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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Things I Wanted To Buy At Round Top

I wanted to title this post “Beautiful Things I Saw At Round Top That I Wanted To Purchase But Couldn’t Because They Were Too Expensive And I Am Still Tortured That I Had To Leave Them Behind ”.

(But it was a little lengthy. :)


Yes, there are areas in Round Top that you can find some great deals. The deals are generally found in the fields and you usuallly have to dig for what you want.

(Treasure hunt~ fun!)


Then there are the other areas of Round Top where the top of the line dealers gather to offer things you have never seen before and will never be lucky enough to stumble across at any thrift store or estate sale. These things are like the most elusive treasures I have ever coveted and therefore cost a king’s ransom.

So I bring you all the shiny things that I wanted but couldn’t have.


This silver Victorian pepper and salt cellar. Because it looks like a cute wagon.


I wanted this cut velvet Union Jack pillow so bad I could TASTE IT!

Alas you had to buy the chair to get the pillow.

I currently already have one or two antique chairs in my garage/attic because there is no room for them inside Storybook Cottage. So, no pillow. :(


These teeny tiny antique trophies did not have a teeny tiny price.


I just KNOW I could make the most pinable Yankee Doodle Dandy of a display with all this:


I wanted to open a suitcase and dump it all in.


There are things that I am still thinking about. Sniff.


I absolutely adore religious statuary. I wanted this lovely Mary for my rose garden.


Anything with Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc). This beautiful bronze reminded me of a past lovely stroll in Paris.


All of it.

But in particular the aqua Saftee Shaving Cabinet in the lower left.


The only thing better than this beautiful bar cart collection was the chalkware wiener dog that tops it off.


Happy duck quacks over these leather bound books.


Lastly, this sweet seashell sailboat.

(Say that fast five times!) 


If you have any of these items collecting dust in your basement you know who to send them to. :)


12 comments : said...

You picked some good items that you left behind. I think I've seen similar pillows at HomeGoods that didn't cost an arm and a leg. Do you have HomeGoods stores in Texas? I have certain weaknesses like silverware so that tray caught my eye. Have a good week.

Sarah said...

Laura, again I'm smiling because we zeroed in on some of the same pieces. I used to shop the fields, but as you say, it takes a lot of digging and a lot of luck. Years ago one dealer told me she came early, shopped the fields the week before Marburger, then stocked her booth. Not sure that could be totally true, but that's what she told me. Made me think that many of the dealer might do the same. In fact one year I saw three different things I'd touched and considered but left behind in the fields. Yes, there they were in the Marburger tents at tripple the price. Ha, guess that just goes to show I should have bought it when I saw it.
Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. It's like going back to Round Top on this rainy Monday morning. ;-)

Stacey said...

I can see why you are pining over some of those things. The salt and pepper is so unique! I love them. Now as for that Union Jack pillow - you've got amazing skills to make one. :)

Tania @ Run to Radiance said...

Wahhhh I am so sadddd that I didn't get to go to Round Top this year. Great finds!

Hena Tayeb said...

oh my.. what treasures!

Christine said...

You crack me up!

Manu said...

How many interesting items!!!
Have a nice day

Jeanie said...

Oh my! I would have been quite insane! I think every single thing you showed would be fabulous!

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Such lovely treasure. I can see why you would be frustrated leaving behind beautiful things you crave. I believe my Mother had the silver little wagon with the salt and pepper shakers.

Daniela said...

How many goodies in your shots my darling Laura, I'm so amazed, charmed, mesmerized by them all ... actually I think it's a good thing that such a shop is so far from me, ... what a temptation it would be {{smiles}} !

Hope your week is off to a great start I wish you so lovely days to come, filled with love and serenity, my dearest, admired Laura, this post of yours is truly stunning, thank you !



Curtains in My Tree said...

Oh I like all those things also! that bar wear is so pretty together.

I have a chandelier exactly like that hanging over my night stand in my bedroom.

I guess Round Top is on my Bucket list now for sure

Pinky said...

I'll never get to Roundtop so thanks for this virtual visit! I am sorry you had to leave behind the things you loved:( All of the things you showed are so nice. Loved that S and P wagon!!