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Monday, June 22, 2015

Ice Cream, Kabobs and a Wee Bit of Gardening

Did you have a lovely weekend? We were mainly at home trying to stay cool while dealing with a broken A/C unit.

Dallas Arboretum 079

Ice cream bars helped out tremendously and the dogs love to lick the sticks clean.

DTA Summer Daze 083

Sweet Guy made a lovely dinner on Saturday. Chicken and vegetable kebobs/kabobs and macaroni salad. We were both laughing because he said “Mom don’t take my picture of me in an undershirt!”

Vintage jewelry and fun 003

I think it’s important for both boys and girls to learn how to cook. The Fashionista also knows how to change a tire and can carry a mean hammer.

As our kebobs are extra long our secret to evenly marinating the ingredients is to move from pan to pan every 30 minutes or so.

Vintage jewelry and fun 006

I also worked in the garden. After such tremendous flooding it is frankly just a big mess. I probably should share the “BEFORE” pictures. Our goal is to have a decent yard by the end of September when we are to host a large family reunion. For inspiration we made a recent trip to the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. It’s truly one of my very favorite places and the Fashionista and I try to visit every season.

Dallas Arboretum 072

I tried to take some visual notes as to what might work in our own yard.

Lovely urns and other containers seem to be quite popular here in Texas.

Dallas Arboretum 073

Walkways lined with both floral and fauna are pleasing to the eye. I also like the white and green color palette. It feels cool in summer.

Dallas Arboretum 076

Water features are also a nice touch. We found a small bubbling fountain in our attic. We just have to hook it up to see if it works.

Dallas Arboretum 085

Up close the stone water feature shown above had small pockets filled with succulents, coleus and other small plants.

Dallas Arboretum 099

Ferns seem to work well in shady areas. I have plenty of that due to our 16 mature oak trees.

Dallas Arboretum 106

We actually had red begonias just sprout up in our yard on their own. It’s always a surprise when you first move into an established home isn’t it?

Dallas Arboretum 123

Lastly, does anyone know what this plant is? Is it “Baby Tears?” We have a flagstone path that needs….something, but I don’t want it to be too invasive. #kudzu

Dallas Arboretum 093

What are you planting this summer?



Sue said...

I do my front yard in all green and white Laura, it does seem so cool in our heat. The back is a mix of ferns and hydrangeas that won't get big and lots of pink and purple. I think gardening in Texas is a challenge for me as all the plants I love don't grow here, and I am still getting used to different ones. Great idea to visit the arboretum for ideas.

Denise said...

Hi Laura,

The Fashionista and the hounds are so cute together. I can tell your young ones love those doggies. :) The kabobs look delish!! I may be wrong, but I think that green stuff you're asking about looks like Creeping Jenny? You could Google and see what you think. People grow it a lot in the south.

Have a great day!


Denise at Forest Manor

Lorrie said...

How fun to walk through the garden for inspiration for your own yard. I hope your AC unit gets fixed quickly - Texas can be so hot!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh I am sure you will have the yard looking amazing in no time.

Linda said...

Looks like a lovely weekend for you. : )

As for what I'm growing - everything. That's how I spend most of my time when I'm not at the office. ;) Thanks to the relentless rain and sun and humidity in between, everything is growing like a jungle in our yard this year. I've never seen lilies over my head and all of the plants are huge like that. Many vegetables in between perennials and annuals, our yard is our home's best feature.

Rue said...

What a beautiful place to visit! I need some coolness in my life right now. We're having a heatwave, so it's 100 degrees when it's normally 80 at this time of year... yuck!

I loved your father's day post. I'm sorry about your antique kettle though. I understand the mourning period.

Have a beautiful week, my friend :)


Hena Tayeb said...

lovely pictures..
my five year old son already loves to help around in the kitchen and with the laundry..
we are currently attempting to grow a pineapple!

Prettypracticalhome said...

Hi, Laura! I know how you feel about the yard. I'm embarrassed to admit that I haven't changed my annuals yet--too busy and too much rain! The arboretum pictures are lovely--one of my favorite places, too.

Blondie's Journal said...

I love seeing pics of your kids---this is a little new (to me?). Wow---so pretty and handsome, in that order. And it's cool there are few boundaries in the gender talents!

So sorry about your weather and floods. We've had our share of crazy weather. I'm trying to take it in stride. Your pictures are lovely--great to get out of Dodge, eh?

Jane x said...

We just moved into our first home - and I agree, all spring I was wondering what would appear when the frost lifted - we have had some nice surprises!

Angela said...

Your children are beautiful. Your son could be your twin! I really enjoy your posts- I laughed out loud last week when I read about your kettle :) Take care and have a wonderful week!

GSGreatEscaper said...

Since we are moving at the end of the summer, I planted a hydrangea as the centerpiece of my container garden this year, so that I can transplant it at the new home. Other than that, I have just concentrated on repotting my house plants to match my new/old color scheme - blue, white, pale greens. And I'm going out with my coffee in the morning and concentrating on appreciating what I've planted in the last 26 years and anticipating what I'll be able to plant in my new space!

I've said this before, but raising competent children is a wonderful credit on your side of the book of life! My MIL never allowed her sons into 'her' kitchen and though their Dad and their camp taught them manly skills like woodworking and plumbing and even bed making, a man who can't feed himself anything more complicated than a sandwich or a can of Beef-a-roni is a sorry thing.

Karena Albert said...

Your family has so much fun together Laura!! I am amazed at all of your mature trees and landscaping options. I love vinca vine and or ivy for ground cover.

The Arts by Karena

Terri Steffes said...

That's a gorgeous spot! I got my apron, and it is lovely. The daisies are perfect for me!

Jill Cooper said...

Lovely pictures - thanks for sharing. I think that is creeping Jenny. I planted some in an old birdbath about eight years ago - a very shallow bird bath. And here in hot Georgia, it comes back every year despite lots of heat and lots of water. It's also started spreading around the bottom of our oak tree where the old birdbath lives. I love it - although it spreads, it doesn't seem to be invasive - slow growing so you can keep control of it pretty easily.

Auntie Em said...

Lovely garden pics for inspiration. I bet your garden will be a treat by September and the reunion. Around here the plants are almost all spent and the last few blossoms are trying to show off but they are not doing much. The beautiful colour on the leaves by the end of September and the first of October more than make up for what the garden lacks in blossoms.
I love how your kids are able to do so many things for themselves and not expect someone to wait on them. Our daughter and son were both raised with the expectation that if you want something done, do it yourself. Our son cooks and never shied away from parenting his daughters and our daughter (all five foot and three quarter inches of her) will tackle any job or chore. I feel we have done our job as parents when we raise our children to be able to take care of themselves and their responsibilities.
Now to get ready for this weekend! :)