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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Simple Watercolor Stationery

This seems to be the season for graduations, weddings, as well as baby and bridal showers. I love to find a special poem or quote and personalize stationery for each event. 


Recently I found a stack of envelopes in a “Free” box. They were quite old and yellowed but still quite lovely with gold foil lined envelopes and enclosure cards made of heavy cardstock. I scooped them up.


While planning my trip to France I had researched Monet’s garden’s at Giverny.

The beautiful, peaceful images inspired me to create soft watercolor images on the stationery.

I used a simple watercolor set purchased at the Dollar Store a few years ago. The secret to any type of painting is to create each look in layers. With a good amount of water added to the green I softly created a border.


Watercolors dry quickly. A second dip into the green produced a more vibrant shade which I then created the look of blades of grass.


Tiny dots of red and purple create poppies and violets. Envelopes are beautifully useable once more. 


I also experimented with a sheer wash of colors that blended in to one another. Both notecard and envelopes were created. A special verse or poem can easily be added in lovely calligraphy creating a one of a kind greeting.


Do you ever make your own stationery?



Auntie Em said...

Your 'new' stationary is so pretty! They would definitely make a note or message feel very special and like a keepsake. A lady our son knew painted a small water colour on every envelope she sent, including her Christmas cards. People looked forward to receiving them every year.
Did you know you can use water based markers for water colouring as well?
Scribble a little of the marker on to a piece of glass or tile or even hard plastic from packaging.
Dampen it with a bit of water on a paint brush.
Paint away! Mix colours to create new colours. You can add some definition with the tip of the marker if needed. Look for kids markers come in large packs of brilliant colours for school sales. Easy to tote along when traveling. :)
Thanks for sharing a way to revive those pretty envelopes. :)

Kelley said...

StationErs make stationEry and like you, I LOVE making notecards and stationery! Yours look I could've bought them for lot$ of money here on O'ahu this week! SOOOO beautifully French-looking, too!

Have fun there, cherie,

WendyBee said...

I chuckled when I saw Kelley's comment as I was pondering whether there was a courteous way to highlight correct spelling of a homonymous word. I was quite stationary, having feet of clay on the subject. I can rarely resist scrawling a little doodle on an envelope I'm sending (very badly), and I have not watercolored anything forever, but I may try it as a way of refreshing some old stationery I have. Lately, I have been doing my best to employ hand-written correspondence in enriching my personal relationships, and augmenting my personal crusade to ensure the future of the US Postal Service.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

This year I have had an overload of invites, announcements, etc.. You definitely are more creative than I am.

Vel Criste said...

I love these Laura! Wish I could make thee too!

Kelley said...

I chuckled at your comments, too WendyBee! "Stationary feet of clay..." Excellent!

Happy weekend,