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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A Sweet Country Giveaway For Your Little House

This giveaway is now closed.

The random number generator has selected Michele of The Nest at Finch Rest.

For the past few days the Decor To Adore blog has been celebrating the 150th birthday of Laura Ingalls Wilder.


Laura at age 84 at the library in Mansfield, Missouri, in 1951.


A “Country Party” has been hosted…

Country Party 011-001

… As well as a “Town Party”.

LIW Town Party 006-001

As promised, every party needs presents and this is a Laura themed giveaway for any and all D├ęcor To Adore readers and “Little House” fans.

Little House Giveaway 020

The giveaway includes a sweet teacup and Wedgwood tea. Although Laura continued to live very simply, even after she found financial success with the “Little House” books, she did collect several patterns of dishware and china. This cup features lovely prairie wildflowers.

Laura handwrote all of the “Little House” manuscripts on yellow legal pads. I’ve included a mini notebook with a pretty gold pen for you to jot down your creative thoughts.

Little House Giveaway 025

Also included are two decorative throw pillow coverings made from “Little House on the Prairie” fabrics.

(Feather inserts shown for decorative purposes only.)

Little House Giveaway 004

In keeping with the idea of Laura preferring simplicity you can enter this giveaway by simply just leaving a comment. The winner will be selected by Random Number Generator next Wednesday, February 15th.

What is your favorite “Little House” book?


Please enjoy all of the other posts in the “Little House” series.

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Gingerbread Log Cabin 040-001

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Gingerbread Log Cabin 107

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Little House Red Mittens 057

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Little House on the Prairie Christmas 013

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Becoming Laura Ingalls Wilder 246

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Andover pillowcases 083-003

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Make sure I have a way to contact you if you are the winner, such as an email address.


GSGreatEscaper said...

The Long Winter is my favorite Little House Book. It epitomizes Laura's artistry - history wrapped in a suspenseful YA novel.

gadawn57 said...

I think my favorite is On The Banks of Plum Creek, the meeting of Nellie and the trials of the grasshoppers. But really, I enjoyed them all! Thank you for the chance to win your great give-away!

Jeanie said...

Did you make those pillow covers? Laura, they're wonderful! Little House in the Big Woods will always hold a special place for me because it was the first but I loved it after she met Nellie in Plum Creek -- that added such a lot of snap to things!

Linda said...

I'm still partial to Little House in the Big Woods as that's the first book I read in 3rd grade and it still holds a special place in my heart.

What a sweet, thoughtful giveaway! ♥ The pattern on the cup and dish look like the poppies that I grow in my garden.

Kind regards,

Maria Elena said...

What an amazing giveaway, Laura! My favorite has always been Little House on the Prairie. My daughter also loves all her books since she was a little girl and she still owns and treasures the whole collection. Thank you so much for a chance to win this beautiful giveaway.

Bonnie said...

I loved all of her books. I would say her first book, Little House in the Big Woods.
I would like to read all of them again now after your series. I am buying the first one for my grandchildren soon.

Fran Caswell said...

What a beautiful giveaway. Little House on the Prairie is my favorite. Thank you for the chance to win.

Diane Lord said...

I love all of the books but like so many others, the first is probably my favorite. Its been so long since I read them. I finally have a granddaughter so now I will get to read them with her in a few years!

Mary Clewley said...

Christmas in the Big Woods. This is so interesting. Melissa Gilbert, the gal who played Laura in the tv series, purchased a home in my hometown in Michigan. She is a regular at local restaurants, etc. She wrote a book of recipes from her Little House days. This was one of my favorite book series and tv shows as a girl.makes me want to read them again.♡

Nicole in MD said...

I love The Long Winter, history and adventure! I am so thankful that the internet gives us a chance to celebrate together!

Linda said...

My husband was a second grade school teacher for 25 years and he dearly loves Laura Ingalla Wilder. He visited her every home on summer vacations and used the Little House books in his classroom as unit studies. I was inspired by her books when I was a child and to this day, we continue to read and re read them, both to ourselves and to our grandchildren who know all about Laura, Mary, Baby Carrie and Ma and Pa even Jack......and they always say 'their brindle bull dog!'

Daniela said...

That's such a stunning giveaway, I'd love to participate, my cherished Laura !
Amongst the books she wrote, I do prefer 'The LITTLE HOUSE in the BIG WOODS', without any doubt !

Thanking you so so much for your generosity, I'm wishing you a joyful remainder of your week

Xx Dany

Kathleen Klump said...

I have to confess, I have never read any of the Little House series. But I have enjoyed your posts about Laura Ingalls Wilder so much, I plan to read the series!

Henson Clan of the North said...

My favorite was On the Banks of Plum Creek. I loved the chapter where Laura got her fur cape from the Christmas Tree.

Curtains in My Tree said...

What a wonderful give a way, I can honestly say I have never read any of her books, however my youngest daughter has read every one and told me about every one of her books, She loves Laura Ingall Wilder and has been to Mansfield 3 times in last few years. She even entered the Mrs Laura contest and won in Mansfield, she was in the newspaper down there the same year as festival.
Her 2 little boys won some contest also at same event.
My daughter has also had her boys watch every episode of Little House on The Prairie and they can tell me about a lot of them. She ordered a complete set of the series

laura D said...

My name also being Laura. ..have loved all the books...

deborah said...

I really like Farmer Boy and The Little House in the Big Woods.

That teacup is beautiful!

msdjflora at Gmail dot com

Kristen Kolp said...

The Long Winter is my favorite. I just love you Laura. I'm so thankful for your precious heart.

KBrewer said...

Oh gosh, as far as my favorite book, I cannot choose just one. It's a tie between Little House In The Big Woods and The Long Winter. But I adore each and every one.

Norma Vaughn said...

Dear Laura...there isn't anything I don't like about Laura Ingall! You have given her, over time, the highest compliment just by educating all of us Laura lovers about her life...would love to win that teacup. but, if I don't, THANK YOU for your posts. Never miss one. Peace and love! Norma

Rita C. said...

Laura, what a fantastically generous giveaway assortment! My eyes were immediately drawn to that teacup's pattern with the hummingbird and predominant poppies! Gosh, that's so pretty. And those pillow coverings are so sweet. You did such a wonderful job sharing your knowledge and love for the Little House series' celebration and for the woman behind them. It must be hard to stay humble, given the family lineage you are born into. What a woman Laura Ingalls Wilder was! Thank you for the opportunity to share in your party.

K&B by the Sea said...

It's been a while since I read the Little House books, but Little House in the Big Woods is probably my favourite, seeing as it was the beginning of Laura's story :-) I've been to Almanzo's home in Malone, NY - it feels like such a magical place, and it gave me goosebumps knowing that I was standing where Almanzo had lived so many years ago :-)

The Victorian Girl said...

I love them ALL, but my favorite would have to be Little House in the Big Woods as that is where I was first introduced to Laura and her family. My sister and I visited Rocky Ridge in Mansfield a while back and we enjoyed it soooo much. Some day hope to visit the other sites. Thanks for having the giveaway!

Christine said...

Who ever is the blessed and fortunate reader,to be picked, I hope not to be too jealous.
And if it's me, well.......... I would be grateful.
Favorite book (s), Little House on the Prairie and Little House in the Big Woods.
Which one is yours??

Julie Reinwald said...

This has been so much fun, Laura :) That teacup and saucer are so sweet. Thanks for sharing all of the wonderful information about Laura Ingalls Wilder and for taking us all on a nostalgic journey. I'm so glad I got to join in the fun!

Dianna said...

Hello Laura,

A mutual friend of ours (Mildred) told me about your lovely blog. I was excited to come for a visit because I am actually involved in a Laura Ingalls Wilder reading challenge this month in honor of Laura's birthday being in February (yesterday as a matter of fact). I am reading Saving Graces by Laura and enjoying it immensely. I shared a bit about her cleaning routine and the wisdom that she shared concerning it in my blog post of yesterday. She was such a wise woman and I love the simplicity of life she chose to live...even after the success of her books.

I am looking forward to going back and reading some more here on your blog. I plan to be a regular visitor.

Mildred said...

Hi Laura, Oh what a charming giveaway. I loved The Long Winter. Sending my love and prayers to you. xoxo said...

A very generous giveaway dear Laura! I can remember loving On the Banks of Plum Creek. If I can bring that title up in this olden brain I must have really enjoyed it! :)

OurTreasuredHome Rhonda said...

I loved all her books growing up but, Little House on the Prairie was my favorite. I have read them to my children and have reread them as an adult. I don't live very far from where she lived in Kansas, such a great place to visit. Thank you for the Giveaway!

Karenann Sharrott said...

Thank you for such a lovely giveaway opportunity! I love the Little House series, it is such a wonderful series!

Mary Steinbrink said...

What a fun giveaway! I would have to say the first is my favorite, but as I re-read them with my daughter I'll see if I change my mind. I certainly do like them all!

Janet W. said...

My favorite is On The Banks of Plum Creek, but I LOVE all Laura's books! I have read them all many times and will continue as long as I live.:)

Kate D said...

I would love to see Laura's story in person in Mansfield. Your blog is delightful. So glad I discovered it. Little House in the Big Woods is my favorite.

perfectly printed said...

I can't say which is my favorite! My fondest memory is waiting for the bookmobile to arrive on Saturday afternoon......The Little House series was located on the bottom shelf in the back corner. Checking out a new book to read, was the highlight of my week!! Laura, as always wonderful giveaway!

Manda said...

Happy Birthday to my childhood hero.

mandaoverturf at

My heart is here said...

Such a lovely giveaway <3 My favorite is On The Banks of Plum Creek!

Marilyn said...

I have really enjoyed hearing the background / history of Laura Ingalls. You have really brought her to life for me, and I'm sure your other blog readers.

Your give away is the cherry on top!

Marilyn (in Dallas)

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

What a lovely giveaway, Laura. I'm partial to Little House in the Big Woods, and even bought that for one of my granddaughter's as a gift.

Mrs. Sarah Coller said...

Wow! What a beautiful giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity to win! My favorite Little House book is a cookbook my mom bought me when she and I visited Laura's home in Mansfield, MO a couple years ago. It's a compilation of many of Laura's favorite simple family recipes. I love it because it's great for a big family frugal cook like me!

Hope you have a beautiful weekend!
Mrs. Sarah Coller

leslie said...

My love of reading came from The Little House series. My grandmother took me to visit Mansfield when I was 12 and bought me the series with the yellow cover. I have read the books to my 3 daughters and look forward to sharing Laura with my granddaughter. We visited the new museum and her homes in Mansfield just this last summer as a reward for my youngest daughter reading the books. Our favorites are These Happy Golden Years and Farmer Boy.

Laura S said...

I always greatly enjoyed reading The Little House On the Prairie growing up and I look forward to getting to read her books to my daughter too!

Gigi's Blog said...

I dearly love all the Little House books and my favorite thing is reading them to my seven children. :) I think, though, so far, I have loved the Long Winter and Farmer Boy the best. I love how they show such hard work ethics, how to store food properly, how to enjoy hard work and labour as a family and still have fun. They are lovely books indeed. A true part of our family's life! Thank you for this giveaway. (Email:

Mary 120 Spring Street said...

Happy 150th Birthday to Laura, who brought so many of us much joy in her delightful books.

Rick said...

We love all things Laura at our house. What a beautiful giveaway.

licha20 said...

I grew up watching the series. I would be mesmerized by it all! The log cabin the Ingall's lived in. *sigh*

Nancy said...

Laura thank you for this wonderful giveaway. I adore your blog! Thank you for all you share regarding Laura. I treasure all of Laura's book and really have no absolute favorite.

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Haha, yes, I guess you DO like teacups. I asked that in your latest post comment I made - lol - silly me.

This is a lovely giveaway- golly molly it is generous, Laura!

I have been thinking of you ever since I found out it was her birthday - my my, how delightful!

I'm embarassed to say that I have only watched Little House and have never read I need to put that on a list and do it soon. So I can "get with the program!" I am a reader, and LHotP was my mom's favorite show EVER.....and she was a great reader....trying to figure our how those wonderful precious books fell through the cracks in our home? We even had a library! lol. No excuse whatsoever!

Anyway, thank you. I'd be thrilled to win this giveaway.

Have a wonderful week and happy St. Valentine's Day! ♥

TheSingingBird said...

Little House in the Big Woods is my favorite because it is when I first fell in love with your family. Thank you for everything you share here Laura.