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Friday, June 5, 2015

Bits of Bliss - Beadboard and Smocked Curtains

Room by room Storybook Cottage is being transformed into the lovely beauty she once was. The laundry room had been particularly abused. 

Way back in October Mr. Decor ripped up the rotted linoleum and treated the moldy floors. Once clean he laid a new tile floor.

Strangely enough only two of the four 1/2 walls still had the original bead board. 

The remaining bare walls had large circular holes that we still have yet to figure out what the heck the previous owners did. #alien crop circles on the walls

It just seemed that the best decision was to replace the missing beadboard. If I have said it once I will say it 1000 times, "My husband is an AMAZINGLY talented man".

He matched the beadboard height to the existing walls and came up with a good solution to accommodate the light switch. (It later received trim to finish the edge.)

Here is a close up of the top trim right before the corner piece was added. Later on all of the mitered corners and nail holes were filled with wood putty, sanded down and then I painted everything with two coats of "Du Jour".

Ugly "BEFORE".

A prettier "AFTER".

Many of you also seemed to delight in my smocked curtains. I purchased them on sale at Cost Plus.

Even after selecting the shortest length available I still had to cut off and hem a good 3 feet of fabric. Don't worry, the excess fabric was transformed into kitchen curtains for over the sink. 

Which currently looks like this:

Looks like I have my work cut out for me if I'm going to be ready for A Stroll Thru Life's 2015 Summer House Tours. It starts next week!

I hope you have enjoyed this weeklong series on Storybook Cottage's laundry room transformation. If you missed a post here are the links:

I'll be back on Sunday with a few sneak peeks of the new kitchen countertops and backsplash.



Julie's Lifestyle said...

Wow Laura you do have an amazing husband and so lucky that he is handy. You save so much money! Your laundry room from what I can see looks pretty. Have a wonderful day and weekend.
Julie xo

Jaybird said...

Lovely!! Just as I expected !! Your hubby does a wonderful should .give him an extra hug :^)
Can't wait to see next week's tour.....I already know that.after I see it I will be in awe.
Have a great weekend and be blessed,

Kathy said...

I love your new look. Those smocked curtains are've inspired me:)

Louise said...

Adore everything, especially the beadboard and curtains

Rue said...

Good morning, Laura :)

I'm wondering if the holes were from an old ironing board cabinet?

Anyway, the room looks beautiful. I didn't think it was possible to love a laundry room, but I love yours :)

Have a great weekend!


Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

Nice to have that handy man yes! :) Kudos to both of you :)

Donna Wilkes said...

Two beautiful color choices! Quite the transformation.

ellen b. said...

I love having a hubby that can "get er done". Congrats on yours!

Kelley said...

Simply smashing, dahling!

Hugs and happy weekend... and wouldya get the laundry done already?! *wink*

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Love your laundry room. The beadboard and those curtains are amazing. You and Mr. Decor can do just about anything.

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

The laudry room is more beautiful by each post!

lynn cockrell said...

Your husband is truly talented, Laura, and the room with its smocked curtains is gorgeous!

Auntie Em said...

Love beadboard and what better place than in a kitchen or laundry room! It looks so sweet and old fashioned. Renovations opens up a whole plethora of wonderful surprises...weird holes and strange configurations but it made perfect sense to someone, once upon a time, as they renovated and repaired. Can you imagine the surprises hidden behind plaster and wall boards in the older homes in Europe? The little crooked cottages in the British country sides or the French villa? The modern bungalows here in NA are a doddle compared to those homes! lol
It is a real blessing having a hubby who will try at least to do the renovations in your home. But I am sure you contribute as much elbow grease as well. It is hard work and can start a few 'discussions' when things don't run smoothly but what a sense of pride and accomplishment when you finally stand in the middle of a room and look around. You can say 'I did that!' and then go rub the ointment on the aching muscles and bandage all the cuts and bruises. Oh my!
Thank you for sharing your beautiful rooms. They are really all coming together. :)