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Friday, April 7, 2017

What’s Brightening My Day Vol. 5

1. Rudi the dachshund.

This boy has been making our lives bright for over 11 years now. At 12+ years of age he is still as spry as ever. As evidence, jumping up onto the kitchen chair trying to sneak a bit of treat.


2. Treats

I came home from Round Top completely worn out but rallied to insure that the Fashionista’s birthday was lovely.  Like her great grandfather, Papa Jack, she’d rather have anything but a cake. This year’s treat was a Key lime tart with a graham cracker crust from Central Market. I jazzed it up with vintage angels found at Round Top and plastic flowers leftover from my lovely mom Nadine's cake decorating days. The tart was set alongside her favorite coral pink roses and Ladurée tea was served from a vintage $2 Round Top teapot.


3. Mexican Food

I could eat Mexican food everyday. My daughter is the same. She chose Joe T. Garcia’s gorgeous patio as the spot for her celebratory birthday dinner on Tuesday.

Lou Birthday 064

4. Siblings Who Genuinely Like Each Other

I know that sharing the same wacky mom doesn’t automatically make you best friends. I am SO thankful that these two truly do love one another.

Lou Birthday 040

This past weekend something really special happened. It was a surprise to our son, and we knew only a few days in advance, that he was going to receive a nomination into the honor society of the Boys Scouts of America.

5. The Order of the Arrow

The Order of the Arrow recognizes those Scouts who best exemplify the spirit of the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives.

Arrow 004

The focus of members in The Order of the Arrow is:

 Brotherhood - in a day when there is too much hatred at home and abroad.

Cheerfulness - in a day when the pessimists have the floor.

Service –in a day when millions are interested only in getting or grasping rather than giving.

The motto is: “Let us catch the higher vision, Let us find the greater beauty, In the life of cheerful service.”

As a mom I was so saddened to miss the ceremony. But being at Round Top allowed me to find a few treasures that Sweet Guy will appreciate in his new endeavor.

 Arrow 007-001

What is brightening your day?



GSGreatEscaper said...

Congratulations to SG on his induction into the O of A! Coincidentally my dear nephew also was inducted this month. After the tragic death of his mother last year, his troop has been a great support to him and his family. Kudos to the great scout leaders out there who work hard to help kids grow up to be good men and women, and to the children and families who are looking to build character as well as competence.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Alyssa's BD pie looks fabulous and Happy Birthday to her again. What a fabulous honor for Sweet Guy. Congratulations to him.

Linda said...

This post brightened my day ♥
Other than this, the fact that it's Friday is wonderful and that our daughter and her friend are here from Canada until next week and a host of family gatherings in place for this weekend. :) Have a great weekend.
Love, Linda

Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

That tart is so beautiful and congrats to your son! Sweet post.

Manu said...

Oh I love this post, the pie looks delicious and Mexican food is my favourite!!!
Thanks for sharing.
Have a nice Friday

Stacey said...

All of these things would brighten my week too! Dinner outdoors at Joe T's..yes please! Happy Birthday to your model beautiful daughter. And congrats to your son!! What an honor. ♥

Debbie - Mountain Mama said...

You must be so proud of your kids, Laura! And your furry kid also - what a cutie pie!!

Barbara H. said...

Belated happy birthday to your daughter and congratulations to your son! I love Mexican food. Unfortunately our favorite place closed their local restaurant, so we'll have to try some others. I posted five "faves" today, including our first grilled hamburgers of the year and a grandson's affection.

Bonnie said...

You jazzed up the tart beautifully with such panache! The table vignette is delightful. If we had mexican restaurants like Joe T's that would be great. Sadly we do not.

Congratulations to your son and the entire family for such an honor to the Order of the Arrow.

Sarah said...

Congratulations to your son. What an honor! Between your daughter's birthday week and this award, I'd say you have a lot to brighten your day.

Jeanie said...

You really scored at Round Top and that made Fashionista's birthday all the better. (I'm with y'all on the cake! Tart is much better!) Three cheers to your Arrow-man! Those books are such treasures. Sounds like a happy homecoming!

Lorrie said...

Lots of great things to celebrate here! Wishing you many more bright days.