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Friday, May 23, 2014

My Favorite 5 ~ Lynne

Hellooooo lovelies!

I'm Lynne from Dreams On 34th Street!

I am honored to be a guest on one of my fave blogs today!

I love to wrap gifts. It's been a passion of mine ever since I was a little girl. At Christmas, my grandmother would send gifts from her china and gift shop in Spokane, Washington. Each gift was exquisitely wrapped with a beautiful signature bow.  I always kept the bows.

When our kids were little, I would wrap all of our Christmas gifts in plain white or brown paper.

I let them decorate the gifts using various collage and paint techniques. Our Christmases always had a theme or color story. Their wrapping activity was a charming and personal reflection the season.

When people compliment their gift presentations today, they say, "We attended mom's gift wrap boot camp!" To this day, Jay will occasionally send me a text with a gift that he has presented, saying, "thanks Mom"!

Chrislyn always assembles a lovely gift.

 On five! Let's wrap! 

1. Find a place with space!

You need plenty of space to wrap create!  I clear the farm table!

Keep reading to see more wonderful tips on creating the perfect gift wrap.

2. Wrapping paper!

For most of my wraps I use plain white or brown paper.  I prefer a white (embossed) lined paper from Michaels.  Another favorite paper of choice of mine is printing out menus from famous restaurants!

( I take the print to an office store to enlarge it for bigger gift wrap projects.)

3. Tape.

I use matte magic tape.

Or double side tape.

4.  I still save a stash of  r i b b o n s and  b o w s !

On the right, I printed an image of Karen Appleton's perfect bows to make the gift card! I used a restaurant supply menu clip to mount the card on the gift. The gift immediately transformed into "celebration lunch with the girls centerpiece"!

5.  Tags and embellishments!

I keep a stash of tags, initials, sachets, postcards, prints, soaps, old silver plate and various items to flourish the wrap.

 Some of the tags are made by me!  I love to use old picture books and cookbooks for tag making. I also use textured card stock. My favorite is white linen.

Botanical prints and labels from Paper Words and my favorite vintage French shipping tags flourish my gift to you on this day! I love the notion..." Gift wrap...a gift itself ".

Each post Lynne writes on her blog always feels like a special gift. Thank you Lynne for sharing your talents!



Marcia @ Mesa Mia said...

Hi Laura, stopping by via my bloggy friend, Lynne. So happy to see her featured here. I absolutely love her gift wrapping tips. Gorgeous.
Off to browse your blog, I spy lemons and I'm CRAZY about them. ;)

Auntie Em said...

I love wrapping presents up pretty too. It says so much about how much you care about the person.
I can remember watching my mother wrapping Christmas presents with white tissue and red ribbons. Some of the ribbons would have little tinsel threads running through them. They were my favourites but everything looked pretty. One of my aunts would sometimes send hers wrapped in white tissue with little little pieces of pretty glitter stuck to it. I would save the tissue and savour the pretty sparkly pieces.
I am sure your gifts make the recipient feel very special when they are presented with them. And that is more important, to me anyway, than what is inside.
Thanks for sharing this lovely guest post. :)