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Friday, March 13, 2015

When You Have Design ADD - Half Finished Projects on Parade

My house is FULL of half finished projects.

I wish I could just finish ONE room. There is pressure, both personal and professional, to just be done already.

Because really, in blogland, if there is a choice between seeing a “work in progress” versus a glorious “AFTER” most people would choose the “AFTER”.

A lot of real life has been occurring in our home. Some of which I have shared here and some of which I have kept private.

So, there are days when I say to myself “Just breathe. Do the laundry. Then breathe some more.”

And it is enough.

25 Ways to Make Laundry More Enjoyable!

But at least once a day there is the big deep sigh as I look around my home.

The laundry room is ALMOST done.

Design ADD 025

The new bead board walls  just need to be caulked then finished with one coat of paint.  

Design ADD 057

Sheer, white voile curtains need to be sewn for the window.

Design ADD 058

A trip to IKEA needs to occur to pick up the supplies needed to turn this birdcage into a light fixture.

Design ADD 032-001

The completion of the living room also seems to be occurring at a snails pace. Which that should be expected when you are decorating with thrift store and estate sale finds. The key word being “find”. Six months in and a pair of chairs continue to elude me.

But I did FINALLY find a brass and glass coffee table in my price range. Thank you Craiglist.

Design ADD 039

We also made a decision of the direction we will go in with the ginormous fireplace.

I also found a bit of mantel art on clearance. While it is not exactly what I want, it will keep me from tearing my hair out temporarily.

Design ADD 061

I guess in the end it all boils down to perspective. Do we focus on the big picture and be exasperated at the state of the undone?

design add 070

Or take delight in the tiny bit of surprise beauty?

design add 063-001

Today I will choose to focus on small bits of beauty.



Auntie Em said...

In the end, it's the little things that will matter the most. The big things are usually things we have no control over or at least very little. And they can certainly knock us off our feet. But we can have a few laughs at supper time, or admire a little blossom that cheers us up. We can call someone special and have a chat, or make an awesome batch of cookies to share. It won't fix the big problems but it makes them easier to face. But it's the little things that give us the strength to go on. {{{hugs}}}

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Redoing a whole house is daunting to say the least. You have accomplished so much, so hang in there. I am sure it looks much better than you think and it will all come together.

Linda said...

Hey, we've been in our home 15 years and still there are unfinished projects everywhere! Take it easy on yourself. I think you're wonderful.

Christine said...

Just keep your chin up, like you have and it will care you through.
Sometimes life does feel like "over load" with pressures coming at you from everywhere.
I like that you have chosen to "to focus on small bits of beauty"!

Kelley said...


Hugs and happy weekend,

Jaybird said...

I'm with you...the tiny surprises are the BEST!!!! Yesterday we had a few bands of blue sky, and we all gathered at the window in my office to admire it :^)
I have a sheer white embroidered panel that I would be glad to share with you...just tell me where to send it....
I think you all are doing a wonderful job, but I understand that it takes a while :^( Keep us posted about what you need...maybe I have things incarcerated in my attic, that are just what you are looking for!! (except two chairs....If I had those, I would put them in my living room :^)
Blessings to you...have a great weekend,

Burlap Luxe said...

I was feeling this very vibe of overload weeks ago, and in the last two weeks I have been busy weeding out the old, and finishing up the undone, to then pack up the loose ends. One thing at a time lightened that heavy load of feeling raveled and frayed to now feeling a sense of burndened down feeling to callers days of organized.
You will get there dear this is a good sign that you see it :)

Love this open eye opening post that allows us all to see what's undone in our lives.

Beauty and grace to you and your weekend.


Burlap Luxe said...

Ooop's ! Meant to write calmer days of organized.... :))


Kelly Deal said...

Lots of projects, I know how you feel Laura! I've been in the mood to redecorate the entire home.

Marianne said...

I love your ironing board caddy! Wherever did you find it?

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

I love the thrill of the hunt! You will get it done.....why rush? when you get it done again, you will be bored and have to start another project! How do I know this??? Yeah, I live that life!

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Like you, I have many unfinished projects, but I think in the end what matters is that things get transformed slowly and to take the time to admire little things of beauty!

Bonnie said...

You'll get it all done. Relax and enjoy that you can do the projects. When you get older the pain of arthritis hinders your ability to do projects yourself.
You would be bored with nothing to do. I marvel at your energy now.

Maureen Wyatt said...

I think it is way more interesting to see your process, including the things you have to wait for, than a quick before and after. So far so good, I say!

Lorrie said...

Little by little it will all get done. It's fun to see the process and enjoy it, too, delighting in the little changes that will add up. You're doing a great job.

sarah said...

I prefer to see the journey, not just the finished product. I cant believe all you have completed. My house will take me 20 years to get done but it makes me happy knowing I will get there.