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Friday, September 11, 2015

A Teal Colored Day for Ceekay

This past Sunday my dear friend Ceekay lost her longtime battle against cancer.

I actually met Ceekay at a bloggers luncheon several years ago.

It would be the first of many such festive and fun gatherings we would attend over the years.


Favorite 45 Party 059-001

Perfect Cookie Exchange 155-001

Many of you “met” Ceekay when I hosted a fundraiser for her.

elves 036-003

Through your generosity Marty and I were able to fulfill a longtime dream of Ceekay’s; to visit Disneyland with her family.

ceekay 024

Once I moved away from Arizona Ceekay and I would text and call one another. She was super excited when I told her I was going to Round Top and made me promise to visit the Junk Gypsies. As you can “C” we did… for Ceekay.

Ceekay’s memorial service is being held today.

Friday Sept. 11th at 10 AM at
Meldrum Mortuary
52 North MacDonald
Mesa, Arizona 85201

Sadly, I am not able to attend due to several reasons. But here is what I remember.

Ceekay was funny and witty.

She had a beautiful singing voice. 

Ceekay insisted that black could be your favorite color.

She could gather up a pile of rusted antiques and create truly pretty vignettes.

But most importantly she believed you should NEVER EVER GIVE UP!

I had worked with the local Phoenix chapter of the NOCC (National Ovarian Cancer Coalition) to create healing havens for women battling this silent disease. I already knew when I met Ceekay that the average lifespan after diagnosis is just 18 months.

Ceekay fought bravely and strongly for NINE years.

Through it all her faith remained constant.

tea 061

Many of you commented on the pumpkins I had painted and showcased in my fall home tour earlier this week.

They were teal.

Fall Home Tour 2015 046

Teal is the color for Ovarian Cancer.

Teal was for Ceekay.

Fall 2015 036

September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness month.

Ceekay (Carolyn) my friend, you will be missed.



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GSGreatEscaper said...

Laura, you were a good friend to Ceekay and she will live on through you and your efforts to help her and others who are battling this terrible disease. To have survived nine years is truly an indication of her indomitable spirit. I wish you and all her family and friends healing and peace on this day and over the coming weeks, months and years.

Harold Emery said...

May she rest gently with Jesus.

Jane said...

May light perpetual shine upon your dear friend Ceekay and may she rest in peace.

Karen Hess said...

Oh, my heart is so sad. I've "known" Ceekay since 2011 through our blogs and while we lived only 100 miles apart, I never had the opportunity of sharing real time with her. Her warmth and genuine spirit shone through in everything she touched. I had the good fortune of being her partner in a swap through Bloggerette Sorority in December of 2011 and I will always treasure the ornament she created for me. She fought the fight, lost the battle, but won the war....she's home with our Lord. What can be better than that? Sending love to Heaven for you, dear Ceekay.

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

So sorry to hear this.
I never met her, but read her blog.

Sandy McClay said...

What a beautiful post. I also met Ceekay through blogging and the fun times at Meri's during the holidays....we always were trying to get together and either her health or mine got in the way. I truly regret that. She was a wonderful woman . Always so positive....she will be missed by many. Thank you for this loving tribute shared at a place we all basically got to meet ....our blogs.


Lorrie said...

I'm sorry to hear this news. I've seen a bit about Ceekay in blog land, although I don't think I've ever read her blog. She sounds like a lovely woman and I pray her family will be comforted.

WendyBee said...

A fitting tribute for a fine lady. My great-grandmother died of ov ca when she was in her late 30's. She was pregnant and lost the child as well. Of course, I never knew her, but I have seen the legacy of her loss within our family, even though she died about 75 years ago.
I pray for those Ceekay blessed, and thank you for sharing your lovely memories of her.

crisdsanchez said...

Such a lovely tribute to Ceekay. I read her blog and grew to admire her spirit and faith. I will miss her but am so happy she is with the Lord. said...

Sad to hear this news about Ceekay. I remember visiting her blog in the past. How wonderful that funds were raised for a trip to Disneyland. May God comfort her family and friends as they grieve her loss on this earth.

Denise said...

Oh Laura, I'm so sorry to read this sad news! I'm so glad she was able to visit Disney World with her family while she was here. I'm sure the both of your lives were richer for having known each other, and I'm sure you will miss her. I love the last picture of the two of you -- so sweet.

Thank you for letting us know, Laura.


Denise at Forest Manor

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Thank you Laura for this beautiful tribute to Ceekay. Those of us who knew her loved her very much. Even though I never met her in person, she became a great blogging friend.

She will be sadly missed.


Lisa said...

What a beautiful post about a lovely lady. How blessed you both were to be in each others lives.

Rita C. said...

This just makes me feel good. Your decor is just that much more beautiful. You are so very thoughtful, Laura.

Fairhope Supply Co. said...

My heart is totally broken for you, because just like you, one year ago today, was the funeral for a sweet friend of mine who also had the dreaded ovarian cancer. She was in her early thirties and left behind two little girls. I've been thinking of her all day today, mixed with feelings about the terrible events of 9-11.

Both your friend and mine seem to have been the kind of ladies that would want us to cherish every day and celebrate the good we see in this world. You've written such a beautiful tribute to your friend. Blessings!


I read the post that her hubs of my girlfriends has ovarian cancer..that cancer is everywhere...also my sister has rectal cancer and her treatments are almost over...
I am glad that she was able to go to Disneyland...Ceekay will be missed.

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh Laura, the memorial today was so beautiful. There were so many precious pictures of CK and so many memories we all share, you would have loved it, so well done. I will email you a pic of Jamie Liz and I, Linda had to work, so that was all that could attent. She had a full church and it showed how much she was loved. Your tribute to her is so perfect, you are truly a very, very special friend. I love you so much.


What a lovely memorial for Ceekay. I so remember you posting this lovely pictures with Ceekay and Marty some time ago, Laura.
What wonderful memories you have of her and will always cherish and my heart goes out for you. I will always remember as one of my first blog friends I met four years ago. She was so sweet.
May our Lord give her family and friends comfort and peace.
Thank you for sharing.
God bless her soul.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

My heart is still heavy. And yesterday I found out a friends daughter who grew up with my daughter died from suicide.
I see a glimpse of myself at that first luncheon. I am so grateful that I had the pleasure of meeting Ceekay and becoming a friend.
Thank you for this post Laura.

Jill Cooper said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend. Big hugs!

Kelley Dibble said...

Awwww. When I read your title, I immediately smiled because I misread it as A TEA Day for Ceekay (yeah, I'm weird) instead of a TEAL COLORED Day... I expected to see your beautiful faces enjoying tea together...

I'm so sorry. But, wow. My aunt hand ovarian cancer. For Ceekay to live NINE YEARS after her diagnosis is remarkable. I'm so glad you & Marty had helped her go visit Mickey at the happiest place on earth. What a wonderfully sweet friend she must've been.

*hugs* and condolences from Connecticut,
Letters Unfolded

Shelia said...

Oh, Laura! I'm out of the country and have just gotten to where I have some internet service! This just breaks my heart! I never got to meet Ceekay but I feel like I have. I remember all of those sweet blog getogethers you all had. Ceekay was a sweetheart and was a blogging friend for a long time! My prayers are with her family and she will be missed in blogland. Thank you for being such a great friend to her and the tribute is so nice.

Linda said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute to your dear friend. I'm so sorry for your great loss.
Love, Linda

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I'm so sorry you lost a friend, but this post was a really great tribute to her.

Teresa Hardymon said...

I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. You have given her a beautiful tribute.