, other than my study, in which I spend most of my time - it's the hub of our house.

Rue said...

Yes. I have to have art everywhere. I still haven't found the perfect art for my kitchen, but I'm making due with what I have.

Have you ever seen Joan River's old kitchen? Fantastic, right?