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Friday, July 10, 2015

A Daybed in the Sunroom?

Earlier this week I had one of my famous bright ideas. After weeks of wondering just what type of furniture I wanted to put in the sunroom the thought occurred to me to move the daybed down from my office after writing about it on Tuesday. The Fashionista said, “Let’s try it, because I don’t think the bed is really working upstairs.” Sweet Guy though was on the fence. That is until we lugged the two heavy sideboards and rails down the stairs and put it all back together. Then he pronounced it “The best decision EVER!”

 ZsaZsa Bellagio – Like No Other: French Country Beautiful {guest bedroom inspiration}

Now some of you might be thinking “A daybed in a sunroom?”

Yes, indeed.

French Romance Through A Poetic Setting Of Antiques And Shabby Chic Furniture 12

It’s done all the time in Europe.

So elegant, and the perfect French country settee

Designer Charles Faudree often included a daybed in his room designs.

A symmetrical wallscape gives flight to the theme of this room, with antique prints of birds’ nests framed in natural woods. An empty birdcage exudes optimism, while the subtle earth tones of the daybed make you feel like you are in your own little nest. A subdued cheetah pattern helps maintain a wild side: Every room, Faudree says, needs a little animal print.

A daybed can work in modern interiors…

citizen atelier - room designed and styled by christine dovey and photographed by ashley capp

…moody interiors…

by DesignBabylon - flickr---Some of these pictures remind me of the Library in Beauty and the Beast. I could just stay there forever.......

…even bohemian interiors.

Yes Please!!!!!

You may remember that I found two great antique twin headboards when I went to Round Top in April. A fabulous local carpenter helped me turn my vision of a daybed into a reality by creating new side rails. It now looks very similar to this gem from Restoration Hardware.

St. James Panel Daybed

Since Sweet Guy uses the room the most I showed him a few photos and asked if he wanted a lot of color…

In Courtney Haas's living room, an antique mahogany daybed is flanked by a pair of floor lamps from Downtown. Throw pillows covered in Pali from Manuel Canovas. Painting over daybed by Robert Frame.

…or mainly neutrals with a pop of color.

Lovely fabrics and painted furniture. Living Room Den :: Image supplied by and © Kate Forman.

When I shared this image he said “Yes! That’s it! But no bear. I need that flag and those roundy pillows.” (He now knows they are called bolster or neck roll pillows. :)

Oh and all the coverings have to be machine washable so that the dogs can join him on the bed …of course.

Minnie (left) and Nash get cozy on the porch's iron-and-brass ­daybed, sporting a vintage seersucker coverlet. The ­Moroccan rug is from Canvas.
"It's my happy spot," Kurgan says of her front porch. "In the afternoon, when the light is coming in, it's one of my favorite places in the whole world."

So, I’m on the hunt for fabric and flags.



Auntie Em said...

A day bed in the sun room is perfect! I have a day bed but due to the amount of company we have, it has been put to use in a bedroom along with a set of bunk beds. (three granddaughters/three grandsons/three nieces) It's a busy room.
But in between all the company I line it with mounds of pillows and blankets and even a stuffed animal or two and the kids love to curl up and read (book shelf is set at the foot) and a cozy spot to have an afternoon nap when the need arises. Especially in the autumn or winter when the sun comes around to that side of the house and is shining in on it to warm it up perfectly.
One of the best spots in the house. Don't be surprised if you have a hard time finding it empty to enjoy a few moments on it yourself now that it is close by. :)

Pat@Life At Lydias House said...

Don't you love it when a plan comes together! I can't wait to see the big reveal!!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh laura, it is going to be perfect and it will also serve as an additional guest room when needed. That is totally a win win all the way around.

Janet Garon said...

I love this idea! I imagine there will be plenty of naps taken there.

Art @ Home said...

Of course a daybed belongs in a sunroom!!! Perfect for napping and reading. Lovely inspirations here, too...

Vel Criste said...

That's a fabulous idea! I have a daybed in Sophia's nursery, and it is heaven-sent! Love it better than my rocker!

Kris Jarrett said...

This is great inspiration Laura! I LOVE the idea of a daybed in your sunroom!!