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Friday, March 6, 2015

An Enchanting Fairyland and the Cute Boots I Frolicked In

By now you have probably heard that winter has even reached Texas. Not even a week before we had been enjoying weather in the high 70’s and signs of spring were present.

Snow at Sotrybook Cottage 014

Both the pansies and primroses seemed to take the plummeting temperatures in stride.

Snow at Sotrybook Cottage 016

The entire neighborhood looked like an enchanted fairyland.

Snow at Sotrybook Cottage 041

It was an adventure for this guy who doesn’t remember living in Germany, only the desert of Phoenix. He sweetly cleared the walk with a garden shovel so the fur boys could easily reach their favorite tree. :)

Meanwhile, our niece “Birdie” had come to visit from Philly. We accused her of bringing the weather with her.

Snow at Sotrybook Cottage 032

She and her Uncle Eric had a jolly afternoon and made the neighbors smile.

Snow at Sotrybook Cottage 033

Several people stopped by to take a picture of their “Snow Dachshund”.

Snow at Sotrybook Cottage 034

I busied myself keeping a houseful fed but took a moment to sneak out to capture a bit of beauty.

Snow at Sotrybook Cottage 025

Feeling artistic I looked for various textures…

Snow at Sotrybook Cottage 023

…Focusing on reflection and light.

Snow at Sotrybook Cottage 026-001

I might have been one of the few Texans delighted with the white splendor. Since this weather is a rarity there are no snow removal services or salt trucks. An ice/snow storm such as this cripples the entire city.

Snow at Sotrybook Cottage 022

Having lived in the desert the past 10 years we are all sorely lacking in cold weather gear. Keeping in mind that we are much more likely to encounter rain I decided to purchase these “Jubilee” wellies that seem to have my name written all over them.

English roses, bunting, foxes, bunnies, the Union Jack and a crown….well, they are truly fit for a Queen. Or at least the Duchess of Décor. :)

To make them a bit more warmer on the off chance it snows again I also ordered some Hunter fleece boot socks in Navy.

It’s a truly classic look…

1981 | When Shy Di met with the press on her Scottish honeymoon, her finery was limited to her Welsh gold wedding ring inscribed with a message from the prince: "I Love You, Diana." | InStyle 3

…which has recently had a resurgence of popularity in the fashion world. Although the Duchess is shown wearing Le Chameau wellies here.

love. Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, aka Kate Middleton

How are you keeping warm?


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Auntie Em said...

hehehe! I know, I know, snow is a rare sight in Texas, but I had to chuckle about the inch or so of snow crippling the city. Meanwhile we are waiting for the seven foot drifts to melt away...and hopefully not too fast or rubber boots won't even keep our feet dry!
I hope everyone stayed safe and off the roads since there wouldn't be any salt even on them. And fun to have company there to share in the fun. Hope you aren't spending all the visit tied to the stove. Seems to happen to me a lot when we have a houseful.
Love your boots! They will be nice and cozy for splashing in the puddles left when the snow melts away. :)

FairfieldHouse said...

Laura, "Birdie" only brought the "sprinkles on top" and not all the snow we've been hit with. I adore your snow dachshund! If you haven't already, you need to take a picture of Rudi and Franz in front of it! I'm going to order a pair of those “Jubilee” wellies" although I hope I will only need them for puddle jumping! Love, Deborah

Carrie said...

Very cute boots! Enjoy the dash of snow and your company

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh my word, the dachsun snow dog is just the cutest thing ever. Love the Wellies and the socks, they look fabulous. Sounds like a fun time.

Pat@Life At Lydias House said...

Your family is going to love experiencing four different seasons!! I know it was a special treat to enjoy the snow. And, those wellies are just too cute!! I love them!

Karena Albert said...

Laura great photos and Yes it has been frigid here, though is to warm up tomorrow and I hope the rest of the snow will melt!
Love your wellies and the Hunter's !!

The Arts by Karena

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I love the snow dachshund Laura!

Love your boots! They are so pretty and something I would buy for myself, too.

Denise said...

Hi Laura, I'm SO glad you got a pretty snow before winter is over! I'd forgotten that you lived in Germany, and after ten years in the desert, I'm sure you were glad to see some snowflakes. :) We got a few snows here in N.C., but the last one was the prettiest. Now, we're officially ready for spring. :-D

I LOVE your new Wellies -- too, too cute! I also enjoyed the pictures of the royal couples. I hope you're feeling better these days, Laura. I know you've had a hard time this winter with all your family deaths. I've been thinking of you, my friend.

Big hugs,

Denise at Forest Manor

Fairhope Supply Co. said...

The snow dachshund cracks me up! We had a 50° drop in temperatures within 24 hours here in South Alabama! I had my air conditioner on one day - heater the next.

I received Hunter boots for Christmas and love sloshing around in them! Stay warm and toasty! said...

Love the Dachshund and all your beautiful snow pics - the one of the rose is greeting card worthy!. We just had about 16 inches of snow Wednesday night through Thursday afternoon. It was beautiful, but I'm ready for Spring. The sun was out bright today and it will be warmer tomorrow so it will start melting. Hopefully, no major flooding will occur. We've stayed close to home and have done some marathon watching of 7th Heaven reruns. I made homemade spaghetti sauce and doctored up a box brownie mix using butter and milk instead of oil and water. Oh my, they were decadent. So glad you were able to enjoy a little winter in Texas.

Janet Garon said...

Loved the dachshund snowdog, the snow is pretty! We were fortunate to only get a little ice and I am loving those boots!

Louise said...

Those boots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!