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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Put the Kettle on for Dear Old Dad

Today is Father’s Day. Here at Storybook Cottage we’re having a tea party to celebrate.

Tea time! :) the White House with JFK & little Miss Caroline Kennedy.

We are honoring a wonderful husband and father. He is handsome, funny and hardworking.

Steve McQueen with tea.

He’s tenderhearted and talented….

….and has “Moves like Jagger”.

Mick Jagger with tea.

I bought my main man a kettle for Father’s Day. An interesting gift some might say. (Don’t worry he also went golfing this past Friday.)

We needed a replacement because someone filled up my antique French copper kettle and walked off.

Did you know copper melts really well?

The failed blacksmith in question was very apologetic but then proceeded to ask for a month when were we going to get a new kettle. I however needed time to mourn the loss of my antique French copper kettle.

I finally got over it and bought him a manly Bella kettle. It automatically shuts off.

Super duper want. Bella 1.2-liter Electric Ceramic Kettle, Spanish Tile

The kids bought him his favorite tea to go with it. Earl Grey with a dachshund image.

So we’re having tea for breakfast.


Marlon Brando with tea.

Tea for lunch.


James Dean with tea.

And because he’s extra good, he gets tea for desert.


Humphrey Bogart with tea.

I hope your Father’s Day suits you to a “T”!


“As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear him.” ~ Psalms 103:13


GSGreatEscaper said...

I've had an electric kettle for years, and I'd never be without one again - so much more convenient than heating water on the stove, and it uses less electricity too. When cooking, I tend to boil water in the kettle and then add it to pans (or in the case of broccoli and other vegetables that just need a quick cook, I pour the water over the veggies already in a bowl!) I boil water for pasta in the kettle first - speeds cooking time.

Now you'll have to add a copper kettle (just for looks!) to your thrift store list!

Auntie Em said...

Well, that was a lesson to be learned. I didn't know a copper kettle would melt. I do know, however, that an enamel one can do some weird stuff and become totally unusable when subjected to the same treatment. Fortunately it was a seventies wedding gift I wasn't all that fond of! lol
Reading your post about having tea with all the meals takes me back to my parents meal table. The teapot was always filled before Mom sat down to eat. It steeped while she had her meal and then the grownups took time to enjoy a cup and a little break before they went back to doing the rest of the days work. Growing up on a farm meant your day didn't stop at supper time. So the teapot was more than just a vessel to hold a nice refreshing drink. It meant that you had a few minutes to share the news of the day when the kids had left the table and a few more minutes before you had to get more done in the house or around the farm. The kettle went on as well when company arrived and often in the evenings before settling down to rest. (they must have been so use to the caffeine that it didn't keep them awake) A calf or a colt or litter of piggies being born in the night often meant another pot set on the back of the stove or in a thermos.
Thanks for the lovely memories today and Happy Father's Day to all the dads and grand dads out there. :)

Oh yes, since I am such always forgetting things, an electric kettle with an auto shut off is the only way to go! :D Smart purchase for any household. Your new one is sooo pretty!

Christine said...

Well done!
You know your MAN well!
Enjoy the day with him and your family.

Denise said...

Oh dear Laura, I would have shed copious tears over the loss of that antique French copper kettle! I'm pretty sure I remember seeing images of that on the oven in Storybook Cottage. The new one looks nice, and now you'll have to be on the lookout online for another French copper kettle. I realize that's probably not easy to find. Maybe Sharon at "My French Country Home" could find one for you. She shops for brocante at the markets a lot.

Happy Father's Day to the mister!


Denise at Forest Manor

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

As a crazy tea lover, I think this post is marvelous! Your husband and I would get along famously! My husband bought me an electric tea kettle years ago and I was appalled, but tried it and liked it! Now I can't even remember what it was it was like to wait for a kettle to boil. Also, my absolute favorite tea is Earl Grey. It's pretty much all I drink. Sometimes vanilla caramel in the winter. Never saw the Tea Pigs brand, it's adorable. Tea Forte is a fabulous gourmet tea company he might like (if he doesn't already!) I got scolded by my family today for having three (very large) mugs of tea (Supposedly too much tea drinking can give you kidney stones, who knew? lol)

Linda said...

Love the photos you used in this post, so fun! :)
My man and I enjoyed a cold beer on the patio yesterday evening.... that's his idea of "tea". ;)
Love, Linda