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Sunday, August 24, 2014

There Are Certain Things We Shouldn’t See or Share

I was going to write an entirely different post today. But sometimes God nudges me a bit and says “Hey, let’s not make it about what you want to write about today.” Until I comply the nagging does not stop. This is somewhat of a heavy subject matter that often we would rather turn away from.

But I can tell you that the closing of this post will be filled with glory and beauty of a precious life.

There are days that I just can’t help but ask:

“What is WRONG with people???”

Generally, I try to focus on what is RIGHT.

Unless you have been living electronically free for the past week you no doubt have heard the tragic news regarding journalist James Foley. Mr. Foley was captured by Islamic State jihadists in November, 2012. Previous rescue attempts by military personal failed and his life was ended earlier this week.

In this computerized day and age the video showing his murder popped up not only on news sites but then was shared to other social media sites such as Facebook.

I just can’t fathom watching such an act and then passing it on.

Instead of focusing on the beauty of Mr. Foley’s life there were those who chose to view barbarity and cruelty. Some even went on to share the grisly footage under the guise of anger.  

Which was exactly what the extremist group wanted.

I for one am not going to give them what they want.

James was the eldest child of Diane and John Foley.

Did you know prior to becoming a journalist he was a teacher and mentor to inner-city students through the Teach for America program at Lowell Elementary School in Phoenix? He later instructed inmates at the Cook County Sheriff's boot camp in Chicago and assisted them in improving their lives.

What a selfless and loving individual!


His fellow journalistic colleagues speak of his courage, generosity and “dedication to truth and understanding”.

James was a son and older brother to four siblings…

…a good friend and uncle.

James was also a fellow follower of Christ. 

His family learned from released hostages that their son had been a leader of the captives. “In their suffering he was helping the other prisoners. There were a couple of much younger people in the cell and we were told he would just hold them. We continue to feel weak but when we think of what Jim did we feel strong.” ~ Diane Foley

Mr. Foley was captured once before in 2011. So why did he go back?

His parents, siblings, friends and family members spent an hour with reporters outside their New Hampshire home recently. It was no where near enough time to share what an extraordinary human being he was. (You can see highlights from this appropriate video HERE.)

The Foley’s displayed rare courage and dignity as they spoke of their son.

Diane Foley said, “We implore the kidnappers to spare the lives of the remaining hostages. Like Jim, they are innocents.”

Jim would never want us to hate or be bitter. We’re praying for the strength to love like he did.”

“Jim had a big heart and that is what we shared with President Obama. We just pray that Jim's death can bring our country together in a stronger way.”

The Foley's are taking solace knowing their sons suffering is now over. “We miss his joy and his love but he is free now in Heaven.” 

Compassion and love is what should be seen and shared.

There are still 19 missing journalists in Syria. Let us pray for their safe return and for all the families.


The Foley’s believe that James offered up his life to save another journalist. With that, this well known verse comes to mind.

“There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends.” ~ John 15:13


maggiegracecreates said...

Thank you for this. As a group, humans confuse me with the attraction to negative and ugliness. I know it a sign of out fallen condition and that we must be aware always to turn away from these things.

Betty from My Irish Cottage Home said...

A beautiful post and I totally agree. Thank You for posting it.

Jane said...

Thank you, Laura! I would never watch that video and can't understand anyone wanting to watch it. Let us keep the Foley family in our thoughts and prayers as they mourn the loss of their son. May light perpetual shine upon him and may he rest in peace. He fought the good fight.

Rhonda said...

Your words are amazing, exactly, what IS wrong with some people? Filled with hate and anger, I can always pick them out of a crowd. Without the love of Christ in your heart, you will muster along filled with unhappiness. It's so sad some do not even know this. They hear the name Jesus, the word faith and roll their eyes and turn away. I pray they never outnumber us who believe.

May Jim rest in peace. What an incredible young man. Knowing full well he would be in danger, he still went back and covered the horrible conditions in Syria. I cannot look at any video as this, who can? Just the picture of him kneeling and knowing he was about to die was hard enough to see. It broke my heart.

You are such a blessing, Laura. I love how you think and feel.

The Primitique said...

Well done, Laura. Thank you.


I totally agree with you! I have refused to see this on TV I just hear it. I too feel they should focus on the beauty of this magnificent human being instead of how he got killed. Americans are going to have to take care of themselves a lot more and find devices to take pics of what's going on in troubled countries, without having to expose themselves at large, in places where people are such extremists TERRORISTS...SO SAD!!!!!!!

Charlotte said...

Thank you, Laura. Everytime I see a reporter or photographer in one of the danger zones, I am awed by their courage and worried for their safety.

Lorrie said...

Thank you, Laura. I learned things about James Foley that I didn't know before. I am so sorry for his parents and family. What a blessing his life has been to many.

Gypsy Heart said...

I will never be able to understand anyone viewing photos like that or sharing them. This young man gave his life for others, following Jesus' example. My heart breaks for his family and they deserve all the love, prayers and strength we can send their way.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful post about an incredible young man!


Karie's Chic Creations said...

Thank you. A beautiful tribute to a cherished son of God.. May his family find peace.

Carol said...

Wonderful post. Thank you for sharing.

Denise said...

Thank you for writing this post, Laura; beautifully and RESPECTFULLY done. This whole event saddens (and angers) me so much; it tears at the heart and spirit. Mr. Foley truly was an amazing person.

Denise at Forest Manor

Auntie Em said...

When God needs a new angel, he looks for the best.

BlueClearSky Elizabeth said...

This is how he should be remembered. Thank you for sharing this post, Laura.

Connie said...

That scripture is so true. This is a very good post in these times. I did a post on the state of affairs of our country and got heckled so much I deleted the post. I was just tired of the vitriol of another person who just continued to rant and rave. I cannot even imagine the grief of a parent losing a child, of any age. It's heartbreaking. I've decided to help Israel with a donation, quite inconsequential except to the people it helps feed, especially the Ukraine Jews now suffering and are immigrating to Israel. Being married to a retired military man, as you are, I understand how it would be to be put in harm's way daily defending our country. I abhor how the world is acting today, but it's scriptural so it needs to be done. As you say, he's with our Savior now and just fine. Thank you!

SheilaG @ Plum Doodles said...

How heartbreaking, and yet what a wonderful testimony his life is. Thank you for sharing the good man behind the tragedy, Laura.

Dayle Allen Shockley @ A Collection of Days said...

Like you, I refuse to watch anything as horrific as the death of another person and I don't understand those who do. May God grant peace and strength to the family of this man who did so much for others.

Jeanette@Creating A Life said...

Thank you, Laura.

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

Beautiful post. I wish the news media would do a special on his LIFE and not death, sharing for the worls what a wonderful man he was. How any HUMAN can do what these so called people do, is WAY beyond my comprehension. Thanks for doing this.

Pat@Life At Lydias House said...

Well said, Laura. Having lost my sister to violent crime through domestic violence, I can't imagine the actual act of murder being put online for the whole world to "enjoy" watching. I could not even look at the photos in the courtroom during the trial. My heart and my prayers go out to this man's precious family.

Deanna said...

A fallen world we live in...these people who killed him find honor in killing Christians and those that don't bow to allah.
They worship a false god and delight in killing.

Kelley said...

My heart is broken for Mr. Foley's loved ones, but I would be so proud to say he was my beloved son in whom I'm well pleased, too.

Thoughts and prayers to the family. Poignant, well done post, Laura.


Rosemary said...

His family has every right to be proud of the way their son lived and the courage he showed in his death. I am not surprised he was the spiritual leader and pillar of strength to fellow hostages. I'm so sorry for his family and the intense pain and grief they are feeling. I hope he is able to send them strength and love from heaven to help them in this anguish. Thank you for such a thoughtful and poignant post. Well done!

Linda said...

Dear Laura,
I try not to read even important news stories such as this, because I am having a hard time coming to grips with everything that I see taking place in the world, and I feel like at times, that my spirit is fading fast and I can't handle it all. I know if not for God's help, I wouldn't make it. Your blog piece was a beautiful testimony of this man's life and of what an incredible individual he was. Thank you for sharing and for spreading faith. ♥
Love, Linda

Miss Jane said...

I get frustrated when I see people posting negative things "out of anger". That is not what we are called to do in times of tragedy, rather give thanks for all that we are blessed with, lift up the peace-makers and send out love. Focus on the good and don't give any thought, energy or attention to those who would harm others.
Thanks for your fabulous post!

Liz Hockamier said...

What a great post! I just can't get over what a brave man he must have been. I would far rather hear the good things that he did. I have no desire what-so-ever to see "the video". You know what is seen, can not be unseen.

Sandy McClay said...

This post was SO needed in our community....I refused to watch any videos and just sent a beautiful photo of Jim to share with my FB friends....This world has truly gone absolutely insane! I am appalled at the people who not only watch these barbaric videos but send them on....please know that I will share this post anytime I can....your fellow blogger and friend....Sandy