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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Back To School Tablescape

Sunday evening we had our annual “Back to School” feast. For some reason I am usually the only one excited about this yearly event. :)

Back To Cool 103

I get such joy from creating tablescapes that the kids will love. Scrabble tiles are always fun.

Back To Cool 092-001

I started by creating a table runner of college ruled paper. I used double stick tape to hold it in place. Protractors, rulers and pencils also help to carry out the theme.

Back To Cool 100

The chalkboard placemats were an after Christmas find at Target, but I have also seen them at craft supply and dollar stores.

Back To Cool 095-001

The yearbooks belonged to my mother, Karen. The old globe usually hangs out in Sweet Guy’s room.

His favorite cherry limeade soda is made by a Texas bottling company. I find it at local grocery stores but Cost Plus also carries it.

Back To Cool 102

A red striped straw and bakers twine just seem to make everything cuter.

Back To Cool 096

Next to the table, in the bay window, I placed our antique wagon.

Back To Cool 109

I tucked in an old encyclopedia I recently found at the thrift store.

Back To Cool 110

Can you guess why I had to bring it home?

Back To Cool 121

The next morning as Sweet Guy sat down to breakfast he said, “Mom, you are completely crazy, but in a good way.” What can I say? I grew up in an era of “Weird Science.”

Back To Cool 137

The new 8th grader was already in the car when I remembered at the last moment that we hadn’t taken a back to school photo. Thank goodness for smart phones and accommodating sons.

8th grade

Wishing all students a great school year!



Sue said...

Such a fun tablescape Laura. I hope your son has a great year in 8th grade.

Lorrie said...

Your back-to-school tablescape is full of fun and whimsy. Love it! Happy school days to your son!

Sandi said...

Cool idea with the apple candle!

Linda said...

I LOVE this, Laura!!! So cute and clever; makes me wish I would have thought of this myself. All I did was make Skinnytaste Meringues for dessert the night before and spelled out ART on a platter in honor of my daughter's 2nd year of College and her entrance into the Art & Design program. She was thrilled with that though and even posted a picture of it on Instagram and Snapchat, so success in making her night! (Hard to do when she's almost 20) ;)

Hope you all have a great school year ♥

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I'm with Sweet Guy here, I'm not so exciting about going back to school, but it sure would help if someone prepared such an adorable tablescape for me!

Vel Criste said...

This is just so unique and cute!

Kirby Carespodi said...

How fun! Would I feel better about spendIng August thru June with hundreds of teenagers if someone mAre me a table scape? Probably!

Lisa said...

Your table is so adorable Laura! And so is your son! ;-) Hope he has a great school year!

Sarah said...

All the best to "sweet guy" for a great 8th grade year. Your teen is adorable and so is your table. '-)

Betty from My Irish Cottage Home said...

That is so cute to do. Our Grandkids love it when they go back to school, something my kids really did not care about. HA! HA!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

I love your tablescape. How fun. You are always so creative and so much inspiration.

Vicki said...

Love the tablescape, it's fun! Oh Laura, your sweet boy has definitely grown into a sweet guy and in this photo I see a glimpse of the sweet man he's growing into.

Fox and Finch Antiques said...

Your young man may say you are crazy in a good way (which is an excellent compliment) but I know a creative endeavor of this kind says "You are all important to me." and will always be remembered. You are setting the bar pretty high for his future wife, so he may need to find a woman as wonderful as you.

Katie Mansfield said...

Such a fun tablescape. I hope your son has a great school year.

Jacqueline said...

I just love back to school photos! One of my younger girlfriends even posted her husband going back to college!
What a fun table. They will remember it with fondness later in life, even if they think it is weird now! To funny.

Cynthia said...

This is truly a fun tablescape! The details are wonderful- using the apples as candle holders is an inspired touch!

Valerie Roberts said...

Love this! So creative. I just love all your touches. This table couldn't be more adorable and perfect.

Valerie Roberts said...

Love this! So creative. I just love all your touches. This table couldn't be more adorable and perfect.

Tea in Texas said...

Wonderful tablescape! The sheets of paper and protractors is the perfect table runner The apple and candle is a great addition to your centerpiece. Your son is so hadsome and a great photo.
Please, pop over and visit my Lemon Zest Post this week!
Have a special weekend!

Pam said...

What a wonderful've carried out the theme perfectly!