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Monday, April 10, 2017

Lovely Ideas and Recipes for an Easter Tea

I adore hosting spring teas. I am always on the lookout for new recipes and table decorating ideas.

Lovely Easter decoration:

Today’s post will include a few tried and true recipes as well as a some new ideas that I am eager to try.

60 Creative Ways to Decorate With Easter Eggs  Family Holiday:

Give me all the floral and egg garlands.


Strawberry Tea Sandwiches look so yummy and are easy to prepare.

Strawberry Tea Sandwiches

I love a good lemon tart and these are so pretty!

A bite sized dessert pretty enough for any special occasion. From Easter to Mother’s Day, birthdays to bridal showers, sure to impress.

For warmer days doesn’t this Iced Raspberry Mint Tea look delicious?

Iced raspberry mint green tea is a simple and fruit-flavored iced green tea recipe with the perfect hint of mint. Easy and health-conscious!

Pretty sugar cubes are easy to make.

Sugar cubes for tea party tutorial:

If you need an easy party favor place a few tea packets in a pretty organza pouch and top it with a gold spoon.

12 Assorted Tea Bag (Teaspoon) and Gold Rose Demi Spoon Favors in Embroidered Ivory Favor Bags - Bridal Favors - Roses And Teacups

Other possible party favors include table décor that doubles as a take home gift.

Easter Flower Table Arrangements 20

I’m currently having a love affair with lavender.

Easter Flower Table Arrangements 6

A sweet bonnet is always welcome at a tea party. You can make these fascinators ahead of time or perhaps let your guests craft their own.

They work for both little and big girls.

You could also suggest pastel hued attire for lovely instagram shots.

All Ready for Easter.............:

For even more pizazz have your sweet springtime creatures wear pearls or rhinestones.

Easter Flower Table Arrangements 31

Perhaps your book club members would enjoy a lovely spring tea.

Easter Flower Table Arrangements 13

Here are a few of my favorite tried and true recipes.

A perfect starter that speaks spring.

I adore English Pea Soup with crème fraiche. Ina Garten’s recipe is a favorite but if you are short on time find a decent canned soup. Everything can taste better when served in a wee cup.

Springtime Tea 019-001

The second course features bite sized portions of delicious fare.

Various breads are elevated when cut out with cookie cutters. In the back row white bread is layered with basil leaves, slices of grape tomato and mozzarella then drizzled with olive oil and given a touch of freshly ground sea salt and pepper. Delicious chicken salad with grapes is spooned atop multi grain bread. Toasted French bread features a layer of ham, brie and apple slices. In the front row salmon croquettes from the grocer (in the freezer section) are topped with remoulade sauce (you can also purchase premade sauce). Phyllo cups (also found in the freezer section) are filled with sautéed spinach with toasted pine nuts.

Springtime Tea 026

Don’t forget the deviled eggs!

Image result for deviled eggs

A lovely third course starts with a bowl of berries.

Artfully arrange blackberries, blueberry and raspberries and top with a cut strawberry or two.

Springtime Tea 028

Serve the berries with scones and lemon curd as well as dishes of jam and real whipped cream.

Springtime Tea 033

The last course satisfies the chocolate loving sweet tooth.

Chocolate mousse is piped into shot glasses and sprinkled with candied ginger. (If you need a pre made mix, this one is not to bad.) The mousse was served alongside white chocolate dipped strawberries and mini banana tarts from the bakery.

Earl Grey tea was served for the savory courses and rose tea was poured for the sweet courses.

Springtime Tea 030

What special treats will you be serving?



Manu said...

OMG I love all these yummy things.
Thanks for sharing

Rita C. said...

Your tried and true foods look and sound delish! And I have made those little lemon cups shaped like flowers - so good! I served them on a platter filled with dried split peas so they looked like fresh-picked flowers. :)
Here's wishing you an Easter filled with sunny delight, Laura.

Linda said...

Lovely ideas, Laura. I'm not sure what I'm doing yet and it's not that big of a day at our house anymore, since my Mom has no idea what's going on and it will just be a lunch for my parents and us. Probably just making a traditional Easter meal without a whole lot of fuss.

Louise said...


GSGreatEscaper said...

A tried and true tea sandwich here is cream cheese mixed with very well drained crushed pineapple and a little confectioners sugar, little triangles with the crust cut off! And for an Easter tea, how can one go wrong with ham biscuits!

Michele said...


Where did you find those gorgeous pics? The first one is stunning - would love the link.

Have a blessed week.

Hugs. ♥

Daniela said...

Dearest Laura,
I heartily thank you for sharing such lovely inspirations, your post is truly outstanding !!!

Hope your week is off to a good start,
I'm sending blessings on your coming days
with much love


Eilis said...

Oh, this does make me want to host a tea. Those strawberry sandwiches are so tempting! Thanks for sharing all this inspiring eye candy.

Jeanie said...

We just decided to schedule our usual spring make-and-take-tea for autumn -- scheduling partly and to try new project ideas. But now I'm wondering if we made the right choice! I love those strawberry tea sandwiches!