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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

An Inexpensive Drying Rack for the Laundry Room

When we lived in Phoenix I had a simple outdoor clothesline that I used regularly to dry delicate linens. Here in Texas, given the inclement weather, I needed an indoor solution.

A look back at this wall when we first moved in last October shows it was covered in a wire shelving rack that was barely hanging on. It was taken down, the walls were massively patched and received three coats of Ladurée green. The door and trim was painted "Du Jour".

You can also see that for some reason only two of the five sections of walls sported bead board. Everything was also very, very dirty.

I first perused Pinterest and found several inspiring ideas for drying racks. While Mr. Decor could easily have built any one of the numerous tutorials there is a point where one's "to do" list far exceeds their spare time. We needed something ready made that didn't cost a million dollars. I found exactly what I wanted and the price was right

Update: it looks like many DTA readers loved the Better Home and Gardens drying rack and it is currently sold out but it will be back in stock soon. 
Needing a spot for our extra keys box I placed it on top of the shelf along with a few other bits of bird themed decor.

To provide enough space in between the dryer and the drying rack it had to be hung slightly off center on the large wall.

To the left I hung one of two pictures that I made way back in 2008. As always I also try to incorporate family heirlooms when decorating my home to make it more personal. 

My great-grandfather, Guy Wilbur Bradley, opened an ice cream shoppe with his brother, Edward, in Walnut Creek, California. (You can see a photo of the shop HERE. My grandmother, Mary Bradley Varner, is the tot pictured and Great Grandpa Guy is to the right.) He wore a suit and tie to the store seven days a week. My great-grandmother, Lorena, always had his suits cleaned. This of course was at a time when cleaners still used wooden hangers for advertising. When I cleaned my Grandma Mary's house out I made sure these historical hangers came home with me. 

My Papa Jack, a banker for Wells Fargo, was also a snappy dresser. His garments were cleaned in Oakland. You just can't buy such memories at a home store. 

Tomorrow I will share our storage solution for laundry supplies.

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Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Love this solution! Where did you find it? The link isn't working for me.

Cranberry Morning said...

Love that clever drying rack! I've got to track that one down. thanks for sharing it.

Kelley said...

Simply divine, dahling!


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

I love your drying rack and most of all I love the hangers. Perfect.

Terri Steffes said...

Where have I been? SOmehow I got disconnected from your posts. If you have tried to contact me about the apron, I am sorry I didn't respond...anyway, I still want one!

martinealison said...

Bonjour chère amie,

Chez moi, j'utilise les deux possibilités, celle d'étendre mon linge dehors dès que possible et l'autre lorsque le temps ne le permet pas de l'épingler dans le sous-sol de la maison.
J'aime beaucoup l'étendage que vous avez... La petite cage à oiseau est charmante également.
Très jolie publication.

Gros bisous ❀

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

What a beautiful solution to a very mundane everyday problem. I wish I only had to hang delicates. Unfortunately I'm one of those people that's pretty much afraid to dry anything but towels, socks and underwear for fear of shrinkage. So I hang EVERYTHING. I have white metal racks similar to the old ones you had, as well as a large, portable metal one that pretty much camps out in our kitchen eating area most of the time because that's right outside the laundry room door (it's actually a closet, hence the need to put the rack outside the room). God that really sounds horrible, doesn't it? Oh well, with three kids you do what you have to do. This too shall pass, right?:) So glad you found a great rack.

Karena Albert said...

Very smart Laura and exactly what I need in my little place!! I hope I can find it soon! Thank you!!

The Arts by Karena
Jackson Pollock's Mural

Bert K said...

I am very jealous! I've been trying to find this exact rack for over 6 months! Now that I've seen it in a "real" life environment, I want it even more! Love all of your design decisions!