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Friday, March 14, 2014

My Favorite 5~ Denise’s St. Patrick’s Day Style

Hi, I'm Denise from House at Forest Manor and I'm so happy to be guest blogging here at Laura's blog, Decor To Adore.  Laura is one of my favorite bloggers; I enjoy everything about her blog.

Today I'm sharing five of my favorite Irish things, in honor of the month of March and St. Patrick's Day.  For starters, one of my favorite things is Ireland itself; it is truly a beautiful country.

I was fortunate to be able to travel to Ireland with my husband when he was there on business in 1999.  You can read about that trip Here and Here.

Keep reading to see more of Denise’s Irish themed favorites. She saved some of the best for last!

A second favorite of mine is Irish linen.  The people of Ireland make such beautiful linen and lace goods. This table runner that my in-laws brought me from Ireland is a real treasure.  I love the embroidered shamrocks at each corner and the hem stitching, which gives it such a classic look.

More hem stitching here.  These are linen napkins given to me by a friend.  Her mother had purchased them many years ago on a trip to Ireland.  The orange and green napkins represent the colors of the Irish flag, and the white napkin is one I already owned (not Irish).

Another of my favorites is Irish china and crystal.  Waterford crystal is world-renowned for its beauty and quality, and I love the delicate look of Belleek china.

I don't own any Waterford crystal, but I did manage to acquire three small pieces of Belleek.  The little round box with lid on the right I found in Dublin when I was there.  On a later trip, my husband bought the Christmas ornament for me (center).  The bell in the back is one I found at an antiques shop in South Carolina several years ago.

This Royal Tara china bell is one that I brought back to my grandmother from our trip in 1999.  I put together an Irish tablescape for St. Patrick's Day Here.

A fourth favorite Irish thing is Irish tea.  :)

I found this cute "tea for one" set at HomeGoods last year.  I love HomeGoods; if they were Irish, I'd have to say they were one of my favorite Irish things.   ;)

I especially like Irish Breakfast Tea and Irish Cream Tea.  I almost always start my day with coffee; it really helps me get going.  But, if I'm ever sick with a cold or just feeling a little under the weather, tea tastes much better to me.  I like Irish Breakfast Tea in the morning because it packs a nice punch -- almost like coffee.  Irish Cream Tea is just a good, all around tea to drink any time of day.

There's a tea shop in our town that carries a selection of teas imported from England and Ireland.  That's where these came from.  I love the little wooden tea caddies, and inside, the bags are packaged in foil to keep them extra fresh.

The tea shop also carries gift items and tea accessories, including some Irish linen goods. 

I found this pretty shamrock tray cloth there, as well -- love the Celtic knot pattern around the border.

My fifth favorite Irish thing is the wonderful Irish Shamrock plant.

Did you know that shamrocks are bulbs?  They are -- you can plant them outside and they look really lovely.  They die down in the fall when it gets cold out, and then they come back in spring and grow and bloom all summer.

I put together a tablescape for St. Patrick’s Day Here.

Oh Denise thank you so very much for a lovely and informative post! I have to add in that there is one more super cute reason to visit Denise’s blog. They just added a new member to the family~ Duncan, the darling Scottish terrier.

I am truly in the mood to dance an Irish jig now.



Bonnie said...

I would like to dance a jig in Ireland for sure now. You have put me in the mood to shop for Irish linen, an irish tea set, irish tea and to see the beautiful countryside of Ireland. It may not be possible but nice to think about.

I enjoyed your favorite irish things, Denise. Your pictures are lovely. I especially like the shamrock irish linen tray cloth. It is perfect for your darling tea set. Your table runner from your in-laws with embroidered shamrocks is indeed a treasure.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you, Denise and Laura.

Denise said...

Laura, thank you so much for having me as a guest blogger on your wonderful blog! It was an honor to participate in your weekly "Favorite 5" series. I hope you have a great weekend! :)


Denise at Forest Manor

podso said...

I enjoyed coming over from Denise's blog. A great post of lovely Irish things. Denise, while I have tea every afternoon, I drink coffee in the morning, But if I want tea in the morning, then I know I'm sick! Odd thing but I guess I'm not alone!

ellen b. said...

Hi Laura, I'm visiting from Denise's blog. Love your favorite things about Ireland, Denise. How great that you could tag along on your husband's business trip. I loe to do that. Ireland is on our Bucket list and we'll see if visiting is in the Lord's timing for us. Love the linens. I'm also a morning coffee drinker and only have tea in the afternoons or evenings or when I go to a tea room! Blessings.

Blondie's Journal said...

Thanks, Laura, for having Denise. She is so lucky to have visited Ireland. My two sons have been there and I have a lot of extended family that have gone. It's definitely on my Bucket List. I love her china and linens, I didn't know that shamrock plants were bulbs, I need to see if they can grow in cold climates,

Thanks again and Happy St. Paddy's Day to both of you!


Blackberry Lane said...

Hi Laura and Denise. Denise, you certainly have a lovely blog and I adore your new pup! Your linens and Belleek pieces are just beautiful. How fortunate that you and your husband visited Ireland. Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Elizabeth Eiffel said...

A delightful St Patrick's Day reflection. I too love Irish linen, crystal and china to which my cupboards can attest. Warm wishes for the weekend.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

A trip to Ireland would be so amazing!

Shelia said...

Hi Laura! I'm enjoying this series and Denise's 5 were just great! I enjoy her blog and the antics of that little new puppy!
Be a sweetie,Shelia :)

Lorrie said...

Thank you, Denise, for this post about lovely Irish things. My husband's family came from Ireland and I have some Irish damask linen from the early 1900s that I cherish.
Thanks, Laura, for hosting!

gillyflower said...

Thanks for a lovely Irish post Denise - so many interesting things here, especially the beautiful scenery and sweet Irish linen with the white embroidered shamrock. I have never seen a Shamrock plant!
Gill xx

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Loved following Denise on her Ireland trip a while her collection of all things Irish and her wonderful Belleck...

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Thank you, Laura, for spotlighting Denise. She is one of my favorite friends! Denise, you have quite a collection of pretty Irish things. I have always wanted to travel to Ireland. Hopefully, I might get to do that someday. I am just getting ready to put out my St. Patrick's Day post. Looks like you and I have one little thing in common! Duncan is so darling. What fun you must be having..Happy St. Patty's Day..Judy