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Sunday, December 29, 2013

All Is Calm, All Is Bright

Happy 5th Day of Christmas!

Are you now singing “Five Gold Ringggggssss” ? :)

The 12th day of Christmas will occur on January 6th~ the Epiphany. The day when the wise men arrived and presented their treasures to Christ.

wise men 016-001

I absolutely adore this Christmas season.

I know in Blogland a different season is celebrated. The pre season. It’s more of a race. It seems to focus on who can be the first to get their wreath on the door. Being the victor in getting their tree (or trees) completely decorated. The winner of having all of their gifts wrapped beautifully.

Then, another season seems to begin on the second day of Christmas.

It looks like this:

A few years ago our family made the decision to opt out of that race and keep celebrating the entire Christmas season. Just as they did in days of old and still do in many other countries.

It looks like this:

wise men 001-001

Quiet corners.

wise men 024-001

Projects for the children’s hospital.

wise men 019-001

Long winter naps.

Christmas 2013 045-001

PJ days.

Christmas 2013 039-001

Obviously too many Christmas cookies.

Christmas 2013 021-001

Having family and friends over for food and fun.

DTA 043-001

So, if you are already experiencing an after Christmas let down please know that it doesn’t have to be. The gifts of Christmas can be shared every single day. Keep celebrating. Welcome in the New Year with Christ in your heart and home.

wise men 007-001

Enjoy all the days of Christmas,  


“The first wise men gave Christ treasures from their kingdoms.

Today’s wise men give Christ the treasures of their hearts.”

                                                                                                                                              ~ Holley Gerth

“After Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea, during the time of King Herod, Magi from the east came to Jerusalem and asked, “Where is the one who has been born King of the Jews? We saw His star in the east and have come to worship Him.” ~ Matthew 2: 1-2


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Absolutely beautiful post Laura!!! I love it!!!

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

I opted out of the Christmas Blog game this year too.. My heart just wasnt in it.. I've had a wonderful 11 days of friends n family along with lots of quality meditative time. During my quiet time I have made mental and written Grateful lists and I believe my New Year will be far healthier and happier because of it.

Enjoy every moment of this season in peace and contentment.


Di said...

Beautiful Laura! I enjoy your posts so much. Di

Rita C. said...

Very good - right on point! Growing up, we never took down the Nativity until after the Epiphany, although the tree had usually seen its better days by the 1st. Love your wise men (both the real and inanimate). And that puzzle is gorgeous! You're ringing in the New Year just right, IMO. :)

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Such a beautiful post. Hugs, Marty

Lady Dorothy said...

YES! We also celebrate until Epiphany. We have done so for many years, though we did not do so growing up, nor do we come from a church background that follows the church calendar. But, we have found it to be such a meaningful way to truly celebrate the incarnation. And the wise men coming to worship Jesus? Such an important aspect to the story! One we should not just gloss over. He came for us Gentiles, too!

Thank you this sweet post!

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

I have always celebrated from the 25th to the 6th because it was my mother's side tradition being Slavic and Byzantine Catholic. Actually it goes even longer in the church. It is harder convincing children that the celebration just began. I play the Christmas music up until the 6th.

Deanna said...


Denise said...

I absolutely couldn't agree more, Laura! I'm so glad you wrote this post. I NEVER take my decorations down before January 6, and sometimes not even then. :) I love the idea of celebrating the 12 days of Christmas.

I'm not about the big "race" either, but I'm afraid that the retailers are mostly responsible for driving that. I'm not trying to pick on them because I realize everyone has to make a living, and this is a tough economy.

This is a great post, and I'm glad you're still enjoying the Christmas season.


Denise at Forest Manor

Barbara F. said...

Beautifully said, Laura! I agree 1000%. Hope your Christmas was wonderful. Happy New Year! xo

Lorrie said...

Beautifully written, Laura. I write as the Christmas tree lights shine softly, the angels on the mantel sing silently, and the nativity scene remains on the china hutch. This is Christmas. Before was Advent.

Enjoy your Christmas!

Maureen Wyatt said...

This was a truly lovely post! There's no need to rush through the season. Naps and jammie days can be chalked up to 'reflection time'.

Dining Delight said...

I am so happy when I find posts like yours at this time of this Christmas season! For sure, being part of Blogland makes us feel like we need to keep moving forward with our décor ideas but really, what we need to do is relax and enjoy what we've created! We leave our décor up at least until Epiphany and often even longer! Thanks for sharing this important message!


Pat@Life At Lydias House said...

I was wondering if it was just my getting old or something but I saw where the blogland train was headed at Thanksgiving and I immediately jumped off! I thoroughly enjoyed the holiday season and attended a Christmas related "event" almost every day. I am determined to savor and enjoy the holidays instead of fretting over what I am going to post "first". I trust that your family is soaking in some well deserved family time. I'm still praying that you have the best year ever in 2014!

Christine said...

Oh Ya, this is the way to keep celebrating the Christmas Season...

Auntie Em said...

Christmas hangs out at our home until at least the 6th. I play music, watch movies I didn't have time to enjoy before the big day and use those days as an excuse to keep serving the Christmas baking to company who stop by for a cuppa! It's a long cold bleak winter in our neck of the woods and I want to enjoy the lights as long as possible. :)

Carrie Merth said...

We don't do the 12 days of Christmas but... we did make a point this Christmas season to relax more and spend more family time. We enjoyed 3 seasons of Downton Abbey just in time for season 4 to come out. We had many a pajama day and lots of creating/crafting days. Now it is time to go back to school work.