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Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Pretty Storage Solution for Laundry Supplies

Generally the laundry room is one of the hardest working spaces in a home. But there is no reason that it can't also be pretty.

The laundry room at Storybook Cottage has generous storage in the form of two sets of cabinets. However, they are placed fairly high up on the wall. The height combined with the width of the washing machine and dryer makes it a bit difficult to reach.

Since I do laundry about every other day I wanted easy access to the soap, bleach and softener I use. I found this tray at Marshall's and thought that the French script was a perfect fit. Translation: Pure Soap Olive Oil

I recycled French lemonade bottles and filled them with bleach and softener.

Powdered oxygen bleach and laundry detergent were placed into inexpensive glass jars from Ikea. They are shown here without their lids so you can see that even the vintage scoops are fun.

The vignette also include a large vintage metal scoop that holds dryer sheets. It once belonged to Grandpa Gunn. A small wire basket holds my collection of antique English and French wooden clothes pins. The child sized versions are my favorite. 

Tomorrow we'll conclude the week with other bits of laundry room bliss.

Update: Great Escaper brought up a valuable point that homes with small children should keep their toxic cleaning products well out of the reach of tiny hands preferably in locked cabinets. 


GSGreatEscaper said...

Laura, you know I love you, but as a CPR/FA instructor I must gently remind everyone that putting toxic chemicals, especially bleach, into food storage containers is one of the commonest causes of household poisonings! I know you have no little children in your home but others may not be aware of the dangers.

Are you aware that several children have died from eating those dissoluble detergent 'pods'' that look like candy? Please people, be vigilant!!

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

What a pretty laundry room!!

Auntie Em said...

Your room is so pretty! I have a very, very, VERY small laundry room. Washer/Dryer and a couple feet in front to stand. But DH built in cabinets for storage over and the front loader and dryer are on a base so they are easy to reach into and we have storage under for ugly stuff like boxes of garbage bags and extra detergent.

Louise said...


Rue said...

Hi Laura :)

Your laundry room is beautiful. I really need to do something with mine. It's the scariest place in the house lol

You've come up with some great ideas that I'll be "borrowing" and I don't have small kids either, so no worries there ;)


Stacey said...

Your laundry room looks great! I really like how light and bright it is. The curtains are so sweet in there. :)

Linda said...

Everything in your home is so gorgeous!
Ours is the opposite - pretty but very lived in and rough, lol, including our laundry room which is a pass-through mud room from the garage that not only has the washer and dryer, but also the furnace and water heater all in a tight, narrow passageway. Oh, I forgot, it's also the place for the cat box, so yes, it's always dirty & messy. I sweep it but it gets dirty right again. It has old vinyl flooring that is permanently stained and there's cat poop on the wall behind the litter box that I scrape off and it's right back again. Welcome to our home, lol. Also it's the only access way to the backyard through the garage. So..... all that shared, I don't know how it would be possible to add much beauty that space, other than what I've tried. I suppose I could give it a new paint job at some point and that would freshen things up, but all my time is pretty much spent outdoors now in the yard working on something else.

Lory Owens said...

Awesome job Ms. Laura! Have a great weekend!

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Wow! You managed to make soap and detergent beautiful ;)

lynn cockrell said...

My laundry room is tiny as well, Laura. Using the tray is a great idea. My husband and I both do laundry duty and I must say it has become increasingly difficult to reach up high above my washer and dryer to reach things and since we buy those large containers. That, coupled with the arthritis in my hands, back/neck, makes the idea of doing laundry a dreaded task for me. I hope to get my kitchen, powder room and laundry room spruced up this summer and I am getting some good ideas as I am back-tracking to some of your other posts now that I have a minute or two!