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Monday, January 9, 2017

Great Storage Solutions For An Under The Stairs Closet

You know that feeling when you realize you have been living with chaos for far too long and are SO relieved when a solution is found?

Meet my new and improved, under the stairs, coat closet.

Decor To Adore 2017 056-001

I gave you a wee glimpse of the “BEFORE” last week.


The wasted space behind the front coat area had just become a dumping ground for blankets and throw pillows.

Decor To Adore New Year 041-001

But the biggest source of frustration was my failed attempt at organizing our hats, gloves, scarves and assorted dog paraphernalia in a measly plastic tub on the ground. On more than one occasion I had given up when attempting to find something.

Decor To Adore New Year 037

Then two weeks ago my good friend Marty from A Stroll Thru Life shared her simple solution to creating a fabulous dish room in her under the stairs coat closet.

It was a lightbulb moment for me.

I quickly went out to the garage and rummaged around looking for some shelves. Mr. Decor had made a set of three shelves for our daughters bedroom way back in 2009.

We also used the shelves in our guest bedroom when we moved to our second Arizona home. But they had never found a place here at Storybook Cottage.

I quickly emptied out the closet. Mr. Decor hung the brackets and installed the three shelves. Although a fourth shelf could have been hung we opted to put longer coats on the side with just one shelf.

Decor To Adore New Year 116-001

During my shelving search I had also found some metal hooks we had used in our previous homes but never found a place for here. The blank wall in between the door and the rod was perfect. We hung a pair of two on either side of the closet.

Decor To Adore New Year 110

One pair of hooks holds umbrellas and tote bags, while the other set is used for dog coats and a small Amish basket containing leashes and waste bags.  #superpooperscooper

Decor To Adore 2017 058

I donated a few coats that no longer fit, got rid of three or four gloves that were missing a mate, as well as a few  other items that were no longer needed or wanted. I then set out to organizing the remaining things.

Decor To Adore New Year 114

Blankets were folded and put away in covered baskets as were extra pillow covers.

Decor To Adore 2017 061

To avoid everything becoming a jumble once again each basket received a mini chalkboard clip which describes the baskets contents.

Decor To Adore 2017 065

All the baskets and chalkboards were found at Michaels during their 50% off storage sale. Since I used a Christmas gift card for these items, and we already had the hooks and shelves, the entire cost of this makeover was $0.00, zero, nada, zip.



But my happiness at getting organized is truly priceless!


Decor To Adore 2017 066

Do you have any organizing tips to share?



Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh I love it. That is such a great space and to use for all kinds of things. The shelves and baskets are perfect.

Linda said...

That looks sooo nice, Laura!
I have to find some sort of a solution for our entrance/coat closet (the ONLY closet we have for coats in our entire little house). It is not a walk in closet - but a very tiny little coat closet that is shoved full with all of daughter's many (MANY) coats. There are at least 50 coats in there and I'm not kidding. I have no real solution. I could recommend she part with some but she won't, so for now, everything is just shoved in there with the door slammed. There is never anyplace for guests to hang up their coats. It is what it is - the woes of living in less than 1200 square feet of space. I do aim though to part with some items - have been telling Jim that this is the year we have a huge garage sale and get rid of a ton of stuff from our shed and garage and then that will free up extra space.


Hena Tayeb said...

a job well done..

Mildred said...

You did a great job at a great price! (nada) lol
For the first time in my life I have a pantry in this house. I have enjoyed finding ways to organize without spending a lot of money. I often find pretty dishes, a Polish utensil holder for $3 (normally $60) that I used to store things in. Fun to be creative!

Sarah said...

Happy to see your solution. I'm working or new shelving for a small coat closet. ;-)

Jeanie said...

Totally fabulous, Laura! It looks clean and easy to manage and maneuver in. You are a motivator indeed!

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Well done, Laura. I saw Marty's post too - what a blessing those understair are! I need to open mine up and make it hidden storage for crystal or teacups. I'd love to do that. Wonder if I can?

Keep up the good work - these are the best changes for sure!

Hope your new year is wonderful. Hugs.

Cecilia Bramhall said...

It looks great, Laura. I need to do my entry's a lot smaller though so I'm going to have to ponder it a bit.

Katie Mansfield said...

Getting back into the groove at work was a little more time consuming than I thought. I finally had a minute to catch up on all your posts for the last couple of weeks. I'm so sorry about your cousin and family. Your organization skills are amazing. I love the closet. Marty inspired me as well.

Organized and Simplified said...

You did sooo well! I love it!

Christine said...

Can you come to my house? I sure could use your "touch"!

Jeanie said...

Those shelves look terrific there. I love using baskets and I really should use some in my hall closet! The chalkboard signs are a four-star idea! Nice work, Laura!