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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What French Frogs Sound Like

In the bassin (pond) area of Monet’s garden there are several amphibious creatures that sing praises of the visual delights awaiting visitors.

Monet's Garden 079

Who knew that even French frogs have an accent?

I’ll be back soon with many more pictures and stories of this delightful garden. It’s been a crazy work week of 16 hour + days.



Lorrie said...

They do sound different than our frogs. Must be the accent!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I have heard some strange sounding frogs before, but none like that. But then I have never been to France either. LOL

Karena Albert said...

Too funny it sounds like they are laughing!!
The Arts by Karena
Interview with Raji

martinealison said...


Dans l'assiette elles sonnent différemment ! sourire...
Je vous accueille pour une dégustation !
Gros bisous

Bonnie said...

Loved the movie. The garden is incredible. Just as crowded as when I was there. Monet's vision was unbelievable .i enjoy traveling through your lens .