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Friday, September 19, 2014

My Favorite Five~ Susan

As I am in the midst of moving I am wrapping up the “My Favorite Five” series with a lovely post from Susan.

It was so gratifying to read that Laura invited fellow bloggers to post on “My Favorite Five” in order to spread kindness and hospitality in blogland. There are so many incredible kindred spirits out there and Laura is one of them. It’s no small feat to make the world a better place! So thank you, Laura, for letting me participate.

Four and a half yeas go, I started my blog, Writing Straight from the Heart. It has, from the very beginning, added immense happiness to my life. As anyone who blogs already knows, maintaining a blog is a labor of true love! I’m a native New Englander but for many years lived away from this area of the country. I moved back to Massachusetts, probably permanently, in 2002.

These days, I do freelance writing, primarily for a weekly newspaper, and work part-time with an independent teen program. Sometimes it’s challenging to fit-in time for hobbies but when one loves something, it’s possible to make time, even if it’s late at night or a few minutes squeezed in during busy days!

So today, I’d like to share five of my favorite hobbies.

1) Collecting and reading books go hand and hand with being a writer. My hubs built all the book shelves in our living room which are filled to the brim. I wouldn’t even begin to count all the other bookcases there are in other rooms throughout our house. Books are wonderful friends!

1-My favorite things around the house April 24, 2014 048 (Large)

2) Let’s see, attracting birds to our yard is another beloved hobby. My hubs answered my dream of installing a fountain, found at the end of one summer season. When birds fly into our yard and perch on it to take a drink or a bath, it’s cause for instant happiness!

1-outdoor yard shots 006 (Large)

In our yard, we also have birdfeeders, a bird bath, little sculptures picked up at yard and estate sales and lots of flowers!

1-outdoor yard shots 008 (Large)

3) Favorite hobby # 3 is dollhouses and miniatures. I have a dollhouse in the dining room and am in the process of adding a yard! Upstairs there is a house that’s being made into shops, including a bakery, candy store and thrift store! Then there’s a small scale house as well as one last unfinished one in the attic! Its restoration will be a future project!

1-My favorite things around the house April 24, 2014 036 (Large)

4) While not a big tea drinker, I love collecting tea cups. Almost all of my collection has been gleaned from yard and estate sales or thrift shops. There’s not too much room left for more, though.

1-My favorite things around the house April 24, 2014 041 (Large)

5) Cranberry glass is a deep pink color, very collectible and quite beautiful. My late Mother started that collection by gifting me a few pieces many years ago. Throughout the decades, whenever coming across this beautiful glass, it was challenging to find room in the budget to add to the collection. It really looks so pretty on windowsills or shelves and now, on top of the tv armoire as well.

1-April 26, new 2010 010 (Large)

Many thanks to Laura for letting me post today and many thanks to you, dear reader, especially if you’ve read down to this point in the post.

1-April 26, new 2010 006 (Large)

Life is so very precious and having hobbies adds to its enjoyment!

It is so easy to see what a lovely heart Susan has. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful hobbies today.



lynn cockrell said...

What a lovely post! Those whose lives include love of the written word and printed images understands the affinity for books and magazines. There is nothing we enjoy more than holding a book or magazine in hand while reading and browsing through the pages of these articles. A love of other beautiful things, such as animals, colorful plants and other things seems inherit. It certainly is the case for me!

Auntie Em said...

Hmmm....we have very similar interests Susan! I love watching the birds at the feeder, there is pink glass all over my home, (although not a lot of cranberry, it's still pink!), lots of tea cups, (even though caffeine gives me headaches I do enjoy other types), a miniature house (still under construction) and plenty of reading material,(although these days it's mostly Victoria or Romantic Homes or online). Do you scrapbook or play with paper as well? :)
Thank you for sharing your sweet post. Cheers!

The Arts by Karena said...

You had me at your book collection, as my bookcases are overflowing and there are books in every room of the house!
Send you husband over please as I need a couple more shelves similar to yours!!

The Arts by Karena

Gypsy Heart said...

Nice to meet you, Susan!! I love, love the bookcases. It would make me so happy to have the space to have all of mine available.


Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

I love a room filled with books too! I love your rose colored glass. xoxoo

Lorrie said...

What a fun collection of favourites. Books are right up there for me, too. The cranberry glass is beautiful.