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Friday, February 17, 2017

And In The End…

…There will always be a question as to who really rescued whom.


Two weeks ago we shared that our beloved Franzie was ill.

Franzie Baby 019-001

We had a stretch of warm weather that had him rallying a bit and we took advantage of this gift to enjoy all of his favorite things.

Walks.. err… rides around the neighborhood.

Franzie 099



Watching the ducks at the local park.

Town Hall Park 020

Town Hall Park 022

Enjoying his first ice cream cone.

You can view the funny video HERE.


But despite all this I could see the pain increase in his eyes.

Franzie 099

He valiantly still tried to follow my every move. But his legs began to give out more and more.

This past week I carried him everywhere so that he could continue to do what he loved best~ be my faithful companion.

Franz 005

Franzie was never a vocal dog.

He would lift his right front paw when he wanted to be picked up.

This and many more sweet, small signals between us became our own love language.

Franzie 084-001

A few days ago he warmed his old bones in the dappled sun while I planted a few spring flowers.

February Love 020-001

Even with such pockets of happiness my heart knew and began to shatter at the unspoken words I did not want to hear.

Franzie 100-001

My beloved friend lived the truest meaning of unconditional love and loyalty everyday.

Nothing I did for him will ever equal this precious gift that Franz gave to me.

He will be deeply missed.

The very best thing I can do in Franz’s honor is to encourage you to adopt a dog (or other animal) that nobody wants.

The neglected and abused.

The older dogs.

If you’re real special, there are also sickly dogs that need a good foster home.

I promise, PROMISE, PROMISE that they will reward you 1000 times over with their loyalty, kindness, and love.

Franzie 151

Miss you sweet boy,



Mildred said...

Dear Laura, I am so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you and your family. Sending my love.

Daniela said...

My darling Laura,
this story of yours touched me, and moved me to tears, actually I'm crying, I'm feeling too sensitive for everything about our furry babies' unconditional love !
I wonder how deep is the loneliness in your heart, you've lost such a precious piece of your heart, but, pray, try to think about how you made him feel so loved ... may these thoughts be of solace to you, in this dark moment ...

I'm praying for you and yours

XO Dany

Jan Tanis said...

Oh Laura, I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is to lose one so dear to your heart. You have all the memories of Franz and his life with you...and those are all precious...and they will help you through the pain you are going through now. Hugs to all of you!

Botanic Bleu said...

So sorry for your loss. My sister lost three beloved cats during this past year. We understand your grief at losing a beloved pet that is really a member of the family.


Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

I'm so sorry Laura. I know he was your precious furbaby.


Auntie Em said...

I am so sorry your family had to go though such heartache but as you have written, there were so many special moments and memories that you would have missed as well if nor for little Franz. So it's not the loss of your pet, it was the gaining of a special part of your family life that we only get to enjoy for such a short time. {{{hugs}}}

Dianna said...

Laura, I am so sorry for your loss. I know how deeply it hurts to lose a beloved pet. Our Border collie was not a rescue dog, but we loved her and enjoyed the 15 years we were blessed to have her with us. You are in my prayers as you go about your days with that bit of emptiness that comes with missing your faithful companion.

The Boston Lady said...

What a beautiful post honoring the memory of Franz. There is now an empty place in your family that I hope will be filled with happy memories. He obviously saved you, I say. Ann

Stacey said...

Laura, I'm so sorry. You gave little Franz a wonderful home for all this time and what a blessing this time has been for both of you. I know it hurts because we've been there.

Shelter dogs and rescue dogs are the best!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh Laura, I know how much you loved Franz, such a special companion. My thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless.

Linda said...

My heart breaks for you, Laura. I'm so very, very sorry to read this news about your beloved Franz. Our Winston Cat was like this - our loyal friend (even though he was a "cat"), always by our side and when he died several years back now, it took me forever to get over his loss. We did go right out and adopt 2 adult cats and they are with us still and though I love them just as much, they will never be Winston. Winston is buried between the apple trees in our backyard with a memorial marker there in his honor. Some furry family members touch our hearts forever.

Blessings to you today and always with much love and admiration.

Jeanie said...

Sending so much love to you, Laura, to help heal your broken heart. Your Franz was my Gypsy. Yes, indeed -- who saved whom? How I've loved seeing these stories and adventures in the last days, knowing so deeply how you feel, how every moment of joy had a hint of a sadness cloud behind it. I do believe we will see them again some way, some how. Until then, wrap yourself in love and memories and know that in letting him go, you gave him a great gift of freedom from pain. Biggest hugs.

Sarah said...

A very sweet tribute to Franz, Laura. We open our hearts to these little loves, and as you say, the love comes back unconditionally far more than we could ever imagine. We adopted Sadie almost five years ago. She is our constant companion and the joy of our life.
Take care and know that you are in my thoughts during this sad time.

Joan Defino said...

Laura, I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved puppy. You gave him a wonderful life and I hope you will find comfort in the mutual love you shared. Joan-My Cookie Clinic

bobbie said...

Laura ~ I am so VERY sorry for your loss. May the wonderful memories you have of Franz sustain you through this time of deep grief.
Hugs ~

Barbara Borowy said...

My heart breaks for you.

Norma Vaughn said...

God bless Franz! We spoil our dogs just like you spoiled Franz....I think the real words are LOVED THEM TO THE MOON AND BACK. Norma

Donna said...

Oh, Laura, I am so sorry for your loss. Even you know in your heart that your special friend is no longer suffering, we are never ready to give them up. Franz was very special and he had a loving home with you. Thank you for sharing Franz's story with us. xoxo

Ginene Nagel said...

Thank you, dear Laura, for all the love you gave Fritz. You made the world a better place and so did Fritz. My heart is heavy, really, because I know your's is, too. They don't live long enough.
I've said the same thing you did many times, the gift always turns out to be ours when we bring an unloved animal home.

Ginene Nagel said...

...and if I hadn't been choked up I might have caught my mis-spelled word.

Mrs. Kelley Dibble said...

Oh, my friend,

Prayers for your family's loss of a one-of-a-kind special gift. He was such a precious boy.

Love and *hugs*

JoAnn said...

I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved Franz. Your tribute to him was so beautiful. It is so hard to lose the fur babies we love so much.
I am hugging my Giorgio extra hard today!


GSGreatEscaper said...

And in the end,
the love you take,
is equal to the love
you make.

Kathleen Jerry said...

So sorry to hear of your loss . What a special bond.Those final photos especially the ice cream cone video touched my heart.

Maria Elena said...

I am so sorry, Laura. I can only imagine what you guys are going through. Our little dog is getting very old and requires help all the time now. She has been with us for 14 years, since the day we rescued her off the side of the freeway on a very stormy night. She was only about two weeks old. The days she leaves us is going to be very hard for our family. Take car, Maria

Debra Oliver said...

bless your precious heart, Laura. I know how you feel. thankyou for taking the time to share your last days with your little sweetie guy. you've shown us that even through those horrible hard days we can still love and inspire. xoxo

Rita C. said...

Oh Laura, I'm so sad and sorry. 💔

Gigi's Blog said...

Oh, I am so sorry!! ((big hugs)) That is such a sweet story to tell of your beloved friend, but such a bittersweet ending ... it is amazing how special they become in our hearts and lives, never to be forgotten. I hope your heartache is slowly replaced with precious memories of your beloved companion.

Vicki said...

So sad about the loss of Franz. I remember when he came to live with you. Thanks for sharing him with us.

Eilis said...

So sorry, Laura. Franz was very lucky that you found each other.

Mary Sorensen said...

I'm SO VERY SORRY, Laura. Having done this three times (only with cats) I know the heartache. You were so loving in giving little Franz a great home - he was adorable. I know you'll miss him but I hope you have peace as well.
Mary S.

Janet W. said...

Laura, I'm so sorry for your loss.:( It hurt us so deeply to say goodbye to our Missy.♥ I pray God comforts you all.


RIP Franz.

craftyles said...

SO sorry, Laura. Franzie was so lucky to have you as his mom. You are so right about dogs giving back so much. I couldn't live without my little Bowie. He was a lucky little guy and so sweet. Take care and try to think about those wonderful memories with Franzie.

Katie Mansfield said...

What a sweet tribute to your sweet pup. I am so very sorry. Our furry friends are such a sweet blessing. Sending you a hug.

Stacey said...

Just thinking about you Laura....

Christine said...

........Tears and Hugs......

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

I am so very sorry for the loss of your beautiful and faithful pup. These little ones touch us in ways that I think we did not even know was possible. You did the kindest thing in the world for your love, to let him go.

I had to let me Munchen a red dachshund go in August 2015 and I still think of her everyday. I have two black and tans now and they are so sweet and keep me busy.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your little Franze.

Curtains in My Tree said...

OK I have had my hard cry for the day. I know what you and Franz went through together.
My little pug was a rescue dog and when her days with me was ending we both knew it and she stayed right with me. very sad indeed

when i fully retire I will adopt another dog or two

Peace be with you

Nancy said...

Laura I am so so sorry for your loss. Franz was one lucky dog! Thank you for sharing your journey together with us. I hold you close in thought and prayer. My deepest sympathy to you.

Decor To Adore said...

Thank you sweet Nancy for your kind comment. Your words were such a comfort to our family. I hope you read this to know how much it helped. You are listed as a "no reply" blogger and no email was attached. Be blessed!