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Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Summer Legacy

Tomorrow I will begin the very last summer semester of my college career. It is always a bit of an extra challenge to take on two classes while having children at home on summer vacation.

The planning of the summer schedule has begun to rival a covert military operation.

Sweet Guy will be out of school in just two short weeks. We have already begun the decent into blurry end of school year activities.  There is of course the round of tests we prep for (flashcards, early bedtimes and big breakfasts) and he is currently participating, once more, in the district art fair.

In just two weeks he will end his elementary school career.

Strangely, there is no 8th grade graduation, promotion banquet, nada, nothing… to be held at his school.

I feel a bit cheated as a mom.

He could care less.  

So I took lots of photos when he attended his first school dance this past Friday.

It was quite evident that he has inherited his mom’s wacky sense of humor.

The Zoolander, “Blue Steel” pose.

“His future’s so bright he’s gotta wear shades” pose.

Upon picking him up from the dance I inquired how it went. His words, “They played NONE of the good oldies and honestly I had more fun with you prior to the dance.”

If you missed his pre dance prep “Risky Business” inspired video you can view it HERE.

It is hilarious!

So what are our summer plans?

There is the usual weeklong Boy Scout camp and he and the Mr. will spend a week at an aviation show in Wisconsin.

But that still leaves a whole lotta time to fill.

I have begun to think in terms of “How many summers are left?”

What is the legacy I am leaving with my son?

At worst there are just 5 summers left before Sweet Guy heads off to college…and the rest of his life.

(At best he may return home each summer after.)

So how do I want to spend this remaining time with my son?

On Mondays he will take over the laundry duties. I know it sounds simple, but I know of far too many kids that head off to college that wind up having pink laundry. He also will receive instructions on ironing and how to sew on a button.

Wednesdays will still continue on as “Scouting Wednesdays”.

In past summers we spent Wednesdays working on merit badges. He already has all of his required badges and then some. This summer will be our last scouting summer. We will bitter sweetly be preparing for his Eagle Scout project. On average it takes a year to complete an Eagle project. The Scout has to come up with the project itself, receive board of approval on the proposed project, raise the funds, execute the project and then complete the board of review to be approved for promotion to Eagle Scout. A huge binder needs to be created to contain the long paper trail of documentation. Don’t worry, I know many devoted DTA readers have followed Sweet Guy’s Scouting journey since he was a cub and I will keep you posted.

We also have “Foodie Fridays” planned. Sweet Guy will be responsible for planning, shopping for and preparing the family’s Friday evening meal. He has plans to work his way through the Jamie Oliver cookbooks available at our local library.

Mr. Decor also has the making of memories planned. The local Naval Air Station has an outdoor recreation center where you can rent boats to take out on the lake. Both the Mr. and Sweet Guy have already taken, and passed, their required boater safety courses.

We’ll be doing some “accidental waterskiing”.

(Warning: two bits of “go faster” language.)

As for my own personal summer goals I will be traveling to California for one week to spend time with these girls and attend my high school class reunion. We currently have a private Facebook page where tentative plans of potential fun and big trouble are in the works.

I also spent two days with my cousin L. last week pinning an almost 100 year old quilt top my great grandmother made, but never finished, in preparation to begin the quilting by hand process.

misc 001

I have never quilted before and I am thankful for the mentoring by my cousin who is a master quilter.

This project will create a lasting legacy in every sense of the word.

misc 006

Of course an abundance of time has gone unplanned.

There are, no doubt, summer books that will be read and blockbuster films to be viewed.

The new Jane Austen film, Love and Friendship, has my name written all over it (smile).

Who wants to go with me?

I’m gonna be honest that there will probably be too much X Box played at Storybook Cottage. But the lazy days of summer are important too.

Of course there is the most important legacy of all to be shared.  

What are your plans for the summer?



Jane said...

I remember so well the Scouting days with my two daughters and one son. The Trail to Eagle was long but well worth the trip! Oh, those memories are pure gold!
Have a lovely summer!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh wow, this sounds like a super busy summer. No plans here, just the usual and maybe a weekend trip or two. I absolutely love Ian's video. He is such a sweet character.

Jeanie said...

There is so much to love in this post I can't begin to comprehend it all. Rick credits being an Eagle Scout and the whole process as being a very good training ground for all other things in life. So, three cheers!

And that quilt! Oh my! It's simply fabulous -- I can't wait to see the finished piece when all completed.

You speak of those summers going quickly. Oh yes, they do! It seems like yesterday that Greg and Kevin were kids and now they are grown young men (but always the kids!). Our time as adults seems to move so fast, faster now than when we were your age and faster still since we were kids. Savor every single second!

Mountain Mama said...

What a handsome young man!!!! Sounds like you have a great summer planned - boy do I miss the lazy days of summer!

Stacey said...

Laura, you know he looks like a movie star....right? He really has that look. :)

I love that you have things planned for you together that aren't all outside of the home. Teach him those things - you will not regret it. We are so proud that our boys have a variety of skills and aren't afraid to cook, sew, dig or go camping.

Vicki said...

Sounds like you'll have a fun-filled summer. I remember when my oldest graduated 8th grade and I started thinking about what I wanted to share with her in the few years left before she departed for college. The time just flies by! said...

My head is spinning with all your great plans. Our summer plans are up in the air currently.

Pondside said...

My experience with a son is that five years between grade 8 and college will fly by. Our son (and my husband!) went through Scouts right through to Queen's Scout and it has stood our son in good stead. Our daughter went through Girl Guides to the equivalent level and has never regretted it.
Thanks for the link to the new movie trailer - It will definitely be on my list!

Daniela said...

How much I love this post of yours, my darling, I just needed all the love and all the enthusiasm you put in it ... today it was a quite sad day to me and your words and photographs put my spirits higher, thank you, darling and thanks to your boy too :)!

Congratulation on your 'finish line', my lovely, I'm so very glad for you !

Enjoy your new week, sending blessings to you all


Linda said...

Your son looks like a fine young man! So many fun days ahead for you with his high school years around the corner. Actually - those were 4 of my favorite years with Sarah, though I've pretty much said that about EVERY age! :) Now she's 20 (21 this year) and doing her own summer things along with time with us as well. Not every college kid moves away.... she attends a commuter community college and lives at home still and will probably be like that for at least another year or two. We are heading away on another big family vacation next month with all 3 of our grown daughters (still waiting for the future when we no longer have to pay their way - our eldest will be 29 this year), and my sister and her family to South Dakota and Wyoming (where we've been before but it's a first for many in our party).

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

Congratulations to your son.
Our older home has an odd spot too; each fix makes it better so far, but not entirely cured.
I love the linens.
Enjoy your reunion.
I can't wait to get out of this heat, and it's not even June. If everyone stays well, we will be in Europe again for daughter's piano study.

Auntie Em said...

Sounds like a very busy but fun and interesting summer planned at Storybook Cottage.
The kids here will be going until the last full week of June. The days get so hot and stuffy in the classrooms and I feel so bad for the students and teachers alike. They should be done by at least the middle of June, IMO.

Enjoy your summer days. Time goes by too fast to waste it on 'Must Dos' instead of 'Wanna Dos'. :) said...

I want to spend the summer with you - sounds like you have a great summer planned. And, Sweet Guy is lucky to have you train him. He will make a great husband someday because laundry and meal prep is a big deal. My husband is good to help with those things, but for some reason he still can't seem to sew a button on his shirts.

I want to see that movie - this is the first I've heard of it, so thanks for bringing it to my attention.

What a treasure you have in your grandmother's quilt - it is simply stunning and I love the colors she chose. I have several of my grandmothers' quilts - a few that are just the tops that need to be finished.

I wish you summer blessings!