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Friday, June 19, 2015

Bits of Bliss–A Summer Staycation

Last Friday was Sweet Guy’s last day of school. He ended his 7th grade year of advanced placement (AP) classes with straight A’s. I thought a little celebration was in order last Saturday morning. I set the table with happy Polish pottery and linens I found at the flea market while living in Germany.

DTA Summer Tour 2015 103

The tablecloth and napkins had the initials “EG” on them so I had to bring them home for Eric Gunn, aka Mr. Décor.

DTA Summer Tour 2015 097

You know what I love so much about summer vacation? Fresh berries and strawberry freezer jam. Yum! I shall never tire of a dollop of jam spooned onto a fresh croissant.

DTA Summer Tour 2015 109

Our summer schedule is busy but time is being made for fun. On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings I take my online college classes, write papers, etc. Monday afternoons are spent at the library getting books for the week as Sweet Guy is participating in a summer reading program. This is also when I do the required reading for my classes. This past week we ended our outing with a trip to Sonic. A cheery limeade for me and butterfinger milkshake for the boy.

On Wednesday afternoons we work on Boy Scout merit badges. Currently we are working on the Communications Merit Badge. One requirement is attending a public meeting. We opted to attend the town hall public arts meeting. While the boy took notes and sighed heavily during the 90 minute meeting I was somewhat fascinated on how artwork and signage was selected for the town. But then I am a bit of an art nerd. 

Friday’s have been deemed “Cultural Fridays”. We can either create art, visit a museum, attraction or performance. Last week my choice was the Perot Museum. This week the boy has selected going to the theater to view “Tomorrowland”.

We don’t have any big family trips planned this summer as I am in school full time. But Sweet Guy will be attending two weeklong Boy Scout adventure camps. We might make a trip down to Houston to help my cousin Linda and her family as they are moving there next month. Weeeeeee!

DTA Summer Tour 2015 114

Have a lovely weekend,



Louise said...

You are the best mum ever.

Sue said...

Your table is so pretty Laura. And I love how you have your summer planned out! And I especially love that you have a focus on reading ~ I do a "grandma's camp read a lot" for my 5 grands each summer. Lots of reading and fun activities and food {and prizes!}. I spend a lot of time pre reading so I can find books they will enjoy. Your culture Fridays are a great idea too.

Linda said...

Very nice and those are some fun activities! :)
We're back up to Chicago this afternoon for attempt #2 to see Mumford & Sons at Montrose Beach, after they postponed Wednesday's concert, but we stayed up there anyway since we had hotel reservations. Have a nice weekend!

nonie everythingsewing said...

Congratulations to sweet guy, that is quite and accomplishment. I know mom was behind his success as it should be.
I really like your table setting, it looks so friendly and inviting. Plus being yummy.

Lorrie said...

Congratulations to sweet guy. He is sure growing up in a hurry. Enjoy your summer delights when you can!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Your table is stunning and it all looks so good, I am hungry. Congrats to Sweet Guy, he is definitely a keeper.

Blondie's Journal said...

You definitely know how to celebrate the occasion! I am so prod of your guy. As a FOREVER follower---I remember when he was SO young. :)

Tell me...I'm remiss. School for you is about... I thought you had gotten your degree in Interior Design awhile back. Hope I'm not being nosy!

Jane said...

What a wonderful celebration! I am sure the occasion was enjoyed by all. Congratulations on your Sweet Boy passing 7th grade with such high accolades. I am sure you are beyond proud. The china is fabulously beautiful!

I hope your summer break is most enjoyable!


Auntie Em said...

That is such a nice and positive way to celebrate Sweet Guy's excellent marks and the start of summer vacation.
Enjoy your summer! :)