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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Spring Makeover For Me

You guys I have been SO busy with school that I hadn’t been to the hairdressers since January! I had been cutting my bangs and the front myself. Does anyone else do that?

But the the back of my hair was horrible and you can visibly see that it had been quite a while since my hair had met foil.  (Yes, I am very blessed that at my age I only have to highlight my hair. My grandfather Roy still had a head of dark wavy hair well into his 80’s and I am crossing my fingers!)


Necklace and blouse~ Forever 21     Cardigan~ Target

One of my French classmates, Justin, is a hairdresser at a very nice salon here in Phoenix (J. Anthony’s). As he sat behind me in class he would tell me all the time in a jovial fashion that I had better see him soon. :)

No sooner had Justin and I mastered our final French exam (40 oral questions and answers) that he had me sitting under a dryer.

Then he cut several inches of hair off. As it is already reaching 100 degrees here it couldn’t come at a better time.

Justin went red with the highlights this go around and it’s a fun change.


Then I went over to the optometrist office to pick up my new glasses that the Fashionista had picked out for me the week before. (I am near sighted so I only have to wear glasses when driving or in the back of a classroom to see the board so that is probably why you haven’t seen me wearing glasses before.)


Glasses ~ Kate Spade Teal Tortoise   Blouse~ Anthropologie (Christmas clearance)  Earrings ~ Target long ago

Have you given yourself a makeover lately?


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  1. Love it Laura!
    The reddish highlites really warm your complexion!
    And the length is just right!
    I found that cute cardigan at our target a few weeks ago and snatched it up!
    You look marvelous my friend!

  2. You are so beautiful and it's amazing what a lift the shorter hair do gave you! I love the color, too and the glasses make you look smarter! heehee! I just LOVE your hair! I'd have to let mine grow to wear it like that but it's so pretty! Enjoy your day! Hugs!

  3. Beautiful Laura! Nothing makes me feel better than a haircut and some color. :)

  4. Love your hair...and the glasses! You look gorgeous, Laura!!! But then you were beautiful before too. :-)
    Mary Alice

  5. You're beautiful and I love your changes. Must be something in the air - yes, I've been talking with my hairdresser about going more auburn. :). We'll soon see. Your glasses & outfits are great, too.

  6. you look adorable! how fun is that shirt, that little bow is the sweetest. enjoy your new look!

  7. I'm so glad that you indulged yourself for a little pampering. If anyone deserves it, you do. As always, you look marvelous! I'm still praying for all of the changes your family is facing!

  8. I think you always look beautiful regardless! But I DO love your new DO!! ;) Very pretty cut and color.

    As I already shared on Facebook....
    Until last year, I never or rarely went ever to the hair salon. My hair honestly does not grow past my shoulders - it never has, even without being cut. I always liked how it was actually, but I finally let my daughter's stylist talk me into a cut and color and I was thrilled with the initial visit - about a year ago. I've been back 2 times since that time (so only about twice a year), and it's okay, but I've found that I end up styling it back to my usual way again after just a few days. I've always just colored my hair myself (since I was 15) and it was only last fall when I was 49 that I had my first ever foil!! :) I went again recently, the week before Sarah's Prom, but the change is always so gradual that I don't think most people notice it.
    Love, Linda

  9. Very cute! It's fun to get a new look every once in a while. Love your glasses!

  10. You look great and younger than ever! I love the red tints in your hair and the new length.
    What a great classmate to have! :)
    Your new glasses are very fashionable. Great choice.

  11. You look fabulous. Isn't it a great feeling to get a makeover and especially when our hair is ready for an update (mine is right now!)

    The Arts by Karena

  12. Lovely! And with those glasses you are intelligent, at last!;-)

  13. You look great ;-) love the reddish high lights.


  14. Love the new do! I looks great and the red highlights look good with your skin tone too.

  15. Laura, you look terrific!! I love the haircut and the red highlights! Also love the cardigan, Anthro blouse, jewelry, and eyeglasses. It feels great to get a makeover, huh? I could definitely use one, too. :)


    Denise at Forest Manor

  16. I say, stick with your personal stylists "Fashionista" and Justin, my friend!" "YOU LOOK GORGEOUS!"
    Love the red highlights! How perceptive was Miss Fashionista selecting when selecting your glasses before the red "do"!!!
    Teal blue is "magifique" on a redhead!
    You shall be so chic for your, Voyage à venir!

  17. whoops...was replying before jetting off to work..."selecting when selecting???" whew! You know what I meant!

  18. You look très magnifique, Laura! It feels so good to get a little do over, doesn't it? Thanks for sharing your new look with us. ;)

  19. You look great as always Laura with either long or shorter hair! Yes, I did, just because this pregnancy thing is making everything in my body more irritating to me including my hair, so I chopped it way short! :-)

  20. I love it girl! Yep, you were long over due! My bestie looks marvelous! xoxo

  21. You look lovely, Laura! I am afraid to cut my own hair; I know I would mess it up so bad. I go in for bang trims once a month and the woman who does my hair doesn't charge me for that {which is a nice little savings}. Love your new glasses. I just need glasses for reading myself, but I like to have a decent looking frame. You are a lucky one with the no gray. I had to start coloring at 30.

  22. I love the haircut and the highlights...your fellow student is fantastic!

  23. Love your new do!!! Cute outfits as well.

    I cut off all my hair to a pixie for the summer. Best decision I made in a long time.

    Oh, yeah... very stylish glasses.

  24. Just beautiful! The red highlights are very becoming!

  25. You're adorable! A (good) haircut makes most women feel wonderful!

  26. Laura, congratulations on the French exam. I know you are happy this step is behind you.
    You look adorable in your new hair style and glasses.

  27. Wow! Love your new look! The highlights, the cut, the glasses! Very fresh for the season. You are fortunate to not need to cover gray. In my forties I could get by without coloring, although around 45 I did for a few years, and then stopped. Even at 49 the gray looked more like highlights and blended really well. Then at 50 I was ill and it did a number on me and I lost a lot of my hair. It did come back but the gray was really noticeable at that point and so I started the coloring again. I'm thinking somewhere between 55 and 60 I'm going to gracefully go gray as coloring is too much maintenance.

  28. Love it, you look fabulous, and I think you always do, even without the makeover. Good for you, you needed to primp for yourself a little.

  29. Laura,

    Your Friend,

  30. Looks adorable, Laura! I went super-short a few months ago and will probably never let my hair grow longish again. I like the red highlights, too. I only have to have highlights but went with a lot since, well, I already had quite a few natural ones!

  31. You look marvelous Laura! Congratulatiions on that French exam too!

  32. So pretty. Love the red highlights...go figure...I'm a redhead! Your glasses are super cute too. Isn't it fun to get a makeover...I'm ready for some sprucing up. I have been sick all winter and have not had a haircut!

  33. Knocked it out of the park, eh, Gorgeous?!

    Lookout, spring! Here she comes in beauty... Her children arise and call her blessed.

    Hugs and Happy Mother's Day weekend!

    PRAYERS EXPECTED FOR ME MY TIME SATURDAY ON GUAM............................


  34. You look beautiful, Laura! Happy Mother's day!

  35. Looks great, and like your glasses. Yes, I whack away between trips to the salon. I do have to go in periodically to get things evened up (and repair any damage I have done).:-D My hair is thin and limp so not a lot can be done.
    Have a Very Happy Mother's Day!

  36. You look lovely Laura...yes I cut my hair between hair visits...the hair dresser always tsk tsk when she sees me lol...hope you had a lovely Mother's Day with your family...take care


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