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Thursday, October 9, 2014

One Room Challenge - Week 2

This past week has just flown by while working on the One Room Challenge. It’s been a bit exhausting.

First up a bit of demolition occurred. I know a few of you were saddened by the fact that I removed the wine rack from the bathroom. :)

Here’s a “BEFORE” picture for posterity.

The 10 Cent Tour 135

I also pulled down not one, but two wallpaper boarders.

Next the built ins in the family room received a bit of wood filler in some spots followed by sanding them smooth in preparation for painting.

the house 014

Friday was an early release day for Sweet Guy. Much to my joy he was happy to fill in all the nail holes on the bead board. I love free child labor.

Meanwhile Mr. Décor ripped up the linoleum in the bathroom….

our house 103

…and replaced it with tile. What an improvement!

the house 059

Knowing that dust is the enemy of paint everything was then wiped down. The top of the built ins were the worst. They came complete with the previous owners missing sock.

The bathroom walls received two coats of Gustavian Blue by Ralph Lauren. It looked fabulous but also somehow managed to put a unwanted focus on just how worn and yellowed the cultured marble sink area is.

the house 067

I was then ready to move on to painting the walls of the family room. I am not sure what exactly what was applied to the walls before, but it took two coats of primer followed by two coats of paint and I might need to do a third coat of paint on two of the walls. Sigh.

The 10 Cent Tour 114

But it is looking SO much better!

the house 013

I know you’re curious. Behind the right door is a closet where we will store board games and perhaps repurpose the wine rack. Hee hee. The left closet holds the hot water heater and prior to cleaning, we wondered if it also held Jimmy Hoffa. #SCARY (Remember, we just bought this house two weeks ago.)

The 10 Cent Tour 207

We need something pretty STAT! I took advantage of a good sale at Lowes and bought some Levelor bamboo blinds for the three windows.

the house 019

This next week I will be painting the coffered ceiling in the family room as well as the half bath. Both of the rooms REALLY need it. 

The bead board also needs deglossing, sanding and painting. I can’t wait to get past this and focus on the pretty!

The 10 Cent Tour 166

I also need to sand the wood vanity in the half bath to prepare it for painting.

The 10 Cent Tour 153

So, how about helping a girl out? Tell me which shade of navy you would like the vanity to be…. 1, 2, or 3 ? 

the house 021

Thank you to everyone who has left such lovely comments. I hope to visit each and every one of very soon when life slows down a bit. If you can believe it I have also been working on other areas of the house and will share that progress on Monday.




GSGreatEscaper said...

Shade 2! I think it reflects more light.The others look more like a substitute for black....

Trish said...

OH MY GOSH - two wallpaper borders. You poor thing. As for paint....of the lot, 2 is best. I'm thinking that purples counteract yellows so the more purple tones in that blue could help you with the countertop looking too yellow. BTW...I have the same marble in two bathrooms. And it's on the floors too! Ugh.

You are really making a lot of progress - hang in there. You are blessed with a whole family of helpers, lucky you. We bought a new house a little over a year ago and re-did the whole builder grade situation before we moved in (except those two bathrooms - budgets! It's a serious process that is not for the faint of heart. And I had a contractor and a team of painters. You just amaze me.

Lesley Metcalfe said...

You've been very busy! Those are three very good blue paint colours you picked out, it's hard to choose a favourite. I like the hint of teal in #1 but I also like the richness in #2. #3 feels maybe a little too dark, but it's also a great colour. Can't wait to see which one you pick!

Cranberry Morning said...

Love the transformation that the tile floor brings! It's beautiful! And of course I love the sweet doggie. Zzzzzz.

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

You've been busy Laura but it's going to look fabulous in the end!! I like #1 for the vanity.

Karen said...

I vote for # 2. The others seem too dark. Thank you for including us in your journey.

Auntie Em said...

Well, that is a lot of work!!! Thank goodness for child labour is right. lol It's crazy all the painting and patching you have to do but it is going to be so fresh and homey when you are finished. Thank goodness you ripped out the wine rack, If there was that much nasty stuff on top of the cabinet, I would hate to think how much was in it! And under that W/H made me shudder.
Please don't wear yourself out getting everything done at once. It's a lot of work and you folks don't want to get run down. Love seeing your progress and stories. BTW, I am thinking #3 looks pretty cool! :)

Gypsy Heart said...

#2 ~ I also love Naval by Sherwin Williams. It's the one I have in my bedroom.

Not sure how in the world you're doing all this + being sick.


Darla H said...

You have been very busy but it is looking great. My lovely "marble" was/is in our bathrooms as well. The master even has a garden tub and I have to confess, I was the one who picked the lovely "marble" out when the house was built 30 years ago. I was very, very young back then. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. LOL. We had them painted with white epoxy about a year ago, since we (meaning extreme cheapskate hubby) does not want to redo the bathroom just yet. It made a huge difference and was relatively inexpensive. I love what you are doing and I think it is going to look fantastic. #1 is my favorite

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

You have been busy and it is all looking soooooooooooo good. I think # 3 - or whichever one is really dark. To offset the yellow looking vanity sink, maybe use some blue and yellow towels, no one will notice. Or if you use some gold accessories on the counter that will help camouflage the yellow also.

68b5222c-982f-11e3-bf4e-000bcdca4d7a said...

I like #3. Please tell me what kind of tile you used on your bathroom floor. I have to pick tile out this weekend for our reno and i am stumped. I like slate, I like mosaic, I like, I like, I like. I am having the hardest time making a decision and any advice would help. Thank you. Incidentally I love what you are doing to your home.

Karena Albert said...

Laura, you are all getting so much done! Though, yes, I am so saddened about the wine rack removal (ha!)
Number 2 Blue!

The Arts by Karena

Christine said...

So far Marty and I think alike, #3 !!
And her reason is better then mine. I just like dark navy!

Kelley said...

El numero dos!

So, here are two hugs for you, too!

P.S. Aloha from Honolulu where we're sitting in the United Club, soon bound for Guam. Can I get a howdy please?! Yippee-yi-yo! Home I go! xo

Christine Dovey said...

#3 for me!

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

That was a lot of work. I agree with Christine, #3.

Improvement List said...

My vote is #3 although #1 is a close second. Good luck with all the painting. It will look great when all is finished.

Fairhope Supply Co. said...

Removing wallpaper is such a chore, I swore I would never use it again! Things look like they are very busy around your place!

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

I can not believe how much work you've accomplished! yay! I'd go with number 2.

Erin Dove said...

Wow...everything looks great so far! I vote for #2. Good luck this next week :)

Lorrie said...

I like #1, but then I'm influenced by the names of paint colours (so I hide the words when I'm choosing). You have been SO busy! I'll bet you fall into bed like a log each night. So glad Jimmy Hoffa didn't turn up in your closet. I love the color you chose for the walls - it's so much brighter.

Lana L. said...

Great progress! I like #1.

Angela said...

#3 PLEASE! Everything looks great, can't wait to see what you do!

Language of Color & Texture said...

You must be exhausted, I wish I could help you paint. Number 3 looks best to me. Looking forward to the decorating portion.

Shelia Dowd said...

I love, love the idea of navy cabinets! Have you considered Benjamin Moore's Hale Navy? Just a thought - I can't wait to see them painted!
Shelia @ House of Highlands

bloggymom said...

Wow!! You have been busy! I like #2. I use free child labor as well... mine does a mighty good job vacuuming and emptying the dishwasher. :)