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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Using 1 Lemon 4 Ways

My friend Tracy recently came for a visit and brought me a large bag of beautiful Meyer lemons from her backyard. They are so good I didn’t want to waste one single bit.


Tracy grows her lemons organically so they only needed a quick wash in a water/vinegar bath. Once dry I used a zester to created thin strips of lemon peel.


Then I made 1 tablespoon piles on a plate and popped them in the freezer. Once frozen I placed them in a freezer bag where they will stay fresh for months and I can have lovely lemon peel whenever I need it.


After the zesting I cut each lemon in half, juiced them and poured the juice into ice cube trays. Each compartment holds approximately 2-3 tablespoons. After they had frozen I transferred the lemon juice cubes into a freezer bag so that I can have fresh lemon juice when needed. The cubes can be melted for recipes in about 15 seconds in the microwave.


Lastly I piled the zested and juiced lemons into a large container and added a gallon of white vinegar. The mixture sat on the counter for two weeks.


After two weeks I drained the now lemon scented vinegar into one recycled spray bottle and one glass storage bottle. You can use this all natural cleaner for windows, glass, counters, and mopping floors.

Lest you think the now completely used peels went into the landfill let me assure you I put them down my garbage disposal which now smells fantastic!



Kelley said...

Mm-mm! I remember many giftings of backyard lemons! Oh, yummy!

And I cracked up at microwaving the cubes of frozen lemon juice. Plop one into a bowl and set it outside on the patio table for 15 seconds in Phoenix. No electricity required! *wink*

Hugs and happy week, cheri!

GSGreatEscaper said...

Used lemons/peels in a bowl of water, microwave until water boils, discard, then wipe down the walls of the microwave - clean, deodorized, chemical free microwave!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh I love to clean with lemon, it always smells so good. Hope you are having fun.

Carrie Merth said...

Love Lemons!!! I love putting the peel down the garbage disposal.

Curtains in My Tree said...

what smart ideas for those lemons
I made lemon curd once with Florida lemons and it turned out great and was easy to make

Vel Criste said...

Great tips Laura! one more thing to add, whatever is left can be soaked in a bowl of water and microwave it and clean-up will be a breeze after wards, also after that I throw in the lemon leftover in my garbage disposal for a fresh scent ! lemons are just fantastic aren't they?!

Custom Comforts said...

How creative! Thanks for the great tips. I will surely use them. A great way to stock up on lemons when they are in season and reasonably priced.

Susan said...

Great job, Laura. You put the super lemons to good use! Susan

Bettyann said...

Tthanks for all the tips. Love lemons..we don't get meyer lemons up here.I like to rub lemons on my cutting boards. Hope you are having a fabulous day.

Auntie Em said...

We are too far north for any lemon trees here but I do love the smell of lemons and lemonade is the best refreshment on a hot summery day.
Great use of your lovely back yard gift (the very best kind!) :)

Marcia @ Mesa Mia said...

Sigh...I could almost smell them. So exhilarating! LOOOOVE lemons, and these tips are fabulous.