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Monday, August 11, 2014

So, I Had No Business Buying This French Hutch…

The past two weeks I have been cleaning out closets like a boss! I had put at least 10 pieces of large furniture on Craigslist in preparation for our upcoming move to Texas. This last weekend we hosted a garage sale. I was so happy that everything sold quickly and for prices we were happy with.

Yes, I was the pare down princess!


Then I made one dreadful error. I walked into a thrift store with no agenda. I was merely just burning some time before a scheduled appointment. That’s when I spied this handsome piece from across a crowded room.

It contained all three of it’s original glass shelves, dual working interior light fixtures and it had true treillis métallique (wire mesh) versus the grillage (chicken wire) often seen. 


I looked at the price. Blinked and looked again. $80. Something had to be wrong. I slowly danced behind its back. I nearly fainted when I saw the maker. Drexel Heritage. Can I get a round of CHA CHING?


The word Chatillon loosely means a place where a medieval castle once stood. There are quite a few towns in France that include Châtillon in the name such as Châtillon-sur-Loire.

Even better I discovered that it was actually two pieces which was perfect for moving.


Then I walked out of the store. Hutchless. Yes, you read that right! I couldn’t think at that moment why or where I would need such a hutch. While I am a big supporter of “buy what you love and you will find a place for it”, I also subscribe to William Morris’s theory of “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful”.

But I still thought about that hutch.

Once I got home I opened up my Charles Faudree design books and admired his many antique hutches and cabinets with treillis métallique. These hutches sell for several thousands of dollars.

Charles Faudree!

Then I walked into my office and it hit me….our formal dining room furniture is currently being used as office storage but will hopefully be returned to its original intended purpose in our next home which we hope to acquire tout de suite.

office 065

office 001

office 023

So technically I will have no storage for the office. Wheels started turning folks! I hit up Pinterest for ideas.

Painted French China Cabinet - what a gorgeous piece of furniture

I would like a bit more color in my life and this fabric back is fun.

French provincial hand painted china cabinet hutch with chicken wire and a decorative decoupaged interior

Red is a traditional Provençal color.

Hutch with chicken wire - can update my china cabinet to this sort of style!

But maybe, just maybe I might be feeling a little bit green.

Emerald green hutch. #paintedfurniture #emerald

After sleeping on it I still WANTED that hutch. So I drove our pickup truck back to the thrift store and was there right when it opened. My hutch was waiting for me!!!

This is a reclaimed, restyled china cabinet by Finding Fabulous: Trash to Treasure Tuesday, and i love the way she arranged the pieces inside.

I might be in trouble with Mr. Décor who’s currently working out of state. So feel free to leave a comment about what a good deal and decision this was. :)


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linda t said...

WOW! Amazing deal! Tell your hubby it was a going-away present for yourself. I can hardly wait to see the transformation!

Pat@Life At Lydias House said...

No question, it was a SUPER great deal! As usual, your inspiration photos are fantastic. I can't wait to see it in your new home!!

Rita C. said...

Cha Ching! Laura, what a fine, fine bargain. $80 for Drexel?! I'll bet the original owner was turning over in his/her grave! And congrats on your garage sale. I admire your take charge, commander attitude and success!

GSGreatEscaper said...

I want that.

Imagine the storage capacity! Imagine how much it would cost to buy the equivalent at retail. Imagine how beautiful it will be when you've worked your magic on it. Imagine how much you actually saved by buying it so cheaply, even tho you will have to move it to Texas. Feel good about it - it's a symbol of your move being a positive opening up of your life rather than a negative!

Art by Karena said...

Laura, I love it and can picture the hutch in that kelly green color. It will be put to great use. One of my favorite and most loved pieces is by Drexel Heritage. It has successfully made many moves with me!

The Arts by Karena

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

It is gorgeous and you will have a ton of uses for it. Great find.

Betty from My Irish Cottage Home said...

I am so happy that it was still there for you. I also bought things I liked only to find no where to put them. I stopped that a few years ago. I think it will look really nice in your new home. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

Debra@Common Ground said...

what an amazing find, Laura! Can't wait to see how you will use it!

Louise said...

Absolutely amazingly great deal. Best decision ever.


Kelley said...

What a good deal!

What a good decision!

There. That fixed it for ya. =)

Hugs! It goes with EVERYTHING.

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

You HAD to buy it. If you were to just repaint and make it wow you can double or triple your investment and resell if necessary. It was an investment piece and needed to be yours. You did the right thing. And a DEAL? More like a steal, my friend. YAY!

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

I think you made a super decision it!!

Debbie said...

I have to tell you, as I read through this my heart started skipping a little. I kept thinking, "Oh please don't let the hutch be gone." as if I didn't know or couldn't guess from the title that it wouldn't be. I love this so much and am so glad you bought it!

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Dear Mr Décor,

Don't fret! You'll think your wife is crazy for a while, then you'll see she was right to buy that hutch. Trust me! It has happened to me so often!

ellen b. said...

Ha! Good thing you have a truck and didn't have to pay for delivery...

Vel Criste said...

Decisions, decisions! What a find dear! With or without a hutch!

Scribbler said...

I totally understand. I let one of those get away from me a few years ago because we were about to move and I didn't know where it would go. I have shed tears every since. I see yours in red.

Lady Lilith said...

THey look so nice. I like the elite regales they bring to a home.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Oh my gosh, such a good deal and a great piece, Laura! You definitely couldn't have not gotten it. I believe you were brought to that store to save it. : ) (How's that? Is that working?) Although, I totally believe what I've written and I hope you will not be in the dog house.

Mari said...

Oh wow what a great find...I just refinish one that I purchase for 99 a good will store by me....and I'm loving the way she turned out....enjoy your new treasure....


Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Excellent purchase! You would have regretted it for quite a while! I passed on something a few weeks ago; and it bothered me all night long. Like you, I got up early the next morning, was there when the store opened, and my treasure was still there! I grabbed it immediately this time. You found an awesome piece, at an awesome price!

Bonnie said...

A wonderful piece and a great price. I don't think hubby will mind. Excited for you!

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Love the doors and it definitely looks like you! $80.00. You HAD to get it!

Crystelle Boutique said...

Fab piece of furniture. It will look gorgeous in your home.... :)
xox, Crystelle

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

Well there's no question it was a deal of a lifetime! You know it's meant to be when you go back and it's still there! I know what you mean about anticipating what the husband will say/think. Our men really do put up with us, don't they:) But don't worry, I'm sure he'll love it, too!
xo Kathleen

Auntie Em said...

Way to go! :)

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

How could you "not" buy it?
It's the beginning of your Texas house story!
(OMGoodness, Laura...just close will you be to Round Top?)
Can't wait to read each new chapter!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

You got a great deal, and I am looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

Denise said...

Oh Laura, this is BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm so glad you went back and bought it -- good for you!! I believe when you have a space where you can use something, and it's this high quality for such a bargain, it's just a shame not to buy it. I just know you'll get lots of enjoyment from it in your new home. :) I personally think it's gorgeous. Congrats on a great find!


Denise at Forest Manor