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Monday, March 27, 2017

Favorite Easter Ideas 2017

It’s hard to believe that Easter is just three weeks away.

A few years ago my kids told me to “Stop it with the Easter baskets and hunts Mom.” Sniff, boo hoo.

I am a firm believer that Easter baskets can be for everyone. I wouldn’t say “No” if one of these gems showed up at my front door.

I might just need to plant some wheat grass.

Create a Natural Easter Basket #shopterrain:

A vintage book and watering can? Yes please!

Easter centerpiece, watering can centerpiece, vintage easter lamb:

I also would truly love a drawer full of moss.


Also, give me all the pink tulips and cast iron bunnies for my front porch!

Decorate your outdoor space with beautiful spring flowers:

However this carrot door décor is also darling. You can read the “How To” HERE.

spring carrot door hanger, doors

Since I no longer have a need for the sackfulls of plastic eggs in my attic I am thinking about transforming them into a garland.

Decorate a staircase, mantel or table with an Easter egg garland. How-To:

all the German Town's decorate their fountain with these garlands and eggs. It is so beautiful. I love it!:

Easter Egg Table Garland        Create this pretty blue-and-green Easter egg garland by stringing together about three dozen dyed blown-out eggs. To blow out an egg, use a pushpin to put a hole in each end. Gently push a wooden skewer through one end to enlarge the hole and break the yolk. Blow into the smaller hole to push out all the yolk and white. Use a bead-making needle threaded with a narrow ribbon to connect the eggs to display on your dining table for Easter.:

This book page bunny created by Anne With An E is simple and sweet.

spring book page art, crafts, easter decorations, repurposing upcycling, seasonal holiday decor, wall decor

I think I might use this lovely cross printable.

The Old Rugged Cross vintage hymn Easter sign Digital download printable primitive home decor by ElainesCrafts on Etsy:

Of course no one does Easter cloche décor like Debra from Common Ground.

common ground : Dining Room Buffet and a new Tablerunner:

Does anyone else get inspiration from catalogs they receive in the mail? I always find something to adore by Williams Sonoma.

I must have blue on the brain because I love this table setting too.

How to Create Free Wall Art and Home Decor with Picmonkey | - A simple tutorial for how to create free wall art and home decor with Picmonkey quickly and easily from your own printer, plus a full printable library of ideas.

I might do something similar to what Home Is Where The Boat Is did with her tiered tray.



But this crafty gem is oh so cute as well.

Oh, what fun we have each week viewing the recipes, crafts, and great ideas that you share with us during our Super Saturday link party!  Each link represents someone’s hard work and talent, and we feel so privileged to see the party grow each week.  Thank you for sharing your time and talents with us! …:

Another lovely centerpiece idea is this empty Easter tomb.


For Easter eggs make mine decoupage!

decoupage floral easter eggs

Or all lavender.

lilac easter eggs

Did you know that boiled red cabbage can make these eggs?

DIY Dyed Robin Eggs | HonestlyYUM

This clever egg offering made me smile.

If I were going to travel for Easter and needed to bring an appetizer this would be it.

Looking for a fun and easy way to jazz up the same old relish tray for Easter? Well, here is a fun idea to transform those veggies into a work of art.  Take those delicious and colorful veggies, get rid of the tray, and add a basket.  Easy and beautiful! Whether you serve it on …:

This image has successfully combined so many of the things I adore.

Spring garden table setting:

I hope you have been inspired to create for this very important date!


What are your favorite Easter ideas?



Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh my word, these are all amazing.

Jeanie said...

I am SO hooked on Easter decorating! These are all so pretty and fun, but then so is this season when the world starts coming to life again after the long winter! Thanks for the great ideas. (I have some of those plastic eggs too that I've been getting ready to foof up for whatever! The garland is a great idea!)

Vel Criste said...

I want those baskets!

Daniela said...

Dearest Laura,
I'm so very grateful to you, you've shared the most wonderful Easter decorations I've ever seen, they're all such beautiful, inspiring suggestions as heart-warming as Spring, thank you, loveble friend !

Wishing you the best of weeks
with sincere thankfulness


Auntie Em said...

Its so much fun to decorate for Easter after the grey-ness of March weather. So many pretty baskets and fun trims on your post. I use to find a waterproof tin or container and line it with plastic so I could fill it with potting soil. I didn't worry too much about drainage since it wasn't too deep and it was only a temporary display. On the top I sprinkled oat seeds (not oatmeal! lol) since they come up very fast and have a nice green colour. Grass seeds should work just as well though. Once they started coming up I added a little white wooden fence and some plastic eggs and ornaments. Nothing the dampness could damage. Everyone enjoyed watching for the oats to grow and see the decorations to be added. And it was always a treat for where we live to see the grass growing, since our yard is still covered with quite a bit of snow.
Thanks for sharing your spring inspiration. Time for me to get my stuff out and ready for the bunny! :)

Lorrie said...

Thank you Laura, for collecting these wonderful images. I will be doing a little Easter decorating and have some great ideas in mind from these here.

Marilyn said...

Love these ideas! They've inspired me to get going on creating some Easter décor.

On another note, aren't the bluebonnets spectacular this year? Absolutely gorgeous!

Marilyn (in Dallas)

Sarah said...

Beautiful ideas, Laura! Each one!
Does one get too old for an Easter basket? I think not! For years when I first married, I made a basket for my husband. He didn't find it all that touching, so I guess I just stopped making up one for him. Then a few years ago, the most wonderful Easter basket filled with wonderful little gifts arrived by post to my front door. It was from a a sweet friend who lives out of state. I was so touched! She confided in me that she loved to make up Easter baskets. The following year, I decided I should make an Easter basket for her. She again sent me one that year and now the two of us have an ongoing tradition of gifting each other with an Easter basket. It's sorta like Christmas stockings. Why shouldn't an adult have an Easter basket?
I have fun looking for special little gifts to include in the basket. I have this year's all ready to mail.
I think your two children should rethink the Easter basket think. ;-)