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Monday, April 18, 2016

My Actual Round Top Purchases

Yesterday I shared all of the things I WANTED to buy at Round Top.

Today’s post is what I actually purchased. Which are still nice things and all….

Ok, we’ll start small.

Round Top as you may have heard is a glorious stretch of 10 miles of goodness offered up by dealers from around the world. It can get overwhelming. For this reason I always have a shopping list with me so that I can remain focused on what I truly want to search for.

For this trip I was focusing on the quality of items versus quantity.

This past Christmas my cousin, Sweet T, bought me this beautiful 18th century French pin. I wanted to also be able to wear this gorgeous lady as a necklace. I have been searching for just the right antique ribbon to transform for MONTHS. Purchases on Ebay and Etsy have resulted in offerings that have been hugely disappointing. So, I took my pin along for the ride and found the perfect vintage, hand dyed, rayon ribbon. It’s a small item, but I’m so happy it was found.


Many of you went crazy for the hat that I was wearing in a Instagram photo I shared from Marburger Farms.

I understand. It’s a fantastic hat.

But you need a close up of this truly yummy cloche made from an antique China silk shawl because the image above did not do it justice.


The seller and my friend, Jill Garber, is a wonderful lady whose Round Top booth is going to get an entire post on it’s own because it’s just that full of goodness.


I found this amazing piece of broderie anglaise for $2. I know, don’t hate me. I imagine that it had, at one time, been a ladies blouse or petticoat and then been transformed into a baby’s christening gown.


At some point someone had removed the tiny sleeves. There are also a few other issues with the fabric (tears, stains) but I just know this fabric will someday… hold a third story.


Goodness was also found for the Fashionista. As you may know my daughter is an amazing fashion stylist. She has slowly been creating a vintage clothing collection to aid her in various fashion shoots. I spotted a perfect 1960’s Lilly Pulitzer sundress and purchased it for her birthday. ($30 !)  A few other items were also added to the present pile but it feels more like her story to tell…

My main mission at Round Top requires a bit of a back story. As you know every Halloween I try to make a costume. It is generally a historic style that I try to create on the cheap.

 Jane Austen ~ Regency Era

Jane Austen Regency 083

Marie Antoinette ~ 18th Century Gown

18th Century Ensemble Decor To Adore 159-001

Not to spoil the suprise, but this year will be no exception.

One thing I don’t think I have ever mentioned on the blog is that I give historical presentations to elementary schoolchildren studying the “Little House” books by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

My dress that I wear when speaking is close to 20 years old and is in sad need of replacing.

In considering what type of dress to make I thought about the book “Little House in the Big Woods”. In chapter eight, there is a “Dance at Grandpa’s”. Grandpa was Lansford Whiting Ingalls~ my great, great, great grandfather.

I’m want to try and create Docia’s dress worn to the family dance long ago.

“Aunt Docia’s dress was a sprigged print, dark blue, with springs of red flowers and green leaves thick upon it. The basque was buttoned down the front with black buttons which looked so exactly like juicy big blackberries that Laura wanted to taste them. Aunt Docia’s pretty white collar was fastened in front with a large round cameo pin…”

Laura Ladocia Ingalls was one of Lansford Whiting Ingalls’ daughters, and sister to my great~ great grandfather, Lansford James. (He was called “James” by the family, probably to avoid confusion with his father.)

For the 2016 costume project I have selected a dress pattern that is from the Wisconsin Historical Society. This seems fitting as the dance was held in the deep woods of Wisconsin.


Because this is a dress I will wear time and again I am not limiting myself to the extremly frugal budgets I have had in the past ($10 and $20). But I am quite pleased, price wise, with what I have found for the dress so far. As always I am going to try and use period appropriate materials when creating the dress.

I found two types of black antique lace that may embellish the bodice and sleeves of the basque top as well as some glorious passementerie. Given that I need 10 yards of such trim for the dress this was no mean feat!


I also found some truly beautiful black antique cobweb lace. I wish you could feel how soft and silky this lace is. It will be used, along with the black velvet ribbon, on the bonnet I plan on creating.


So that’s it. It probably doesn’t seem like much. But it was exactly what I wanted. (That I could afford. Sniff, boo hoo!)

Happiness and joy,



Lynda Brandly said...

Laura, I loved all your 'finds' but I especially loved hearing about your family history! I remember the Laura Ingalls Wilder books being read to me at school when I was little and we read them to our children when we homeschooled. We named our daughter Laura. How wonderful to be related to her and to go to the schools to read the books! I'm sure they are blessed when you visit!
Have a wonderful week~
Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

Ramblings of a Southern Girl ~ Rhonda G said...

I've often wondered if you had a family connection to Laura Ingalls Wilders books. That is so neat that you do! I love your costume and can't wait to see the new one! Great finds! :) ~Rhonda

Rita C. said...

Wonderful vintage finds, Laura - all of them! We are preparing for our bi-annual community yard sale and I spent much of one weekend afternoon measuring and pricing a load of vintage passementerie. It reminded me of my costuming days with the ballet - everything from Russian folk skirt trims to Flapper headbands. Your costume vision looks ideal. Btw, that cloche is TDF!!

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Love your beautiful finds!! And how amazing it is about your family history!!Thanks so much for sharing!!

Thanks so much for hosting!!


Jeanie said...

How delightful that you give the presentations! We are hoping our new Congressional Representative here in Michigan will be TV's Half Pint, Melissa Gilbert, who is running in this fall's election. It's a tough seat so it's anyone's guess but nice to have her in the region.

I love your finds. That hat detail is gorgeous -- love the fabric and the ribbon perfect. It all looks like a terrific bunch of finds. I'm catching up and must see the "almost rans!"

Curtains in My Tree said...

OH I wan to go to Round Top MArbuger show so bad. someday? It's a long way from Columbia Mo

My youngest daughter who is 40 can tell you anything about Laura Ingall Wilder. She was even Mrs Laura Ingall Wilder back last summer at Mansfield Missouri where her house is. Terra has taught her 4 boys all about those days.
She has had them watch hours of Little House on The Prairie. She will be thrilled when I tell her you are a relative !
Your new cloche had is fabulous charming

Mary Steinbrink said...

I love that you do Little House presentations! How wonderful! I can't wait to see your new dress. I also love the cloche hat. It is beautiful! I'm hoping my daughter and I can read all the little house books this summer. It will be her first time, but I've read them many times. So glad you had fun at Round Top! Mary

GSGreatEscaper said...

Just read about the flooding in Houston, I hope you are ok!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Yes, thank you! I am in the D/FW area.

Thank you for thinking of me.


Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Your costumes are always such fabulous works of art. I can't wait to see this one. I know it will be a stunner.

Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

I spent four days at RoundTop and barely touched it. Because I am in VA. I had to limit myself to smalls to bring home. What a grand time we had! Loved reading about all your finds. :) said...

What fun to have these lovely period dresses for Halloween or any time! I didn't know you gave historical presentations on the Little House series. They were favorites of mine that I checked out from the library to read. A library my sisters, brother and I had to walk to on our own. I'm re-reading the series right now and am currently reading Farmer Boy. Hope you have a good week.

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...


Do you already own a hoop skirt slip underpinning?

I may have one if you do not.

Bonnie said...

Great finds. Look forward to your costume. I am so impressed with your talent.

Lisa said...

I see you were looking for textiles this time around...and you found some lovelies! The lace for your dress is so pretty and I know will add that little something extra to it!

Eilis said...

I loved reading Laura Ingalls Wilders books! It's wonderful that you share your connection with students. You had some great shopping finds.

Sarah said...

Beautiful finds, Laura! I'm eager to see your dress when finished. You are an amazing seamstress.

Auntie Em said...

Your sweet pin will look perfect on that lovely piece of ribbon. And the trim for your dress is lovely. The children must love to see the gowns and listen to your lecture. It would make it even more real to know you have a connection.
The picture of the colourful dresses for your daughter took my right back to my younger years. I had a couple of colourful little summer shifts which made me feel so cheerful and I can remember my mother and aunts and grandmothers wearing them as well. How fun that they are making a comeback.
Thanks for sharing all your awesome purchases from your trip! :)

Pondside said...

Another post that is such a pleasure to read. I love your hat and look forward to learning more about the maker's booth. The dress you're getting ready to make will be beautiful. I can just imagine the children's delight when they see you all dressed up.

Lorrie said...

It's good to come home with just a few special things that you know you will use. Your Docia dress is going to be beautiful!

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Great finds for your dress! I'm very excited to follow that new dress project of yours.

deborah said...

I love the black cobweb lace and velvet ribbon you found! It's going to be so lovely!

Sheryl992 said...

I love Little House on the Prairie stories and how cool that you are a decedent! I love the fact that you go to school to read to the children in period dress. You are a very interesting person and I am so glad to have found your blog!!