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Monday, April 25, 2016

I Want All Of It - Nantclwyd Hall

My friends I still have one more glorious Round Top post but this is SO good I had to share.

As a rule I try to keep my coveting to a minimum. But recently I saw a house in Vogue in which I want it ALL!

I know the Welsh language can be rather tricky but I want to move into Nantclwyd Hall in Llanelidan Wales. Nantclwyd means “the brook over the river Clwyd”. The two story brick home, built in 1622, features a slate roof and a gorgeous garden.


The interiors of the home were decorated by one time Buckingham Palace designer John Beresford Fowler (THE Fowler of Colefax & Fowler) in the 1950’s. Yet the rooms still feel fresh and quintessionally British.

This is the library.

Lady Isabella’s tearoom.

It features the fabric “Roses and Leaves” by Ramm, Son & Crocker. To make it Lady Laura’s tearoom I would probably remove the taxidermy on the top of the bookcases but the rest would stay “as is” ~ delightful!

An image from the Alice in her Palace instagram feed.

ALL OF IT! In my mouth.

This space. I can’t even…

The two giant tapestries, the chandelier and amazing portraiture. ALL OF IT!

But perhaps I might flip flop the carpet runner with this one. Yes?

The diplomatic corps uniformed once belonged to Sir Edward Naylor-Leyland.  It provides just the right touch of whimsy against the dark wallpaper and heavy Gothic bannister complete with gargoyles.

My eyes cannot decide if they want to look at the gilded mirrors, pale green leafed wallpaper or the amazing plasterwork ceilings.


The table was recently set for Great Gatsy themed dinner. Who knew feathers and orchids were friends!

I also think my white Porthault dinner napkins are about to be embroidered with “Laura”.

On her Instagram feed Alice Naylor-Leyland shares images of the 20 bedrooms in the home. It’s hard to pick a favorite. 

I’m warning you, Alice’s Instagram is a rabbit hole of delight. You’ll spend hours scrolling but yes, this is my favorite bedroom.

I’m thinking that this room has the Fashionista’s name written all over it.

There are 10 bathrooms. (I hope they have their own Mrs. Hughes. :)

In this amazing space I might gold leaf the mirrors just because I think the effect would showcase the sconces above a bit better. #did you even see them before I said that

A classic installation of tile would also be superb as personally I’m not a fan of carpeting in the bathroom.

But otherwise: ALL OF IT!

The Fashionista, again.

I would perhaps reupholster the bench in pink velvet and have billowing pink silk curtains to set off that amazing marble sink. Perhaps a black and white penny tile to replace the carpeting.

I am a bather.


(Ok, maybe a new bench cushion and pretty white curtains.)


What does your dream house look like?



Lynda Brandly said...

Laura, I love it all too! All the florals and tapestries ~ especially the library. Wouldn't you love to curl up in there and read? Thanks for sharing! I pinned it all.
love and blessings~
Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh my, yes this is indeed an amazing place. I could move in.

Pigtown*Design said...

Wales is a very under-rated country. I lived there and saw some of the most amazing places, houses and castles. But no one knows about it.

Jeanie said...

I want the library and all the bathrooms. And yes, I want their Mrs. Hughes, too! What a magnificent place -- I can see why you stepped over into the coveting mode!

Silvana Joanne said...

OMG I love this...ALL OF THIS!!!

Rié Moratto said...

Laura, I just pulled off all of these photos so I could lose myself in this beautiful Welsh estate! Thank you for authoring this post so I could look at it again, and again! I am with you, I want all of it! xx Rié

Daniela said...

Oh my !
I'm truly breathless and speechless ... the only words I can say is that we have the same tastes ... I'm sure it's enough for you to understand me if I say that I've scrolled down and read your post at least three times, noticing always new details !
Thank you my dearest Laura, you really put my spirits so high !

Sending love and blessings of joy to you


Lisa said...

What ever happened to chintz? And why don't we DO chintz any more? It's so gorgeous.
Couldn't you just pull up a chair and invite yourself to tea? And sit on a chintz couch and wear a fascinator? Lovely!!!

Stacey said...

Laura, I mean it when I say's beautiful but not as wonderful as Storybook Cottage.

Vel Criste said...

Beautiful! Thank you for the tour!

Botanic Bleu said...

To dream....

I think I would get lost in a house with 20 bedrooms. :)

Judith said...

Oh dear me. Now I want to go back to Wales...soon! I love it all. I don't know about owning it but I want to afford staying in places like this when I travel!

bj said...

Well....I WANT IT ALL, TOO....:)

lynn cockrell said...

Hum, what a fabulous home, Laura! It would be such fun to ramble around in the house and on the grounds. I really enjoyed your post!

Joni Webb said...

God. Can you imagine?!?!?!?!?!? Wow. I love the drawing room? the first room with all the books!! LOVE THAT! and the stairs! And that dining room!!! wow. I want it too!!!

Lincuden Cottage Life said...

Wow! What a gorgeous place! Thank you for sharing! ;)

Poppy @ With a Dash of Color said...

Oh my, so much gorgeousness all in one post! Love love love each and every photo...breathtaking! That dining room with the gilded mirrors and plaster work on the ceiling is pure delight! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful tour~ hugs, Poppy

Angelina PeoniesandOrangeBlossoms said...

Wow! I love it all!! I am actually a little speechless. Thanks for sharing this with us!

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Oh gosh...I'm swooning over the tearoom, with the wonderful spread of tea treat delights!!! Hmm, I think the Fashionista and I might have to draw over the bedroom, and you and I will have to take turns in the (sigh) gorgeous bathroom, because I'm a bather, too. We'd be good at sharing, wouldn't we?? Thanks for sharing the beauty and letting me dream along with you, Laura.