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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

One Room Challenge–A Bad Gas Station Bathroom

My friends it is once again time for another round of the One Room Challenge hosted by the gracious Linda of Calling It Home.

Love the blue cabinetry

The One Room Challenge is an instense event in which people, who have lost their minds, completely transform an interior design space in just six short weeks. I have participated in this bi yearly event a total of three times prior.

Palm Beach Bathroom

ORC Palm Beach Bathroom 113

The Family Room

One Room Challenge-Decor To Adore 155-001

 The Entry, Living and Dining Room

Decor To Adore ORC Reveal 108-001

This go around I will FINALLY be turning my attention to what I cheekily have referred to as the “bad gas  station bathroom”. If you are new to Decor To Adore here is a quick update: we bought a 32 year old fixer upper that we call Storybook Cottage. I am slowly transforming our home, with the help of Mr. Decor, in between work, attending college and mothering two kids.

The bad gas station bathroom features a yellowed cultured marble sink. The bathroom faucet was spray painted by the previous owners and is peeling off to reveal the old gold toned fixture underneath.


You may also have noticed the multi hued brown sponged wall treatment that brings out the brown in the peel and stick flooring. Which I might add is not really “sticking” anymore.

The black cabinet was once laminate oak that had been painted but is currently heavily chipped revealing the former finish in several areas.

our house 103

The pièce de résistance is the wine rack and glass holder that hangs above the bathroom mirror. (Which I might add has been framed out in a frame two inches to short on one side.)

I am anticipating that the image below will be heavily pinned and DIY’ers everywhere will be adding this feature to their own bathrooms.

Just think, you can store your wine while cleaning the toilet at the same time!


I know most of you will disagree with this controversial decision… but we are taking the wine rack down.

We also will be replacing the flooring and baseboards.

A new countertop will be ordered.

Chrome bathroom fixtures will be installed.

A new toilet is a must.

Both the walls and the vanity will be painted.

The too small mirror frame will be removed and a new one will be made.

Then finally the fun part of selecting accessories will occur. 

Did I mention that all of this will be done in six short weeks?

"Bathroom" by decortoadore on Polyvore featuring interior, interiors, interior design, home, home decor, interior decorating, CIMARRON, Ralph Lauren, Superior and bathroom:

Whew! I think I  can.




Manu said...

Just six weeks??? What a beautiful job!
Happy Wednesday

GSGreatEscaper said...

Laura, I'm sure you will do a wonderful job. i have three bathrooms that need tranformation, so I'll be interested to see your methogs at work.

Auntie Em said...

I am sure you can do all that much and more in six weeks! :)
Nothing makes a house feel fresher and more cared for than redoing the bath room and this one especially since it is the one guest usually head for.
Good luck with your renos! :)

Kiki Nakita said...


We too have a house built in the 1980's, a 33 year-old colonial that had been loved on at one time, but neglected, too.

We took out the vanity's and replaced them with ones from IKEA. We just customized it by changing the handles.

Excited to see how it turns out, lovely I'm sure.

Stacey said...

Oh Laura this is hilarious! A wine rack? Maybe they stored towels in it. I can't wait to see what you do. :)

Sandi said...

I really want to ask the person who did this WHY they put a wine rack there. On second thought, maybe I don't...

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh I am positive you can. Can't wait to see it transformed.

Pat@Life At Lydias House said...

I can't wait to follow along! I'm sure that it will be wonderful when you are finished. I'm planning to participate too with my very "tired" dining room.

Eilis said...

I can tell that it is tearing you apart to make these changes! Looking forward to seeing the transformation.

Karena Albert said...

Laura I always love the ORC's and following along on the updates! This is great because I have a bath that needs help!

The Arts by Karena

Rita C. said...

This is the one I've been waiting for...the capstone project, if you will. :) It'll be fantastic, this I know, because you are in charge.

Lisa said...

Laura if anyone is up for a challenge it's you!

designchic said...

I love your plan and can't wait to follow along! It's going to look wonderful!

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

Well this will be fun to see and I'll just bet that you'll find something else to do with the wine rack down the line :)

Liz@ Infuse With Liz said...

You are so funny.... Love the gas station bathroom referral! I remember your showing that wine rack... I don't know but I think the room will really lose something when you take it away!! LOL.... Looks like you have a great plan in mind. It will be great to see how it turns out.

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

That's so funny about a wine rack in the bathroom! Best of luck in the transformation process, Laura!
Happy Birthday to your Fashionista! I'm sure you both had such fun on your excursions.

Prettypracticalhome said...

The wine rack over the toilet is a first for me. There are so many surprises in Dallas homes. We had saloon doors in our previous master bathroom to separate the powder room from the rest of the bathroom. They were very tiny and provided zero privacy. But a wine rack? That's something! Looking forward to seeing the finished result!

Jeanie said...

You can do it! Yes you can!
If you can't do it, nobody can!

It's a bit of a challenge but not an overwhelming one. And yes, that wine rack has to go. The only possible thing I could see for it would be colorful towels -- but if it's that high, who could reach them! A dust spot waiting to happen!

Well, it will definitely be fun to follow this journey!

Carol said...

WOW, all that in 6 weeks! What were you thinking? Haha......I know you can do this and it will be fabulous. Did you double check to see if there was any wine left? Maybe the previous owner called this the library and liked to sip wine while they sat on the "throne" and read. Seriously, Laura, I cannot wait to see what you do!

Warm hugs,
Carol said...

ooo bathrooms are the ultimate challenge! good luck! I tried one last april and I didn't finish! good luck!

Pondside said...

Well, I'd like to live next door to you and take advantage of some of that energy. I am about to follow your blog, and on the basis of that brief and inconsequential acquaintanceship will be so bold as to urge you to keep the bathroom wine rack. Every room needs a conversation piece. A wine rack is waaaaay better than a duck-head toilet brush or even a miniature Manneken Pis, souvenir of Brussels. Just think of the feature sheet, should you ever decide to sell..............

Lesley Metcalfe said...

I love the coastal vibe of your plan!

Nicole Q-Schmitz said...

That wine rack is something else - think of all the times someone's probably visited your bathroom and started a conversation afterwards because of it, haha! Like the light, bright and blue direction the bathroom is heading in - it should be a great change :)