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Monday, March 24, 2014

I Added Something Fun To My Kitchen & It Was Free!

In September of 2011 I tore this image out of a magazine. This was in the days before Pinterest and everything I collected went into a clear protector sheet and added into a binder that was organized by rooms.

I love this kitchen. In many ways it is my dream kitchen. I remember pouring over this space with a magnifying glass.


Keep reading to see which element I added to my kitchen.

Last weekend our neighborhood had a community wide garage sale. I picked this gem out of a neighbors “free” pile and ran home.

Mr. Décor took one look at it and said “I thought we were supposed to be getting rid of things not bringing things home. Besides, don’t we already have one of those?” Yes, we do have a champagne bucket….but.


It took me over an hour to clean it. I used Martha Stewart’s method to get the first layer of tarnish off and then polished the piece for a good long while.


Now you might have not even noticed how they used the bucket in the kitchen image first shown. I’ll give you a hint so you can look again:

So out with the old….


….and in with the new!


I’m one element closer to creating the kitchen of my dreams.



  1. Wow, what a fabulous freebie!!! It's beautiful all shined up.
    Mary Alice

  2. I love that kitchen too. I like what you did with the champagne bucket.

  3. What a great looks so pretty all shined up!

  4. Oh my, what a great idea!!! I 'm going to try that though I'm not sure what kind of mess my 7 year old will make getting a towel off. It sure does look nice!!

  5. Beautiful and FREE!!! You can never have too many silver buckets in my opinion. I love it! PS Still praying for the best for your family. I know that you will continue to be strong and courageous!

  6. How clever - don't just love free treasure?!

  7. I can't believe that beauty was free, you lucky girl....
    What a great way to hid your paper hand towels...


  8. Beautiful freebie....but my hubby would hate it. It uses paper towel every day and would not like having to pick it up. It would look pretty in my dream home....where I really don't live! Glad you found a treat!

  9. What a fabulous freebie! If you try to keep paper towel use to a minimum (that environment thing, ya know) as I do, it would be a great reminder to use a slightly inconvenient but beautiful (and free!) cache!

    Reduce, reuse, recycle, upcycle! You do a great job at all of these.

  10. Oh I love it, so pretty. What agreat idea and it will be fabulous with the silver tray you have above the sink. Hugs, marty

  11. Beautiful - it cleaned up really well! I sent you an email yesterday to the décor to adore email, let me know if you received it.

  12. Nice job, Laura. I still save magazine clips----in addition to Pinterest! sigh.....

    You will have your dream kitchen! Susan

  13. That is really a great find Laura!
    Who would of thought, paper towels!
    Love it!

  14. WHAT an awesome imagination you have!!!!! LOVE your new silver paper towel holder.

  15. This is a great idea and so pretty, Laura. What method does Martha use? You did a beautiful job on this!

    I sent you an email earlier, and I hope you got it.



  16. What an awesome find - and for FREE! I never find that kind of free stuff!

  17. FREE?? No way! Wow and it shined up beautifully and what a fun way to use the wine bucket!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  18. I had to search for ages to find one of these at a thrift store that didn't cost a fortune, what a great find! I think it'll add a beautiful element to your kitchen. Call me crazy, but I wouldn't have polished it:) (Partly because I'm lazy and partly because I love the tarnished look.) xoKathleen

  19. Un billet plein de charme et d'idées... Gros bisous

  20. OK. you weren't kidding when you said you went over the photo with a magnifying glass! lol I can't see the champagne bucket with the paper towels but I love the kitchen and what a fun way to keep them on the counter without being messy looking. Your other holder was cute though too, BTW. Now will you keep two rolls handy? Or keep one in the bath or laundry room? I keep a roll in almost every room of the house. Saves running to get a roll when you need it for emergency spills and such.
    I have magazines pics in protective sheets and binders too. I dig them out and go through my 'Personally Created Magazine' when I need some inspiration. Every page hold something of interest.
    One for gardening, renos, crafts, recipes and good advice.
    Thanks for sharing your fun ideas and hope you are having a good week! :)

  21. Laura,
    What a beautiful, clever and creative addition to {and one step closer} to your dream kitchen!
    Mr Decor's words ( “I thought we were supposed to be getting rid of things not bringing things home. Besides, don’t we already have one of those?”) echo Thomas'! And my actions (scoop it up and bring it home) mimic your actions! I do recall you having one of these.
    Your Friend,

  22. What a gorgeous champagne bucket! I'm with Auntie Em. I looked and looked, but I don't see a champagne bucket in the kitchen picture.
    There appears to be something similar to he left of the sink (the one to the left, not the one on the island). But to me it looks like a candle stand with a hurricane with a silver border at the top of a glass hurricane. Is that actually the top of a roll of paper towels sticking out of a champagne bucket, and not a white candle on a stand? What is the horizontal band above it?
    Anyway, your eyes are better than mine....
    Beautiful kitchen.

  23. Beautiful, Laura! You did a super job cleaning up that champagne bucket! This is a really pretty idea for a kitchen, although I couldn't spot it in the picture your showed us. Such a pretty way to display something as ordinary as paper towels. Thanks for sharing!

    I hope you're having a good week!

    Warm Hugs,

    Denise at Forest Manor

  24. You did a fabulous job of cleaning that up! Love it.

  25. Love it Laura, what a great idea, the gleam of silver elevates any decor!

    The Arts by Karena

  26. How elegant! It's such a beautiful way to enjoy it. Enjoy your day my friend! Sweet hugs!

  27. A perfect little marriage of paper and silver! Champagne buckets are so chic right now. You hit the jackpot with that freebie, my friend!

  28. Yippee! I got on! I guess there was a temporary glitch going on. Anyway...I just want to tell you how much I admire the fact that you would spend so much time and effort to see to it that this little gem didn't go to waste. I have seen a lot of silver pieces being cast to the side lately. I don't know what's up with that! People just don't want to invest the time/energy/love to keep it up anymore. I'm so glad you were savvy enough to recognize and appreciate the beauty in this castaway! It's a real keeper!!!


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