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Thursday, October 23, 2014

ORC Week 4 - Are We All On Board With A Blue Leather Couch?

As with most rooms there is always one item that is a bit risky. Either financially or aesthetically. In the case of the couch destined for our family tv room it is both. The sofa is a Chesterfield style which is as classic as can be. The risk is that it is navy blue leather. I pulled the trigger on this beauty so that it would arrive in time for the One Room Challenge reveal. Mr. Décor and the kids both love it. But the question is do you?

blue couch

I also have been scouring Etsy for vintage plaid blankets and throw pillows. Here’s an inspiration image of similar items as I want to save the specific bits of bliss for the reveal.

Tartan Throws on Outdoor Table and Chair

As far as the room itself the ceiling and built ins have been painted. The transformation is completely amazing. Given that it was 30+ year old varnished wood there are still areas with a bit of bleed through (despite sanding, priming and 2-3 coats of paint) that are being touched up. But boy it looks SO good! The carpets were relatively new and since the Storybook Cottage seems to be hemorrhaging enough money in the 3 weeks we have owned it  (Can you say backed up plumbing main line?) I opted to just give them a deep steam clean.


I am still on the hunt for a vintage red oriental carpet and need to paint the base of the thrift store coffee table base I found. Mr. Décor and the kids will cut and saw the wood this weekend to finish the top. Once we are finished it should look similar to this:

Have to have it. Belham Living Townsend Coffee Table $159.98

Then if that it is not enough to keep me busy, there is the matter of having an entire house to unpack.

Two words, ¡Ay, caramba!


You can see all of the other participants on Linda’s website Calling It Home.


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Auntie Em said...

LOVE the blue leather couch! And with the tartans and the pale blue walls, even better! Especially with the warm climate you are in.
It must have been a little overwhelming but a relief when the moving truck pulled up. It will soon start feeling like home with all your own furniture and belongings set in place. Welcome home! :)

Karena Albert said...

Navy Blue s so classic as is the Chesterfield! Love, love it Laura, great choice!

The Arts by Karena

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh I love the sofa. I had one just like it in velevet for 20 years and loved it. Should have just recovered it instead of selling it. Such a beautiful style. The Blue will be perfect for you.

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

I think I have an idea of the look you are going for. I used to be very opposed to leather furniture (I always thought it was too cold looking and feeling) but lately I have changed my mind as to old and really worn soft leather - I think that's cool. Yours is a real classic, and I love the tufting. I know whatever you do in that room will make it look fabulous.

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Looking real good Laura...LOVE the blue leather sofa!!

Pat@Life At Lydias House said...

You have made so much progress on your new home. I can't wait to see the finished room! BTW I would bring dinner for you if you were my neighbor. Still praying for strength and patience for you and your family!

Christine Dovey said...

Love the blue leather and all is looking great! Love the plaid and persian mix.

Liz@ Infuse With Liz said...

Oh I pray that all your belongings got shipped well and there is little to no damage! I just read another blogger's post about their things and some issues they had. The sofa looks very handsome and attractive! I have to sit on a sofa to know if I like it. We aren't very tall and some sofas are too deep for us. I love leather and the idea of the blue sounds fabulous! I saw a blue leather sofa in a house many years ago and it was beautiful. Take it easy and remember to breathe!

Gypsy Heart said...

I LOVE the sofa! The color and style will be classic and look wonderful in your room. Years ago I was opposed to leather, however, the "new" leather material used is so comfortable. I think I would have run away when that truck pulled up! :) I would be more than happy to help you in any way ~ please feel free to let me know. Food? Dessert? :)


Alana in Canada said...

If I had more of a budget--your family room would be my living room. I love the navy chesterfield. Love.

Debra@Common Ground said...

LOVE a Chesterfield Sofa, such a classic. I think your Navy one will be wonderful with all those great plaids!

mrs. V | Chez V said...

I am a big fan of the navy blue chesterfield! Great progress!

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I love Chesterfield sofas! It looks great in navy, classic, but with a little twist, like half-masculine, half-feminine: perfect!

bloggymom said...

You have been mighty busy!!! The room looks so light and bright. Happy Un-packing!!!

Brenda said...

Love the sofa (I also have a navy blue leather couch). It will look great with a tartan assortment of pillows/throws. You are really transforming this room. Sorry to hear about the plumbing - the joys of homeownership.

Lorrie said...

That is a wonderful leather chesterfield. Love it and it will look great in the space.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

It's a beautiful sofa, Laura! I can't wait to see the room reveal! It's been three years since we moved and I still shudder when I think about packing and then unpacking all those boxes. : ) Good luck - take breaks and do a bit at a time.

Linda said...

I know whatever you do will look lovely. I'm not really a fan of chesterfield sofas, but if you all like it - that's all that matters. :)

Hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend,

Sarah said...

Thumbs up on the blue leather sofa! Can't wait to see the plaid things. '-)
Don't wear yourself out………Sarah

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I had no idea you were just moving into this home. Oh my!! Of course you should clean and save the carpet. This is real life, and that is the smart decision. Love the white casework. Hang in there.

kate@willowinteriors said...

Love the leather couch and more importantly your family does so I hope you've ordered it! Can't wait to see more and good luck this week...sounds a little chaotic! :)

Rick said...

I LOVE the Chesterfield style sofa. I'm not sure about blue? I've always wanted one but I think I have to have a sofa with a high back for comfort. I've been sofa shopping for over a year and can't decide.
You're making great progress!