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Thursday, November 28, 2013

“Freedom From Want” by Norman Rockwell

Normal Rockwell created a series of of four paintings that were inspired by Franklin. D. Roosevelt’s January 6, 1941 State of the Union Address in which he spoke of Four Freedom’s. The artwork was intended to promote patriotism in the time of war. The painting most easily recognizable, and now an iconic symbol of our American Thanksgiving, is “Freedom of Want”. It was published to instant acclaim in the March 6, 1943 issue of the Saturday Evening Post.

While some critics dismiss Mr. Rockwell as a mere advertising painter I encourage you to take a moment to look beyond the familiarity of the piece and truly absorb how Mr. Rockwell amazingly used the element of color in the form of white on white which is extremely difficult to master as it requires a detailed use of shading. The faces of the family members are so realistic that one can almost forget that this is a painting.

The painting now resides at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

Of course some of you will want to know what the other three paintings were in the series.

Freedom of Speech,  1943

Freedom From Fear, 1943

Freedom To Worship, 1943

We are indeed truly blessed to live in a country where we are afforded such freedoms. My hope is that you are spending this day surrounded by those you love.

Happy Thanksgiving!



KaseyQ said...

This is beautiful, Laura! Norman Rockwell has always been one of my favorite artists. I did a project on him in high school in which I had to replicate one of his paintings and I did the one with the sad jester. I love the way he used color, the way he captured people’s expressions, and the way he could tell an entire story and evoke such strong emotions from a single painting.

I’m sitting at home with a sick kid today, missing out on my family and all the celebrations, but these paintings remind me of all that I’m grateful for. Thank you for brightening my Thanksgiving. :-)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

He has always been a fave of mine! Happy Thanksgiving!

The Boston Lady said...

I truly love Norman Rockwell's work. He was a wonderful American, as well as a fine human being. Happy Thanksgiving, Laura and all the Gunn household. Ann

Rita C. said...

Beautiful. I was fortunate enough to visit the Rockwell Museum on a trip with my husband several years ago. The property also had his last studio relocated there, which we got to see as well. A fine trip, that was. Just one of the many opportunities I'm thankful for.

Pat@Life At Lydias House said...

Beautiful post. Thanks for the art lesson. The Norman Rockwell exhibit came to Atlanta several years ago and somehow I missed it and still regret! Maybe one day....Hope that you and yours have had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Denise said...

What a wonderful, wonderful post Laura! I hope you and your loved ones have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving day.


Denise at Forest Manor

Something Nice and Pretty said...

Always been one of my favorite artists,all his paintings are wonderful and so down to earth.
I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.