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Friday, July 24, 2015

Bits of Bliss- Happy Summer Wonders

On Monday I will be driving Sweet Guy to his second week of summertime camping with the Boy Scouts. There has been a tremendous amount of prep work as this is a leadership camp and the boys are expected to pack in every single bit of their gear, pitch their own tents, etc. So we have been practicing and packing all week.

Cannot wait til we can get out on a nice night campfire crackling under a full sky and our converations endless

I was a Girl Scout from Brownie’s through Seniors. I can build outdoor shelters, create fire and find non-poisonous food in the form of worms and berries. My family were also big campers. I fondly recall making camp near Bodega Bay and clamming (digging for clams) all day.  Yes, I am a camping BOSS! But guess what? My roughin’ it days are over. I have no desire to not sleep under the stars on a leaky air mattress while mosquitos serenade me.

Nowadays my idea of camping would be to stay at Camp Wandawega in Wisconsin.

They have cute tents for the hard core camper…

Tents only - that's my idea of how to run a camp ground (though I find tiny trailers charming, that's just NOT camping).  Ohhhhh for a camping vacation in a humble, happy tent like THIS.  #Tens #Camping

…treehouses for the dreamers….

…and cabins decked out in darling d├ęcor.

I’ll take a cabin please. With indoor plumbing. :)

It’s been a bit like camping this week at Storybook Cottage as the city is replacing underground plumbing and therefore has needed to turn off the water a few times. They are also preparing to repave the street which we are looking forward to. I’m also pretty thankful that we just have a giant caterpillar parked in front of our house as opposed to our neighbor across the street who got a porta potty.

I think summer should be filled with wonder and discovery. The kids and I have christened this week “Try New Things.”

We’ve tried fried spam sandwiches…

Built in cabinets 006

…and Irish Oatmeal (steel cut oats).

Built in cabinets 011-001

We also watched a few old movies that are new to my kids. A perfect choice:“The Great Outdoors.” The bat scene is the best!

What are your favorite summertime activities?



Lorrie said...

Camping is such a great family vacation mode. I still enjoy sleeping in a tent, as long as I don't have to use a sleeping bag and my air mattress has an egg crate foam on top. I hope your son has a most wonderful time at camp!
We're getting ready to go out on the boat (which is a form of camping) next week and I'm looking forward to some relaxing days of reading, hiking, exploring and just being. I love summer activities - gardening, picnics, beach walks. This year we've had tons of company, but I think the last guests left on Monday and for the next month it's just us.
Summer construction - it happens everywhere. Thankfully, not on our street this year, but many of the main roads are stop and go, with detours and flag people.

Linda said...

I've never been camping - ever!
I hope your son has a great time.

My favorite time summertime activities have changed a lot since I don't have a school age kid anymore, but I still love going on our family road trip vacations (just back from Colorado with all 7 of us). I also love just being out in our backyard piddling in the gardens and such. I love the occasional backyard campfire, sitting out on the patio in the evening with my husband talking, being in our pool and hosting family gatherings at our house. All of those things, except for the roadtrip vacation of course, have to do with simply being at HOME ♥ That's what I love best actually at any time of the year.

Auntie Em said...

I don't camp. Did that as a child. See no need to recreate that experience!
Any place I stay must have:
1. INDOOR substitutions allowed!
2. Window screens. A/C is very acceptable! Critters and bugs are not
3 Comfortable bed. Preferably queen but can manage narrower if sleeping alone.
4. This camper does not drag food along for vacation. I cook the rest of the year. Someone else, who I will pay for the privilege, can be allowed to cook my meal, bring it to my table and wash the dishes and pots and pans after.
As you may deduce from this list. I don't camp and I certainly would not enjoy the experience of dragging camping equipment, food and shelter along.
Hope your son has a great time though and if we ever have an disaster which require camping experience I will be sure and call him! :) Or another one of the Boy Scouts or Girl Guides in our community!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Not much of a tent camper, but loved our motorhome when we had it. Great trips and of course my own bed, fridge, tv and bathroom. Can't get any better than that. Hope Sweet Guy has a fabulous week.

Lisa said...

I'm with you Laura! A cabin please!!!! Safe travels. :)

Christine said...

i went to the link you gave and checked out Camp Wandawega.
Now, that is the way to camp!
Oh, and by the way, I'm going to join you and take on new thing, too.

Have fun!

Rita C. said...

My only camping has been in WV state parks, but NEVER without plumbing. No heat and snow flying, yes, but never without plumbing, thank you very much. This is yet another reason why I'll never be a "Survivor" contestant. Both my girls, however, have roughed it, real camping style. Lucky you to have the Caterpillar, and not the porta John. Better things are coming!