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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Praise Him With A Paintbrush

It’s Saturday night and I watch the time closely while I am making dinner. I turn the heat on the stove to low and race up to the second floor. There are just two washers and two dryers to serve the needs of all the people currently staying in this hotel. It seems that there is always a line so I like to make sure that I am never late to throw the laundered clothes into the dryer. I am six minutes early. So I sit down in the warm, quiet room. I am by myself . This has not happened in several weeks. I don’t even have the deterrent of a phone.  I breathe deeply. My mind wanders to my “to do” list. The family room with the coffered ceiling is ready to be painted.

It has taken a week to get to this point.

I’m not at my best right now and the prep work has been intense. You forget that there are various levels of dirty people are comfortable living with.

Earlier this week I instagrammed my discovery of 30 year old dirt on top of the bookcase built ins. I also found someone’s missing sock.

I wish I was further passed this point. I keep thinking “College starts again for me on October 19th.” I also now know, that for me, there is a point to which I have tired living in a hotel. I am sure this is compounded by the fact that Franz the dachshund is a bit bewildered and scared and has taken to barking out his fears at 1, 3 and 5 in the morning. It’s hard to transform a house and still be the wife/mom and serve hot meals and provide clean laundry.

 Laundry. Three minutes left until I can transfer our clothes to the dryer.

My mind wanders again. I think about how I am living in the bible belt and yet no one has invited our family to their church.

Then I smile because I know my two good friends living just an hour away will read this and now make a point to invite us to church.

I guess I was just hoping for a neighbor to show up on my door with cookies and an invitation.

Then I decide to be grateful to our neighbor who earlier today saw Sweet Boy trying to clean a million oak leaves off of our driveway with a beaten down old broom and loaned him his rake.

Glass half full.

So yes, tomorrow I will be painting a ceiling instead of sitting in a church pew.

I am going to sing praise music and imagine that I am creating a modern version of the Sistine Chapel. Will God smile upon me?

Surely He will have to when He spies the jumpsuit I found to keep my clothes paint splatter free.

Praising Him everywhere,


“All God's creatures, bless the LORD! Everywhere, throughout his kingdom, let my whole being bless the LORD!” ~ Psalm 103:22

“But thanks be to God, who in the Messiah constantly leads us in a triumphal procession and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of what it means to know Him!” ~  2 Corinthians 2:14

“ Sing to Him, sing praise to Him; tell of all His wonderful acts.” ~ 1 Chronicles 16:9


Karena Albert said...

You are a superwoman Laura. As soon as the neighbors and others in the area get to meet you, they will have a friend forever!

The Arts by Karena

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh I so wish this was all behind you and all the painting was done. God Bless. I will be thinking of you with that paint brush in hand and I will sing with you.

Desires of the Heart said...

Moving is so very hard Laura. You are doing great....try to just take it a step at a time, knowing it will all happen and unfold just as it should when the time is right. Praying you will have wonderful friendly neighbors, who Yes, will invite you to church and bring those symbolic cookies to let you know you are welcome and not invisible. Moving seems to take away our identity for a while, but then that also can be a gift of sorts as it allows you to concentrate on you and your family and not other concerns and needs. So, while it last, sing your praises loud as you paint and dream of your new life in Texas. Soon enough, you will be firmly planted. Blessings, Linda

Gypsy Heart said...

I don't know where you live or I could invite you to Church or recommend some in your area to visit. :) Don't work too hard! I can only imagine how tired you are. So hope the strep throat is on the way out.


Bonnie said...

Laura, I have been out of the country and haven't read blogs since the first of August. Please know I have missed you and hope things progress faster and you are settled in no time. I relate to all the adjustments of moving. I moved to Alaska with first and fourth grade children. My husbands job was busy and exciting for him. I left the south where I had lived all my life and found myself in the dead of a harsh winter and didn't know a soul. I left a great house for army quarters and little shopping except grocery stores. I had a huge adjustment. You can make it and I know you will make the best of every situation.I am sure in no time you will have great friends and a wonderful church. I look forward to reading your back posts and catching up. I don't know which house you chose. Blessings to you today. Bonnie

Pat@Life At Lydias House said...

This season will soon pass too. Meanwhile, we need a picture of you in that jumpsuit!!!

Auntie Em said...

You are awesome!!! {{{{hugs}}}} :)